Wii Sports Resort Guide to Golf, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling & More

Wii Sports Resort Guide to Golf, Bowling, Canoeing, Cycling & More
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In the first half of this guide to Wii Sports Resort, I gave some tips on Archery, Basketball, Frisbee, Wakeboarding, Swordplay, and Table Tennis. This time around, I’ll help you with Wii Sports Resort hints on the remaining six sports.


One of the four games in the original Wii Sports, Golf returns in Wii Sports Resort.

There’s only a single mode in Golf and it plays just like the traditional sport. It can be pretty difficult, and to really master it will take some time, but there is a nifty little trick you could use.

Whenever you press the B button, the Wii Remote calibrates itself. If you’re having trouble keeping your swing straight, you can use this to your advantage. Hold the controller level with the buttons facing up and hit B to calibrate it to this position. Now just swing it horizontally and you should have a pretty good swing.



Bowling is the other Wii Sports Resort game that was carried over from its predecessor. Unfortunately, also like Golf, there isn’t much you can do in the way of strategy, but these Wii Sports Resort hints should help.

If you end up with a gap in between pins, aim for the outside of one of the pins and put some spin on the ball. If you do it right, you can knock the remaining pins together.

100-Pin Game

The 100-Pin game was one of my favorite things to do in the original Wii Sports and I’m excited that they brought it back. It plays just like regular Bowling, but with 100 pins, so the strategies are the same. Aim towards the center and put some spin on the ball.

Spin Control

In Spin Control, you’ll need to curve the ball around obstacles in your path to get to the pins. Remember that you can use the d-pad to move your Mii, which is essential to lining up shots. This is a good mode to play first and then try your hand at normal bowling or the 100-pin game once you’ve master spin.

Power Cruising


Slalom Course

Wii Sports Resort’s Power Cruising was seen by many people as a throwback to Wave Race 64 and its Gamecube sequel. In this sport, you’ll race a jet ski through a number of checkpoints in as little time as possible. Try to turn into checkpoints so that you’re already lined up for the next.

You can boost by twisting the Wii Remote, but you should be careful about how you boost. It’s a good idea to start the race with a boost, but don’t do it too early, or the meter may not recharge by the time the race starts. For maximum advantage, don’t boost until the meter is completely full and has turned purple.

If you’re unlucky enough to hit an obstacle, boost as soon as you can escape to get right back into the action. The tougher courses will have checkpoints suspended over the water. Boosting off waves will help you reach them.

Speaking of waves, ride along them and not through them to maintain your speed.


VS mode plays just like Slalom Course, but with an opponent. Finish the track with the most points to win.



Speed Challenge

In Canoeing, your Wii Remote acts as the paddle as you row yourself across the water. Speed Challenge is pretty self-explanatory - complete the course as fast as you can. Avoid obstacles such as lily pads and tall grass, which will slow you down. In expert mode, you’ll have to battle through waves made by fountains and falling rocks. The waves get stronger the further they go, so try to row through them as soon as they’re made.

The advantage given by the Wii MotionPlus can really be felt here. To keep the canoe straight, be sure to alternate sides with each stroke and keep the remote close to your body. For wide turns, tilt the Wii Remote to row further away from the canoe.

The more people you pile into your canoe, the trickier it gets. Teamwork is absolutely essential. If your strokes aren’t coordinated, you won’t go anywhere.


Like Power Cruising, Canoeing VS mode is just like Speed Challenge, but you’ll be racing against an opponent. The first person to the finish line is the winner.



Road Race

Cycling in Wii Sports Resort is more difficult than it is in real life. However, I’m here with these Wii Sports Resort hints to help you along.

The steering is semi-auto. Your Mii will follow the path automatically, but it’s up to you to make sharp corners and avoid obstacles and ledges. You’ll also need to manually steer to get behind other cyclists so that you can draft.

Drafting is a real technique used by cyclists where you ride behind someone so that they shield you from the wind. By drafting in Wii Sports Resorts, you’ll recover stamina much more quickly. Drafting is especially easy behind groups of cyclists. Hang back until your stamina refills and then overtake them!

If your stamina ever bottoms out, stop pedaling completely. If you keep it up, your Mii will tire out and stop the bike, which will likely cause you to lose.


You know the drill! VS mode operates just like Road Race, but you’re racing a friend as well as computer opponents. As always, drafting is the key to victory.

Air Sports



When you first fire up Wii Sports Resort, you literally dive into the game. Skydiving is the first sport you play and you can play it anytime in Air Sports. The goal is to link up with other skydivers and pose for pictures.

A perfect group consists of five skydivers, including yourself, so the computer Miis will fall in groups of four. Tilt your Mii forward to fall faster and catch up with groups. If you pass a group, go flat and wait for them to catch up.

You get bonus points for Miis facing the camera, so rotate the remote around to rotate your group until they’re all facing the right direction. When you make it into the final formation, the camera will be above you, so rotate the entire group onto their backs to face the camera.

Island Flyover

Island Flyover is more of a sightseeing tour than a sport, so there really isn’t any strategy. You can jerk the Wii Remote forward for a speed boost and pull it back to slow down, which can help you out of sticky situations. There are 80 points of interest around the island that will unlock special features, which you can read about in our Wii Sports Resort Unlockables Guide.


What good would airplanes be if you couldn’t dogfight? Dogfight is strictly a multiplayer mode where you and a friend attempt to burst each other’s balloons. With the proper Wii Sports Resort hints, you can rule the sky.

You can grab extra balloons by flying through marked spots on the map. Even if you’re currently maxed out, you can fly through to deny your opponent any balloons. Be careful though, as the more you get, the bigger the balloon on the back of your place gets and the easier it is to shoot.

If your balloon touches anything, you lose a point. If you crash, you lose half of your balloons! However, if you’re down to a single balloon, you lose nothing, so crashing becomes a viable escape strategy!