SPORTS Resort Bundle Gives the Nintendo Wii Some Action

SPORTS Resort Bundle Gives the Nintendo Wii Some Action
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Sports Attack

The Wii makes playing sports more fun than any other video game console because of the way you can control the onscreen action. The Wii remote - aided now by the Wii MotionPlus - creates more excitement because you engage in sports activities the same way as in the real world.

You’re not pressing buttons and turning knobs but moving in the same way you would if you were actually engaged in the sport. So that means you need to have sports accessories to use that can transfer the real world experience to the Wii and then you. THAT means you need sports accessories to use that can blend with the Wii remote and turn it into something more.

So if you have the Nintendo Wii Sports Resort video game or any game that bases its fun on golfing, table tennis or sword fighting one-on-one attacks - have we got a SPORTS Resort Bundle for you!

Fore - I said Fore - Hey, Do You Want to Get Hit by a Golf Ball? (5 out of 5)

How’s your swing? If you like golf, then the swing is what it’s all about. So pull out the golf club from the SPORTS Resort Bundle and insert the Wii remote inside to eliminate having to “pretend” to swing at the ball. Just tee up and swing to your heart’s content - no worrying about losing the ball or having to pay a Caddy for carrying all of those clubs around the golf course.

Don’t Get Paddled (5 out of 5)


Table tennis is considered a big sport by the Chinese and the skill needed to execute that ball moving across the table (or flying above it) can be breathtaking. Suggestion - search online for the old home movie shot of the great Martial artist Bruce Lee demonstrating how good he is at the sport.

There’s two Table Tennis paddles included in the SPORTS Resort Bundle, so you will need another Wii remote if you plan to take another person on and not rely on beating the beejeepers out of a computer opponent. The paddles are even designed (as are all the SPORTS Bundle accessories) to let the dreaded Nunchuk work as well as the Wii MotionPlus.

Samurai Attack (5 out of 5)

It might seem strange, but in today’s culture swinging around a sword (be that plastic imitating metal or light rays) is a big deal. There’s no way the Wii remote can duplicate the feel of a long sword in hand, so the SPORTS Resort Bundle takes care of that by giving you two plastic babies to use - you’ll need that second Wii remote if you’re going to “chop” someone’s head off standing in the same room as you. Just try to remember that you’re having fun, not out for video game blood.

Best part is that there’s a locking mechanism to keep the Wii remote in place as you swing that sword wildly around. This is true of all the accessories and is a nice feature to have.

A Little Extra

You’d think that Penguin United would call it quits with the SPORTS Resort Bundle here, but there’s even one added extra - actually a pair of them - to consider. The package includes two Wii remote Sports Grips - each one wrapping itself nicely around the Wii remote so that you can hold it even as your hands get slippery from all the action you’re involved in.

Will using the SPORTS Resort Bundle make you a better golfer, Table tennis champ or Samurai? Probably not. But it will let you have a lot more fun while trying.

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And when you’re done with these, get the SPORTS Resort Bundle2 and try out your Archery, Water sports and Frisbee skills.

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