Wii Setup and Wii Sports Game For Complete Beginners - Setup Your New Wii

Wii Setup and Wii Sports Game For Complete Beginners - Setup Your New Wii
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Your New Wii

I was a little intimidated buying my Wii console since the last gaming console I owned was an Atari 2600 way back in the 1980s but I quickly discovered that setting up the Wii couldn’t be easier. When you open your Wii box you will find two sections with one containing most of the cables while the other one has the console itself which is already attached to the stand. Once you get everything unwrapped and out of the box be sure to read both manuals. The first manual is the console setup manual and it will give you step by step instructions on how to get your console up and running. The second manual will show you how to connect to the Internet, basic settings, and how to create your Mii character.

System Setup

Sensor Bar Setup

The sensor bar picks up signals from your Wii remote so you can play games. The sensor bar attaches to the top of your television and even has a little stand if you can’t get the signal right. There are two sticky tabs on the bottom of the sensor bar that you can fasten to your television top. Try to get the sensor bar in the middle of the television for best results. The cable easily attaches to the back of the Wii console and it is clearly marked whereto put it. You can feed the cable through the bar either left or right depending upon where your console is located.

Video Cables

The video cables are easy to setup and they will connect to the colored inputs on the back or front of your television depending upon where you have them. If you have an older television. you may need to get a video box that will allow you to attach the Wii console to your T.V. If you have a new television you won’t have any problems. The cable goes into the back of your Wii console and again it’s clearly marked whereto put it.

Adapter Plug

The adapter plug is quite large and bulky so you may need to make room for it if your space is tight. Simply plug it into your console and then into the wall and your ready to go.

Final Setup

Final Setup

Wii Sports

Once you have all your cables attached you can turn on your television and switch over to a video or game channel on your unit and then turn on your Wii. If you haven’t already done so pull back the jacket on the Wii remote and install the batteries. If you have fresh batteries it would be a good idea to install those since the batteries that ship with the Wii are not that good. The other remote is called the Nunchuk and you will use that in combination with the Wii remote for some games. Once your remote is ready simply press the A button on the remote and the Wii menu system will appear.

Mii Character Creation

Your Mii character is a representation of you and it is very easy to setup. With no prior experience with Mii character both my girlfriend and I had our Mii characters setup in five minutes. If you get stuck simply follow the directions in your manual but you shouldn’t have any problems at all. You can change things such as eyes, nose, hair, and even give it glasses you can create many different Mii charcaters if you want.

Playing Wii Sports Tennis

Wii Sports Tennis

Your Wii Sports disk that came with your console contains several fun sports games and one of them is tennis. This game is very easy to play but hard to master. To serve the ball flick your remote upwards like you were hitting a real tennis ball and then outwards towards your television to serve. You can then return the ball by going forehand or backhand depending upon where the ball is going. Your character will move to the appropriate side you just have to concentrate on hitting the ball. There are several matches to choose from and even training that you can access from the main games menu. Some of the training includes hitting a series of ball, hitting against a target and trying to get the ball in a specific area. These training modes are really great and will help your overall tennis game. My girlfriend is better at this game and I need more practice sadly because I hit the ball out of bounds too much.

Playing Wii Sports Boxing

Wii Sports Boxing

Of all the games on Wii Sports boxing is my favorite and also the one that will get you moving the most and burning a few calories in the process. You won’t look like Mike Tyson after playing but you should be sweating some. Boxing is fun to play and easy to get the hang off after a few matches. You will need both the remote and Nunchuk for boxing to simulate both hands. Grips both remotes and you can now punch with them. You can hit the body and the head and even throw combinations. Bring your gloves up to your face to block shots and you can move your body from side to side too. Games will last a total of three rounds with the winner being decided at the end of the match. You can also train by hitting the bag and seeing how many you can knock off the wire using a timer. There is also a training exercise where you hit the gloves of your trainer but lose points if you hit his body. Another training session makes you doge balls by moving your body left to right. Now get out there and get fighting.

Playing Wii Sports Golf

I am not much of a golf fan but this golf game is quite easy. Hold your Wii remote like you would a club and swing at the ball. You can also use the control pad to line up your shots towards the hole. Hold the A button as you swing and hit the ball. The course will take you through three holes or you can have a longer game with nine holes. While there are some training modes I have yet to try them as I haven’t played much golf yet.

Playing Wii Sports Bowling


Hitting down the pins in Wii bowling is something any member of the family can do and it is even suitable for older members of the family. To bowl hold the B button on the remote and swing your arm like you were really bowling then let go of the B button as you follow through and your ball will roll towards the pins. You can use the control pad to line up your shots and twist the remote to put some spin on the ball. There are training modes such as hitting down waves of extra pins starting ten and going up each round as well as a the obstacle mode where you need to spin your ball around obstacles and hit one pin at the other end. You can also practice your spare shots in another training game. Wii bowling is a nice casual game but it will get you off the couch too and having fun.

Playing Wii Sports Baseball

Wii Sports Baseball

Get up to the plate and take your turn at bat with Wii Sports baseball. This game is simple but will take time to master. To hit the ball hold your Wii remote with both hands like a real baseball bat and strike the ball as it comes over the plate. It sounds easy but it takes practice and patience to get it right. When its your turn to pitch use the A button for a screwball, none for a fastball, B for a curve ball, and A + B for a splitter. One training mode will have you practicing your home run hits too and hitting the ball to certain areas of the field. This game along with boxing are my two favorites on the disk.


As a newcomer to the Wii Console and the Wii Sports game I was surprised by the simple setup of my console and the great games included with it. Wii Sports may not be the have the greatest graphics or all the flash of current games but it gets you moving and having fun. This is one console I am going to have fun with and get myself moving off the couch in the process.