Wii Sports Resort: Swordplay Game Guide - Conquer swordplay with this guide

Wii Sports Resort: Swordplay Game Guide - Conquer swordplay with this guide
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Swordplay Basics

One of the most addicting and fun games on the Wii Sports Resort disk is the swordplay mode. This game has three distinct modes including a two man duel, a slicing competition, and the showdown where you fight off ways of enemy attacks all while only having three lives. Each mode of the game presents unique challenges and they are all fun making this game a real highlight of the Wii Sports Resort disk. As you progress through each mode the game will get tougher and more challenging especially one you reach one thousand points. In the case of the showdown you will face harder game levels as you get better. The game can also be played as multiplayer if you have extra controllers. Please note that the disk requires the Wii motion plus controller that shipped wit the disk in most cases. If you want to play multiplayer you will need to buy more motion controllers as the game won’t work with the standard controller.

The Swordplay Duel Mode

Swordplay Wii

To play this mode you need to hold your Wii Remote like a sword and swing it in the direction you want to hit. Take your time and don’t flail away with it or make jerky movements this will leave you open to being hit by your opponent. The sword works best with two hands but by alternating it from two hand to one hand can help you get in some different blows. When you use the remote you can also press the B button to move the remote in different directions while trying to block hits. As you play you need to force your opponent to the other side of the game platform and hit them into the water. This is quite easy in the early stages as you gain points but once you reach one thousand and more the opponents can become quite a challenge with your arms getting a good workout in the process. The best out of three rounds wins the match but if no one is winning a timer will count down and the match will be tied. At the end of the three rounds if there is a tie, the platform will raise and you will have a little tiny platform for a quick deciding match.

Duel Mode Tips

  • Make controlled movements, don’t flail around.
  • Try both hands and single handed to make various sword movements.
  • You can move your sword in various directions to try different attacks.
  • Press the B button and move your sword in the direction you want to attack.
  • Press B as you begin so your defenses are up.
  • Point to the screen and hit A to start the match.

The Speedslice Round

Swordplay Wii

This mode features two Miis and your job is to slice the objects thrown at you in the fastest time while getting your slices in the right direction. Te match goes to ten points before a winner is decided. You will score a point if you’re the quickest and your slice is correct. Watch the arrows and time your slice to meet the arrow. The trainer will throw everything at you from melons to cakes so be ready and each toss will present a different slice direction keeping you on your toes. This mode is also great practice to work on your slicing angles for the duel or showdown mode of the game. Take your time with this one because it can be tough when you first start out with this mode.

Speedslice Tips

  • Watch the arrows on the screen and move your sword in the direction of the arrow.
  • Don’t make jerky movements as this can throw off your slice and you will receive an X.
  • Use this mode for good practice for the other modes where the action is quicker and more intense.

Showdown Mode

Wii Sports Resort

This mode is by far the most fun and enjoyable in the Swordplay game due to the waves on enemies and only having three lives. In this game mode you must make good use of the blocking B button to win. The first waves will be easy and you will take out several in just one hit if your swings are good. As you approach each enemy have your B button pressed so your defensive in nature and then strike hard to knock them down. The first few levels are easier but they will soon get very difficult. As the rounds progress you will meet enemies with three hearts which will take three hard hits to knock down. Try to save your three lives for these tougher opponents and give them your full attention. Only one enemy will attack you at once and your Mii will automatically move to face the next opponent. Like the other modes make controlled movements and don’t swing wildly because you will lose lives this way and not be able to complete the round successfully.

This mode lasts for ten stages and they take place at various locations on the island such as the bridge.

Showdown Tips

  • Keep yourself defensive with the B button and strike hard.
  • Use the B button as you approach each new wave in the level so your not caught off guard and lose a life.
  • Try to save your three lives for the harder three heart “boss” type enemies near the end of the level.
  • Take your time with each enemy and don’t panic if you get hit.


Wii Sports Resort has some great content with Swordplay being among the best. Try the other games out and have fun playing them. Be sure to try multiplayer if you have extra remotes and motion plus sensors.