Windows Phone De Blob Xbox Live Game

Windows Phone De Blob Xbox Live Game
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Color Is a Crime!

Apparently, “Color is a Crime” – certainly in the world of De Blob, an unusual Windows Phone 7 gaming title available on the Zune Marketplace – and de Blob is the one that can restore beauty to Chroma City!

This Windows Phone 7 launch title has achieved consistently high ratings and positive reviews from users, and is even reasonably priced.

With the clear aim of spreading color around the world, this Xbox LIVE title is a fun arcade/strategy title that will enable you to gain an extra 200 points for your Gamerscore as you unlock achievements!

Gameplay and Controls (3 out of 5)

Windows Phone De Blob Xbox Live Game

The idea behind De Blob is that you navigate the eponymous character through a series of grid-like levels in order to leave a trail of colored paint while rescuing citizens hypnotized by the malevolent INKT Corporation. While the backstory might come straight out of a Cartoon Network series, the controls are simple enough – simply tap the screen where you want De Blob to move to in order to negotiate his way out of the level.

There is nothing complicated in the game, no special powers, just the chance to get through a level as quickly and with as high a score as possible. The only real challenge comes in working your way through the grids without trapping De Blob with his own trail of paint, which for some reason he is unable to pass.

Graphics and Sound (3 out of 5)

Windows Phone De Blob graphics are average

Ultimately, De Blob is a puzzle game, and as such it doesn’t really offer anything exciting in the way of graphics. As an Xbox LIVE title it looks as good as you would expect, with all of the graphic design and animation that you would expect, but ultimately the game area is a grid decorated with various styles that wouldn’t look out of place in a 16-bit computer game. Presentation is overall good, however, despite the uninspiring visuals of the game itself.

Conversely the soundtrack does a good job of propping things up, with useful sound effects for the freed prisoners celebrating as they escape and a cool jazz theme tune keeping the game ticking along nicely.

Price and Compatibility (4 out of 5)

Windows Phone De Blob is reasonably priced

Happily De Blob isn’t too expensive. While £2.49 (UK price) might be considered a tiny bit expensive for many games, this is an Xbox LIVE title and that price point is as low as these types of games go. Cheaper games can be found on the Zune Marketplace, but they don’t have Xbox LIVE integration.

It’s also nice to see a game that seems to run without any problems on any Windows Phone device. Certainly based on the reports in the feedback notes for the game on the Zune Marketplace, De Blob runs on all handsets without crashing or freezing or any user input issues.

Not Colorful Enough (3 out of 5)

Windows Phone De Blob Xbox Live Game

It looks okay, it plays okay, and it has a nice price, but ultimately De Blob is pretty average. While it offers a nice way to get 200 Gamerscore points for your Xbox LIVE account, and it’s an easy enough game to switch on and play at casual moments there is every danger that you might find it repetitive.

Certainly when playing De Blob for this review it wasn’t long before I had sussed out where to route the main character’s progress through the level based mainly on the positions of obstacles and the citizens.

If a diverting puzzle game with the chance of some Xbox LIVE achievements is what you’re looking for then De Blob is for you – but there are better WP7 games available.


All screenshots and references from De Blob for Windows Phone 7.