An Introduction to Fairytale Fights for Xbox 360

An Introduction to Fairytale Fights for Xbox 360
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Introducing Fairytale Fights for Xbox 360

I have waited for months for Fairytale Fights to finally hit shelves.Yesterday was that day, and frankly I did not think I would be very impressed and addicted to the game; but I am, Oh, I am.


I have always been a Mario Bros. lover, I like the cartoon like graphics, I adored the lush colorful environments, and the adventure was not so bad either. Mario however only sticks to Nintendo consoles, and as much as I love the Nintendo Wii, I still prefer the controls on the PS3 and Xbox 360 so much more.

When Fairytale Fights was first introduced to me, I had to check it out because the environments were lush like they are in Mario games, the graphics were also very similar, and the game featured one of those oh-so-addicting adventures…only Fairytale Fights is not the typical adventure game one would get from a Mario Bros. game, Fairytale Fights sets itself apart in a whole new realm of sick, psychotic, and extreme cartoon gore.

Your probably thinking, so what? Lots of games these days feature blood, gore, guts and mayhem. Yes, that’s true, but no game displays blood baths quite as therapeutic and fun as Fairytale Fights does. Fairytale characters we all remember from childhood have been transformed into mean devilish killing machines, and they are out for blood, lots and lots of blood. Sweet!

Box Art


Plot (5 out of 5)

Fairytale Fights basically throws you into a dark version of childhood fairy tales all mixed, mutated, twisted and horrendously fun.

You begin as either Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk, the Naked Emperor, or Snow White.

The characters themselves all stand out in clearly obvious and ridiculous ways. Red Riding Hood looks like a possessed version of the real thing, while the Naked Emperor hides his goods under a small leaf, his large erect nipples though are in full view for gamers to see. Snow White awakes looking demonic, and sounding demonic, while Jack looks like a twisted odd version of his former heroic self.

You begin the game as Red, but you are free to chose whichever fairytale hero you want.


The very first area you are dumped in is a cute colorful town where you can witness townspeople chopping fluffy pink bunny rabbits in half, or listen to a meat farmer chop down his cleaver onto a cute little pig. This area is basically your main menu. It is here where you get a taste of the gore filled adventure that you are about to embark on.

Main Menu Hub

Here you can upgrade your players statue by collecting coins to pay for the upgrades. You can also adjust the sounds, graphics, and check your kill statistics.

From the main menu you can also begin your adventure. If you don’t feel like finding the correct storybook on the main menu that will lead you to the adventure, simply press the start button and chose to go on your adventure.

Once the game begins you get a basic idea of what the whole point of the game is. The main plot shows lumberjacks stealing Goldilocks porridge, and it becomes your job to retrieve the porridge cauldron from the thieves.

You must slice and dice your way to the very end of the fairytale. The adventure however throws in other fairytale twists besides just Goldilocks fairytale. You will encounter other childhood classics along the way, all with their own unusual, strange yet fun, micro plot.

Controls (2 out of 5)

What makes Fairytale Fights so fun is basically the kills, the therapeutic happy chimes that play in the background, and the array of weapons that your character will be able to pick up and use along the way. From slicing through enemies with a knife, stabbing them with candy canes, rulers, branding irons and more the weapon choices never grow old, nor is there a loss of creativity.

While there is a huge assortment of weapons to use, the real loss in creativity is noted by the way you kill. Killing is done by moving the right joystick around frantically, and unfortunately this is the only effective way to kill enemies. It’s pretty fool proof but repetitive.

As you pick up weapons along the way immediately you see how powerful the weapon is by the star rating given to it. Some weapons are heavy duty killing pieces, while others are impossible to use, or useless in battle. Other weapons include love bombs which temporarily stun your victims. However love bombs are pretty useless, because while they are stunned, if you go in for a kill you yourself can become stunned. Acid bombs are thrown at the enemy, and you pretty much sit back, watch, and laugh as your enemy’s skin melts off of their bodies, leaving behind a pile of bones.

As fun as killing, slicing, and pulverizing the enemy is, the controls get annoying; I wouldn’t say difficult though.

During frenzy kills a sidebar will pop up on the screen showing a detailed up close kill of your enemy. It’s neat being able to see the details of a knife slicing through the enemy, but at the same time it blocks off some of the screen making it hard to see what is going on. Power kills are pretty much the same thing; neat to look at, but they get in the way.

Other minor issues occur when you have a big battle with enemies where blood, brains and guts get splattered all over the place. Although the blood flood is cool, it makes your character slip and slide about making it impossible to quickly collect the nearly instant vanishing gold, silver, and treasures that pop out of enemies after they die.

The controls are not impossible, but they can get annoying, even more so during jumps.

There are many areas where you will have to jump from rock to rock in order to pass over a river, or over lava. You cannot adjust the angles, as everything is side-scrolling, yet in 3D.

Not being able to adjust the angles makes jumps really difficult, especially considering that you will lose a lot of treasure if you continue to fall into the water or fire.

Easy to fall into water down below while fighting on bridges

If you have a really difficult time on a boss fight you can easily go from having 80,000 coins to 350. The work load put into collecting that much treasure is huge, and losing it all after a few falls, or kills from the enemy comes too quickly.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

The graphics in Fairytale Fights for the Xbox 360 are soothing, and fitting to the fairytale mold. The creative geniuses behind the graphics in this game seriously deserve a huge bow, because I have not been so impressed with graphics when it comes to games in quite some time.

While most Xbox 360 games focus on making everything look real to life, Fairytale Fights takes on a colorful, lush wonderland which feels like you landed in a modern updated version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Everything is cheerful, bright and fun, only with a darker twist.


At one point in the game I actually kept my character still in order to take in the graphics of the witches castle. Floors actually shine with a realistic shiny texture you would expect a newly polished floor to display; fire, water, and other elements found within the game all flood the screen with cartoon clay like realism that is pretty fantastic on the eyes.

All in all Fairytale Fights had a colorful and vibrant environment that you find in games like Viva Piñata, only on wicked heavy steroids.

While playing the game, and coming across some of the wickedly visual creative scenes, you think to yourself, did Tim Burton have a hand in this game?

Music and Sounds (5 out of 5)

What I particularly like about Xbox 360’s Fairytale Fights are the sounds and music that you hear in the game. The audio is fantastic, and as you slice and dice your way through each chapter of the Fairytale music will play lightly in the background. The music is basic chimes, beats and whistles, however they are done up to sound like you are playing a friendly happy game, which makes it so unique, because as happy beats play lightly in the background, blood and violence become the main theme of the game. It’s comical in a way, seeing that it fits, yet does not fit.

Weapons also come with their own particular killing sound. Chainsaws sound like chainsaws, knives while slicing will release a realistic sharpening of the knife sound, while you beat your enemy with drumsticks the sound of beating drums will play. It’s actually sort of funny, in a sick, dark sort of way.


Some Complaints

Fairytale Fights comes with 3 difficulty modes. You have basic insane, medium, or easy modes to chose from. The game is not difficult at all though because when you die, you have the option to pop back up to life exactly where you left off on easy mode.

One of the bosses in beginning chapters

Boss fights on easy mode are not hard, because like I said, even if they kill you 100 times, your only real loss will be your treasure. Boss fights though are more annoying than anything else because they last a very long time, are drawn out, and usually go on for 2 painfully long rounds. Just when you thought you killed him, he rises back up and is even more powerful than before.

What makes boss fights so frustrating is not just the fact that they come back for a round 2, but that you don’t really know what their weaknesses are. You pretty much get thrown into the battle with no knowledge of what they will do, or when the best time to start whacking on them is.

Another complaint about the game is the fact that some scenes include terrain that gets in the way while fighting. The game consists of 3 basic planes similar to Little Big Planet. Toward the very front of the screen you have some scenery that you cannot interact with, the middle terrain is basically where you walk, fight, and move about, and the background includes some stunning visual scenery that yet again you cannot interact with.

The main issue is with the front plane. The first plane will sometimes will throw in a tree, or a table, or logs and boxes that block off your plane. If you happen to be fighting you will sometimes go behind a tree, or log and not be able to see what you are doing. The fool proof method is to simply go nuts with the joystick while fighting. Doing this could land you to an early grave though, because at some points there are cliffs that you cannot see, and while your character is going mental while fighting, you will sometimes jab at the enemy until you just fall off the edge which gets annoying.

Replay Value (4 out of 5)

Fairytale Fights for the Xbox 360 definitely has replay value, and that comes from the fact that you will want to erect your statue in the town to its fullest potential. You have to have coins in order to continue to master your statue. Getting the money though is difficult because you lose it frequently throughout the game. You will consistently want to go back and collect more and more money in order to finish your statue. Upgrades on the statue don’t cost much at first, but the prices increases significantly as you go on.

The replay value is also there due to the fact that you can go Live and play with other gamers who have Fairytale Fights. You can also go head to head with someone at home, all you need is anther controller, and bam! Game on!

Overall (3 out of 5)

Although Fairytale Fights for the Xbox 360 has its flaws, I found that I became obsessed with the game. It provided a nice stress release for me because it was an easy slice your way to the finish type of game, that provided some challenges, yet no real heavy duty challenges where I would get so frustrated that I’d throw the controller down and never pick up the title again.

It does have its flaws, but I don’t think I have met a game that didn’t provide flaws.

Bloody Mess

The bloody fun battles are enough to keep me entertained, and the creative weapons and graphics would definitely keep me coming back for more.

Although there is nothing funny about a murderous killing spree, Fairytale Fights presents it in a humorous way making the rampage of death, the bucket filled splashes of blood, all an entertaining good time. Fighting may be a bit repetitive as far as controls go, but for me, the bigger the blood bath, the more fun.

Should You Rent Fairytale Fights, or Is It a Game Worth Buying?

I spent $59.99 on Fairytale Fights, which is pretty much the going rate of all new Xbox 360 titles. I do think that this price is a bit overpriced considering you can slice and dice your way through the entire thing in a few hours. The replay value is definitely there, but for $60.00 I was expecting the Fairytale to last longer than it did.

Renting the game at this point is probably the best option if you really want to give the game a try right now. If you love it, buy it when it goes on sale. It is worth buying, but just not at this going price.