Game Dev Story for Android: Tips, Tricks and Hints for Developing the Ultimate Game

Game Dev Story for Android: Tips, Tricks and Hints for Developing the Ultimate Game
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Game Dev Story for Android

As indicated in the review of Game Dev Story for Android, the game is an enrichment of the Android platform as a whole. Game Dev Story is a good step for the platform to establish itself as a suitable gaming experience. Even though it is an iPhone port, the game is already very popular on Android and has generated quite a following. If you are one of the players hooked on this game make sure to read these tips, tricks and hints for Game Dev Story for Android!

Using Common Sense and General Game Knowledge

Game Dev Story is loosely based on real life scenarios and actual game consoles released throughout the years. Besides the recognition factor, which I’m sure many frequent gamers will encounter, there is actually an advantage for you hidden in there.

Consoles in Game Dev Story all have their real life counterpart. This also reflects on their popularity. It is therefore very likely that the in-game version of the Gameboy will have a great following. Use this knowledge in your strategy and develop games for the popular consoles. Your knowledge of real consoles can give you a head start on your competitors!

Combining game genres with types is another aspect that will challenge your past game knowledge and common sense. As you know the popularity of, for instance World of Warcraft, it is easy to assume that an Online RPG will do well with a fantasy setting. Try to think of actual games when making these decisions and quite often this will lead to a successful combination!

The Important Bits: Making Money

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The only way to proceed and get better in Game Dev Story, is through making money. I have found through multiple runs that it is important to make the right decisions in the beginning parts of the game. The key here is always to try to minimize the costs and maximize the outcome. Bringing down your development costs can be easily done, especially through not focusing too much on the game direction. Choosing the ‘Budget +’ is not advisable in the earlier parts of developing, even if you can afford it. Focusing on Quality is probably the best strategy here.

Another important thing to do is not to spend all your money on developing a game. The best way to progress is to purchase licenses of consoles, which especially in the early years will take a large part of your funds. So much even that developing a game is not possible any more. These are also make or break moments and I would therefore advise you to frequently do contract work. When doing contract work, always take a safe job that might pay slightly less but you are sure you can finish. Also make sure to keep releasing games frequently and I would say never to do two contract jobs after one another and especially not three.

Choosing your genre and game type can sometimes be deceiving. Although more expensive directions do normally indicate a larger fan base, it is not a guarantee for success. Choosing a great but cheap combination can often significantly boost your funds, which can be especially useful for saving up for a license.

Boosting Your Team: In Game Enhancements

Game Dev Story Use Boosts

Game Dev Story does not limit your gameplay to just developing games or taking contract work, but provides in game enhancements as well. As a manager you are responsible for the team that is working on your games. In terms of hiring it is vital to keep a good mix of workers in your team to be able to make headway in all aspects (sound, fun, creativity and graphics).

Hiring people may seem a bit unimportant at first, but essentially this will make or break your company. As soon as you start having quite a bit of money to spend you will want to start replacing your staff with more talented developers. It definitely pays to use the most expensive form of hiring to gain new staff as you can afford at that moment. How heart breaking it may seem to replace a trusted employee but it will cost you a lot more to train them up to a desirable level. Remember, they are not real people!

At some stage you will come across ‘hackers’ to employ. These hackers have great stats but are weak for doing individual tasks, such as developing a story or enhancing any of the game stats. You can either transform them into a different role or keep them on for great and speedy overall development. I would suggest having one great hacker on the team if you can afford it.

Another aspect that can seem a bit redundant at first is the travelling salesman. This man will try to sell you boosts for the various aspects of the game. Although you may be a bit wary at first, he sells real game enhancements, which you will come to use a lot after a while. Most of the enhancements can be used through research points, which are obtained through the overall working process or bug fixing. A lot of bugs can mean a lot of research points so do not be discouraged!

Minor But Important Enhancements in Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story Hiring New Staff

There are a few minor aspects that can still have a great impact on Game Dev Story, if applied correctly. For instance, it is advisable to advertise and to create a fan base, but when not done at the right time this may lose its effect. It is therefore essential to advertise during a game’s development to boost the hype and fame of the game. This can greatly enhance initial sales.

In the long run it can pay off to attend fairs as well, but I doubt that a great investment (in for instance booth babes) will really pay off. Attending is definitely a must, but don’t waste too much money on this.

Game Dev Story for Android: Be the Best!

In the end it is all about how well your games are performing. The only guarantee for success is developing hit games with great statistics. All the above methods described can help you to get there and eventually you may even win a few prizes at the annual game awards. Winning any prizes is free advertising for your company and perhaps the best method to get word around. Keep trying to develop the ultimate game and you might even end up winning the one million grand prize. Good Luck!