Review of the Abduction Andriod Games

Abduction Original (5 out of 5)


In the very addictive game of Abduction, you are destined to make your way up into space following a UFO because aliens have abducted your fellow cow mates. Along the way you will be able to collect power ups and other goodies, but there are some misfortunes that may present themselves to you if you are not careful.

Abduction Features


This Android Game sits in the jumper games niche as you spend a lot of time jumping in order to keep going up. In addition, the game also uses tilt controls to move left and right. What this means is that if you want to move left or right, you will simply tilt your phone left or right. While there are power ups and bonus points to be earned in the surprise boxes that you will find along the way, be careful as some of the surprises will not be what you would like. You will often get goodies such as High Jumps, which give you the ability to jump a lot higher than you normally would or Safety Nets which help you if you jump and miss a platform. However, you may also get a Crumble, which are small pieces of land that will not allow you to jump on them more than once. Your phone will vibrate when you hit one of these. The game has different modes, where you can play quick games that are mostly based on how far you can go and there is the adventure mode which provides more of an aim than simply racking up scores. It all depends on what you are in the mood for.

You get the option of turning the sound on or off and when the sound is on the gaming performance may not be what you expect, but you may favor the actual gaming experience over performance. Abduction 2 has already been developed and released, but you can Download Abduction for free.

Abduction 2 (5 out of 5)

Abduction 2 Main menu
Abduction 2 Map

September 10th was the scheduled release date for the highly anticipated Abduction 2. Its predecessor, Abduction was a smashing hit, so no surprises when news broke of a part two in the making. Abduction 2 is equipped with 5 diverse modes of gameplay and each mode comprises similar methods of play, but each one has its own variance that makes it worth playing.

Abduction 2 Features

Abduction 2 Quick game
Abduction 2 Netherlands

Both Abduction Android games have the Quick Game section where you simply continue to jump from platform to platform upwards until you lose by falling. The higher you go, the more difficult the game becomes. While it seems simple enough, it is actually quite fun and the aim is to have the highest score on the included leader board. The Quick Game mode even includes a 3D backdrop, and there are 120 levels in Abduction 2 so it will keep you busy for a while. Additionally, there is another game in this Quick Mode called Cow Pies. It is still a jumping party but you will be required to eat pies as you jump along. While the pies help your score and bonus points, the more you eat, the bigger you will get. As you pile on the beef the platforms will not support you as well anymore, so they will start to break away easily which means that you will have to jump faster. The Adventure mode is also in Abduction 2, but of course you know that they have to have added a twist. You no longer have to be concerned about plummeting to your death, but don’t think that it has gotten easier, it just means that you are now equipped with parachutes to help to prevent that from happening. There are other alterations, but you should probably be pleasantly surprised by Abduction 2.

Abduction 2 Netherlands
Abduction 2 Shop

The game also includes a less adventurous section which is more than likely for your little kids who want to watch a cow jump around. They can play it without worrying about falling or dying, it’s just something to keep them occupied while you are busy with something else. There is even a newly added fun feature which is the Shop. This is where you can use coins that you will earn in adventure mode, to buy clothes and other items for your character.

Comparison and Conclusion

Abduction 2 Ocean
Abduction 2 Map 2

The main difference between Abduction 2 and the original Abduction Android game is the fact that part two did not bother to include the initial Abduction story. Instead you simply start with the instructions and get to jumping. People who have played part one probably won’t mind considering that they already know the story. But for people who have never played Abduction before, they will be missing the storyline factor in Abduction 2. The original Abduction Android game was free, but the Abduction 2 Download comes at a low price of $2.98.