Best Android RPG Games Round Up

Best Android RPG Games Round Up
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This Android RPG game offers an intuitive and entertaining side-scrolling adventure for the Android platform. Two key features that make this kind of game great - deep gameplay and the invigorating action adventure style. It has all the basic elements of a good, traditional RPG game with great visuals inspired by the Japanese style graphics. The game will keep you pre-occupied for several hours, exploring through quests, customizing your armor and weapons, and of course all for the purpose of finding out the ending of the game’s compelling storyline. (Price: $4.99)

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Zenonia 2

zenonia 2

If you find Illusia a great RPG game, I’m pretty sure you’ll also love Zenonia 2. The game is your classic action Android RPG game. You’ll not only love this game’s great storyline but some other features including full character and control customization, three different modes, and asynchronous online PvP feature. The game also features - extensive horizon of Zenonia, four distinct classes, improved chacter customization, and more. (Price: $4.99)

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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave

dungeon defenders fw

When it comes to gameplay and graphics, this Android RPG game is definitely a winner. It uses the Unreal game engine which makes the game physics amongst the best not only among Android RPG games but all Android games. As for the gameplay, you’ll get an excellent mixture of RPG and tower defense games with cooperative multiplayer to boot. If you’re looking for a fantasy game with features such as the ability to summon towers and traps to defend your castle and an exciting, action-packed combat system, and character class system, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is definitely the game that you’re looking for. (Price: Free)

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Crusade of Destiny

crusade of destiny

This Android RPG game boasts of being the first true full-scale 3D RPG game for Android. Not only that, it also features an innovative and easy-to-use multi-touch control system - allowing full 3D freedom of movement as well as 360 camera panning while you’re playing the game. Feature-wise, this Android RPG game has all the bells and whistles that make a solid RPG game including - trainable skill lines, side quests, challenging bosses, in-game cycles, easy-to-learn combat system, right number of mystical creatures, wonderful game environments and so much more. (Price: $4.99)

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Dragon of the Three Kindoms

dragons of the three kingdoms

Here’s another action, adventure type with the right mix of ingredients to make for an excellent Android RPG game - with solid gameplay, and the right amount of good stuff - including boss characters, armies, riding system, magic system, bar system and all. What you will appreciate about this game is that it’s also like an arcade beat-em-up type of game. As such, you might find it pretty repetitive at first, but once you’ve enjoyed one or two battles, you’ll learn to appreciate the game. Another nice thing going for this Android RPG game is the fact that it is very easy to play. The game’s learning curve won’t take up much of your time so you can be playing and enjoying the game quickly. (Price: Free)

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Sword Requiem

sword requiem

This Android RPG game will remind you of a similar game called Fire Emblem. But don’t worry it’s not really an exact copy cat. It’s a different game but with the same medieval setting - specifically during the time of swords, sorcery and magic. Sword Requiem is a strategy RPG type of game with a plot and storyline involving the main character’s quests and adventures. If you’re looking for an RPG game with a solid storyline - this game has got you covered with a mysterious plot that is full of surprises. Of course, gaming-wise it has the right mix for a good RPG game. (Price: $2.99)

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Dink Smallwood HD

dink smallwood

RPG gamers on the PC will surely remember this game. This Android RPG game is the mobile version of the PC RPG game. In case you haven’t played the game on your PC before - well, it’s actually your typical, classic RPG with dragons and knights fighting with all their valor and honor. Just like any other story, there has got to be a main character - for this game it’s a pig farmer called Dink who was reluctantly brought into the mix of magic and adventure. The game features multiple input methods, full in-game support, auto-save feature, multi-touch support, speed up button feature to skip dialogues and cutscenes and more. (Price: $2.99)

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Cyberlords - Arkology

cyberlords arkology

If you’re more into the science-fiction style of RPG, this Android RPG game is the right one for you. The game puts you in control of a four-man team of augmented cyber-warriors in various infiltration missions. The game will let you hack into camera systems and computer terminals, take over security robots and lure enemies into ambushes. The game also features real-time combat, tactics mode, 4 levels of difficulty, more than 20 weapons, achievements and lots more good stuff. (Price: $1.40)

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Mana Chronicles

mana chronicles

Here’s another classic RPG game with a classic game title. Featuring beautiful graphics, solid gameplay, short and sweet storyline, Mana Chronicles will definitely get you hooked into the game for several hours. In fact, you might find the game so good that you’ll feel short changed because it’s way too short for an Android RPG game. Hopefully, the developers will bring out more adventures and it will be updated in the coming days. But as it is - if you’re looking for a nice and short RPG game to play on your Android devices - this game will give you what you want. (Price: $2.40)

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Spectral Souls

spectral souls

If you’re looking for the Final Fantasy epic type of RPG game, this Android RPG game is the closest you can get. Originating from Japan, this game is a full-sized tactical RPG with 52 outstanding audio tracks, 84 characters, high-resolution graphics, more than 100 hours of solid gameplay, cut-scenes, and support for touch and keyboard key mapping. Of course, the best feature of this Android RPG has got to be the great storyline and engaging plot set in the imaginary mystical realms of Neverland. That alone will give you a hint of what the game has in store for you as you play it through. (Price: $14.08)

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