Guide to Bug Catching in Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii

Guide to Bug Catching in Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii
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Like fishing, bug catching is one of the most popular ways to make money in Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii. While perhaps not as lucrative as fishing or playing the stalk market, bug catching is still a fun and complicated activity, and a requirement for anyone who wants to fill the museum with every possible exhibit.

Plus, watching Blathers squirm every time you turn in a new bug is a reward in itself.

Upgrade Your Bug Catching Net

Like the silver fishing rod, the silver bug net can be purchased from Tom Nook’s store, but only after he has upgraded to Nookway. It is slightly bigger, making bug catching just a bit easier.

The golden net is a bit harder to come by, as you have to catch all the bugs in the game before you get it. The golden net is far larger, making catching even the toughest bugs a snap.

General Bug Catching Strategies

  • Snagging a Bug

    Always be on the lookout. Bugs can appear at any time, just floating by on the breeze, and you’ll need to be ready to catch them. Keep an eye out, even while you’re doing other things in town. You never know when a rare bug may happen by.

  • Don’t forget that bugs sometimes live underground. You can catch certain bugs (pill bugs and centipedes, for example) by hitting a rock with your shovel and scaring them out. You should be hitting every rock in town, anyway, searching for the money rock (every day one rock in town generates money when struck with a shovel), so don’t forget to keep an eye out for bugs as well.

  • Keep your ears open, as well. Some bugs may signal their presence by sound. If you hear a cricket, for example, get out your shovel and start digging. Chances are you’ll find a mole cricket somewhere nearby. Be ready to switch from your shovel to your net quickly when it appears.

  • Some bugs, like beetles, can be found on the trunks of your town’s many trees. These bugs will get scared and disappear if you move too quickly, so, just like with fishing, be sure to move carefully when you’re on the hunt for bugs. Look for different-colored patches on trees and be ready with your net to grab them quickly.

Find more great bug-catching strategies on page two, as well as a listing of the bugs that can earn you the most money quickly.

General Bug Catching Strategies, Continued

  • Animal Crossing

    Certain bugs, like the longhorn and violin beetles, only appear on tree stumps. If you’re after these insects, be sure to leave a stump when you chop down a tree.

  • As in real life, some bugs are attracted to trash. Leave some food or a piece of candy on the ground outside for a few days and it’s sure to attract an ant or two. Likewise, flies are attracted to old boot or cans. They won’t make your town any prettier, but they will help you in your bug catching.

  • There are bugs that can be found just wandering on the ground as well. Keep an eye out for grasshoppers, locusts, leaf bugs, and more crawling around in plain sight.

  • Shaking trees is another great way to find bugs. Just be ready to quickly grab anything that falls from the tree. Be wary of bee attacks, though. If you see a hive fall, run, then turn and face the swarm. You’ll only get one chance to nab it before they sting you.

  • Not all bugs will just idly stand by waiting for you to scoop them up in a net. Some, like the tarantula and scorpion, will actually become aggressive as soon as they see it. You’ll have to be quick to snag these dangerous insects before they attack you.

High-Value Bugs to Look Out For

While a lot of bugs sell for a very small amount of bells, there are a few that can bring in some pretty decent cash. Check out some of the highest-value insects (and arachnids).

  • Agrias Butterfly: 3,000 bells.

  • Bee Sting Victim

    Atlas Beetle: 8,000 bells.

  • Banded Dragonfly: 4,500 bells.

  • Birdwing: 4,000 bells.

  • Cyclommatus: 8,000 bells.

  • Elephant Beetle: 8,000 bells.

  • Giant Beetle: 10,000 bells.

  • Giant Petaltail: 8,000 bells.

  • Golden Stag: 12,000 bells.

  • Hercules Beetle: 12,000 bells.

  • Rainbow Stag: 10,000 bells.

  • Scarab Beetle: 6,000 bells.

  • Scorpion: 8,000 bells.

  • Tarantula: 8,000 bells.

Animal Crossing is one of my personal favorite Nintendo Wii games. There are so many fun things to do in the game, it’s like living in another world. For more great Animal Crossing information, including help with fishing, the Happy Room Academy, and the game’s many holidays, be sure to check out the other sections of the guide.