Animal Crossing Special Events

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Special Events

Just like with the yearly events that are always around, these special events will occur more randomly. Just keep in mind that the game moves in real time so if it says Winter to find it in the game you’ll have to be in Winter in real life to find it. These are mainly seasonal events that will occur at different times in different years.

Your Birthday – Whenever your birthday is you will get presents that will arrive in the mail. If you have really good relationships with the people in your town your presents will get better as well. You will also receive a birthday cake in the mail from your Mom.

Bridge Building – When your town has fifteen people in it the Mayor will talk to you about getting a new bridge. You will have a choice of two places for the bridge. This event is a clearly random occurrence.

Camping Season – There will be various animals that will come into your village during Summer to camp and vacation. They are friendly and if you talk to them, they may give out some of their camping supplies to you.

Igloos – During the winter months, if there is some snow around it may spark your villagers to live in an igloo instead of the house for a day. You can talk with them to play special winter games. There are special snow gifts that you may be able to get if you spend enough time in an igloo in the village. Try it and see what gifts you get.

Lighthouse Watching – During winter as well, this is when Mayor Tortimer will go out of town and will ask you to light the lighthouse for a week while he is away. This is during the first two months of the year. Doing this will make him give you chocolates and a model of a lighthouse when he comes back from his vacation.

So you see, that there is a full variety of different events in Animal Crossing that you can take part of. Which ones will you log in to be included?