Backyard Monsters Outpost Guide - Expanding your Empire

Backyard Monsters Outpost Guide - Expanding your Empire
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Backyard Monster Outpost Guide - Your Map Room

Before you can get started in the advanced areas of Backyard Monsters, there are a few things you will need. First you will need your Map Room building at level two. To do this, your Town Hall must first be at level six. Once your upgrade is complete, you will have a different view through your Map Room than previously before.

Level 1 Map Room View

This is the image you will be accustomed to at first, before your upgrade to level two is complete. As you can see, your cho ices in opponents are limited. Eventually you will wipe out the computer controlled bases entirely, leaving you with only a few players in your level range to attack. Once you achieve Map Room 2, your view will change and look more like the next image.

Level 2 Map Room View

level 2 map room view

As you can see the view is completely different. There are many more opponents to choose from. Opponents ranging from computer controlled to player owned outposts. This is where the advanced phase of the game begins, and things get a bit more complicated. Now you are open to attack from a much larger player base. If you feel overwhelmed, or do not think you are prepared just yet, there is one way to get back to the old view. You must recycle your level two map room and rebuild the level one room.

Outpost Takeovers

out post base destroyed

Now that your Map Room is at level two, you can begin your preparations for taking over outposts. It is important to have a good stockpile of resources before you begin your attack. We will go further into this, after your army is ready for its first attack. Once your housing is full with your preferred attack units, it’s time to choose your target. As you are just starting out, it would be advisable to choose a monster controlled outpost. They are easier to take over and you can avoid retaliation from another player. To be able to take over an outpost, it must be completely destroyed, as the image on your left shows.

Claiming an Outpost

outpost take over

By following this Backyard Monsters Outpost Guide, you should have little trouble destroying an outpost. It may take a few attempts to destroy the base, but once that is complete, the image to your left will show up. Earlier we mentioned that it is a good idea to have a large stockpile of resources. As you can see from the image, it requires 2,000,000 of each resource type to claim an outpost. Next, you will need more resources to purchase a starter kit for your new outpost. These starter kits are quite costly.

New Outpost Options

out post starter kits

Once you have successfully claimed your new outpost, you are given four options: The basic starter package, the Regular Kit, the Large Kit, and the Mega Kit. You are allotted close to two days of protection, so choosing the right kit is critical. As mentioned before, I cannot stress the importance of having a large resource stockpile, unless you plan to spend real money buying shiny.

Outpost Kit Selection

The Basic Kit

This is the lowest kit possible, and it’s a poor option. You only get your Town Hall and one worker. This requires a lot of time spent building your new outpost, one building at a time. You are not given ample time to build up a proper defense. Once your protection has faded, you will be an easy target to other players.

The Regular Kit

This kit is ideal for someone just starting to get into outpost takeovers. It provides decent protection, added harvesters, hatcheries, and monster housing. While not the best choice, it is definitely a good one for your first outpost. It will give you enough time to properly set up added defenses against other players.

The Large Kit

As the image above shows, the perks rise along with the price. This kit gives good defense, extra towers, and an overall better defensive layout. While costly, it is definitely a viable choice, depending on your resources.

The Mega Kit

True to its name, this kit is large in both cost and protection. This is the ideal choice for veteran players. Its defenses are excellent, as are the extras. Gold walls are very hard to penetrate. It will take a seasoned player to take out this outpost. If you can afford it, this is the top of the line.

Controlling Several Outposts

You are not limited to just one extra outpost. Attack and take over as many as you like, but always be aware of both your resources and your enemies. It is a rookie mistake to dive in and try to claim as many outposts as fast as you can. You will quickly realize the error in your ways, as one after another, you find your outposts under attack without the resources to defend them.

For some final advice, start with one outpost. Spend time building up its defenses and resource production capabilities. Backyard Monsters is a very strategic game and poor choices will lead to much frustration. Once you feel you are ready, the next step is to test your skills against a player controlled opponent. Make friends, join clans and be careful who you attack. You may find several of their friends destroying all your outposts.