iPhone Game Review: Prepare to be Dazzled by Bejeweled 2

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Bejeweled 2 is one of the most popular personal computer games. Whether the game is played online of offline, this addictive matching game provides users with hours of endless fun. The application provides users with a flawless mobile rendition of the game.

Upon opening the Bejeweled 2 game on the iPhone or iPhone 3G the user will notice one significant difference between the two phones. The iPhone offers two gaming modes, Classic and Action. On the iPhone 3G, the application also includes an Endless mode for continued enjoyment as long as you can beat the clock and continuing making matches.

The surreal background images are HD quality and provide another element of entertainment for the already addictive game.

The Options menu provides the user with several choices for game customization including the ability to listen to your iPod music while playing and turning on or off the Auto-Hint function.

Unlike many of the iPhone and iPhone 3G games, Bejeweled 2 works flawlessly. The user simply needs to create jewel matches with either the slide of a finger or a tap of the fingertip. During hours of play I found very few pauses in action or delays in response. The application never shut down automatically as some iPhone applications tend to do.

When receiving a text message, the user has the ability to reply to the message or close the message. If the user replies, the Bejeweled 2 game is instantly saved and can be restarted from the point the user left game play.

Final Thoughts

The Bejeweled 2 game is one of the best applications out there. At the time of this review, the application, which is developed by Pop Cap, is $2.99. While many iPhone applications are free for full downloads, this premium price is well worth the smooth game play and awesome graphics.