The Nintendo 3DS: Top 5 Best Launch Games for the New Nintendo Handheld!

The Nintendo 3DS: Top 5 Best Launch Games for the New Nintendo Handheld!
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The Nintendo 3DS is a new nintendo handheld which is deemed to be one of the most innovating and revolutionary consoles of all time. Introducing full “glasses-free” autostereoscopic 3D, an analog stick, a tactile screen, online functionality and of course lots of quality Nintendo and third-party games, the future of the Nintendo 3DS looks very bright indeed

Lets see which are the Top 5 Best Launch Games for the Nintendo 3DS!

5. Pilotwings Resort

A remake of the classic “Pilotwings 64”, this game is a fun flight simulator in which you must control a variety of flying machines through a series of rings and obstacles. The premise is simple but the joy of effortlessly flying (with the new analog stick) in full 3D environments is priceless.

You can even grab a jetpack and go through giant balloons while you admire the “Wii Sports resort” island, which has been re-used for this game.

4. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

A portable version of the incredibly successful “Super Street Fighter IV” (for the PS3 and Xbox 360). It will feature the same vast array of fighters, special moves and addictive gameplay, but with 3D graphics and some “touchscreen features” which will surely make the game even better.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition also takes advantage of the new “automatic fight mode”: if you are playing a match near another Nintendo 3DS user, you will automatically be offered the option of fighting him to see who is better, leading to a new form of potential social interaction between total strangers. Another interesting feature related to this is an “achievement fight mode”, in which two close consoles will automatically “fight” and the one which has the most achievements wins!

3. Mario Kart 3D

The legendary kart-racing series is back! In this game you’ll compete in beautifully animated environments and fight your way to the first place with 3D bananas, red shells, lightning strikes, mushrooms and many more classic items.

Playing Mario kart is always fun and it’s the perfect game to play in short bursts while you wait for the bus for example.The game runs at a solid 60 frames-per-second rate and it’s already looking like of of the best games for the new Nintendo handheld.

2. Kid Icarus: Uprising

130710 kid-icarus-uprising

After almost 20 years, Kid Icarus is back. The game will play like a shooter/melee hybrid (probably like Devil May Cry), with ground based shooting but also aerial action, all backed up with a very intuitive and streamlined control.

The game is said to be very easy to pick up but hard to master, appealing to both “casual” and veteran players. It’s one of the games in which you will be able to see the 3D capabilities of the new Nintendo handheld in all its glory, featuring vast aerial environments and beautiful backgrounds.

1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D


For many people (including me) Zelda Ocarina of Time was, is, and always will be the best game of all time. Sure, the graphics from the original Nintendo 64 game haven’t aged well, but the feeling of playing Zelda OoT for the first time war almost mystical. After finishing this masterpiece the only thing you wanted to do was play it again to discover all the secrets: magic spells, extra swords (the Biggoron Sword!), strange items, ghostly entities (Poes)…

Well, now you’ll be able to play this game with the new Nintendo handheld, featuring glorious 3D graphics and many improvements compared to the original, including a touch-enabled menu, little tweaks to some temples (especially the infamous Water Temple) and maybe an extra-dungeon. Be prepared for the return of this masterful classic!