Guide to Playing Burger Shop 2 – How the Game Works, Scoring Points and Performance Ranking

About Burger Shop 2

Burger Shop 2 screenshot

In Burger Shop 2, you are a restaurant owner who has mysteriously lost his business. You wake up one day head first in a dumpster with a bump on your head. Upon returning to your restaurant, you find it in disarray, covered with weeds as if it had been abandoned for a long time. A strange man then sells you the restaurant building for a dollar. What happened here? You aren’t sure but are determined to rebuild your business and solve this mystery.

How to Play

Burger Shop 2 screenshot

Burger Shop 2 has a few restaurant locations. Each has a large number of levels to complete with a goal to earn a specific amount of money.

Inside your restaurant is a large conveyor belt. Prepared food items and empty plates/bowls/cups will appear here for you to use and distribute to customers. You will also have other machines to prepare drinks, soups, meats, French fries and other food items.

As customers arrive, you will see what they want in a thought bubble above their heads. For certain food items that are on the conveyor belt simply pick them up and place on a plate. Click on the plate and place it in front of the customer. Burgers don’t need a plate. They are put together with the appropriate ingredients and then given directly to customers by right clicking with your mouse.

For drink items, pick up a cup and place it on the appropriate drink dispensing machine. When ready, click on it and give it to your customer.

Other items require more preparation. Food stuffs like steak, chicken and vegetables will need to be placed into their corresponding cooking apparatus for cooking. Once complete, click on it and place it on a plate. Some items have two steps to prepare them. These are items with multiple ingredients. Follow the brief tutorial given at the start of your game round to learn the correct procedure.

Each level you play is considered a full day of work. When the round ends, you will receive a scorecard that lets you know how well you did. Performance level is determined with a number of stars. An average performance score will earn three stars. Four stars will give you an excellent rating while two and under is considered to be poor performance.

Burger Shop 2 Game – In Between Levels

Burger Shop 2 game

As you complete levels, your reputation improves and your personal ranking increases. Every time you level up, you have the opportunity to add a new item to the menu. There are also other items that can help improve game performance and customer patience.

Game Tips

  • Customers have different levels of patience. In the Burger Shop 2 game it is indicated on a mood bar that sits below the customer. You can use lollipops to increase happiness. Delivering part of their order also improves their patience.
  • Right click your mouse to deliver food and drinks faster.
  • Made a mistake with a customer order? Don’t worry about it. Food or drinks can be thrown out without any cost penalty.
  • Improve your customer food order deliveries by prepping certain items ahead of time. This applies to all items that use their own machine or stove.
  • When you add new items to your menu, try to select ones that do not require multiple steps to prepare. Ideally, you should add new flavors of drinks, soups and ice cream first. They have three types apiece and will just attach a new machine next to the other related food item.
  • Use the BurgerBot for customers that are impatient or have large food orders. To activate him you will need to accumulate some customer tips.
  • You can pause the game by using the space bar.

Burger Shop 2 game screenshot

Character Types

There are a lot of characters in the Burger Shop 2 game. Each has different food preferences and levels of patience.

The Dog Lover

  • This character will have a high level of patience if you give her dog a treat. Otherwise, her patience becomes low very quickly.

The Dude

  • This guy is a very patient customer who likes all types of foods. Make him wait when more impatient type customers are around.

The Mime

  • The Mime always copies the orders from the customer ahead of him. They have a high level of patience.

The Cowboy

  • The Cowboy likes a lot of meat in his meals. He will typically order double of any type of meat available. He is also a patient customer.

The Cowgirl

  • She likes cheese, milk and strawberries and has a high level of patience.

The Business Lady

  • Her food preferences are chicken, salmon, pasta and chocolate. Her level of patience is medium since she is so busy at work.


  • This character will always order a single item. He has an average level of patience.

Old Chap

  • The Old Chap will always request a menu. He likes any type of food and has a medium level of patience.