Walkthough for World 2: Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii

Walkthough for World 2: Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii
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World Two Overview

It’s time for a change of scenery. Donkey Kong has fought his way out of the jungle and has reached the beach, where sneaky crabs skitter, electric squid block your path, and a whale swims about looking for a place to play. Donkey Kong will also encounter a giant octopus intent on getting a meal, and extreme stormy weather that will push your abilities so far.

Level 2-1: Poppin' Planks

As you walk to the right, a crab will burrow up out of the ground. It is light orange in color. Light orange crabs can be defeated with a simple jump. A red crab must first be jumped on, and will then raise its claws, exposing its sides to roll attacks. Alternatively, after jumping on a red crab, you can pound the ground next to it to flip it over, and then jump on it. Pay attention to what color crab you’re facing throughout this world to avoid taking damage.

You’ll see a couple more crabs come out of the sand before you reach a small wooden pillar. Pound the pillar to make another pillar come out of the ground to your left. Jump up to the platform to your left using the new pillar, jump across to another platform, and finally jump off into the level’s first puzzle piece to collect it. Now keep going right.

Diddy Kong’s barrel will be just beyond the pillar area if you need him. Past the barrel, a crab walks back and forth over a small patch of ground with spikes on either side. You can bounce off of the crab to collect the letter K above, or jump up to it from the raised area to its right. Directly after the spiky area is a treasure chest, pound in front of it to release an extra life balloon.

The Wrecked Ship And The Helpful Whale

Pound the next pillar you see to reveal a blast barrel. Jump into it to be fired into the wrecked ship in the background. Inside the ship, defeat both red crabs to earn the second puzzle piece. Remember to jump on them first, then roll through them or pound and jump them. Pound the pillars to get two more hearts, if you need them, then climb up and exit through the blast barrel.

Level 2-1

Pound the next pillar to reveal a treasure chest, pound in front of it to find the third puzzle piece. Pound the next pillar to make another pillar come out of the ground to its right with a red crab on top of it. Avoid the crab and use the new pillar to climb over the wall, and pound the DK plate.

Pounding the DK plate will call the whale over. The whale will then spout many bananas over the plank boardwalk to your right. As you walk over the planks, waves will periodically sweep by knocking the planks into the air. If you are on a plank as a wave goes by, you will be tossed into the air, making it easier to collect more bananas. When you’re done, go to the end of the planks and wait for a wave to toss you up onto the platform above.

Crane Platforms

Level 2-1

You are now in a section where many cranes are moving platforms back and forth above water. Don’t fall in the water or you will lose a life. Wait until the platforms are the closest to each other and then jump between them. After this area you will see a small island, wait and watch the next crane system. A red crab will fall on the platform on the left, and its weight will be greater than the platform on the right, dropping it down. If you defeat the crab and jump off the platform, the two platforms will be at equal heights. There is a heart on the planks below you if you need it. Reach the platform on the right, stand on it for just a short while to lower it and raise the platform on the left, and quickly jump to the left platform and grab the letter O at its upper left.

Navigate over a few more cranes until you reach a large bundle of barrels. Pound on it to drop it into the water. It will float for a little while, taking you to an island on the right. There are a few flying Tikis to avoid on the way. On this island is the level checkpoint, and beyond the checkpoint is a treasure chest with the fourth puzzle piece. Pound the ground in front of the cannon to lower a piece of ship wreckage, and use the platform to climb inside, finding a bonus area. This bonus game requires you to shoot back and forth between two barrels to collect moving bananas and coins. Collect them all, and you win the last puzzle piece. Avoid the moving barrel in the center or you will automatically be shot off the screen, missing your chance to get the puzzle piece.


Level 2-1

Now you must jump across some broken ship pieces while avoiding hungry sharks that jump out of the water. They jump up and down in place, so wait for them to finish jumping before you pass overhead. On the second ship piece, wait for the water to raise it to its highest point and jump up to collect the letter N. Continue on over the ship pieces. You’ll reach land, and another area with loose planks. These ones have a few patches with spikes on the bottom. The waves will continue flipping them over, making those areas only safe half of the time. If you want to collect the bananas above the spiky planks, wait until the spikes are facing down, and move out of the way to some safe planks after the waves have tossed you up. There is a heart in the air over some safe planks if you need it.

At the end of the planks, let the waves toss you up onto the platform like before, and go over more platform-carrying crane systems. At one point a flying Tiki can be used to help you reach a platform that is further away than usual. Then you’ll jump across platforms while avoiding more sharks. The letter G will be on one of the platforms, making it very easy to collect. A floating ship piece you’ll come across has a few crates onboard, break them to get a heart. Three platforms after, you’ll reach the level end barrel. Jump into it, claim your reward, and you’re done!

Level 2-2: Sloppy Sands

Level 2-2

As soon as you start this level, you will probably be able to see that there is a puzzle piece behind a wall to your left. The wall has a white target painted on it. To break the wall down and get the puzzle piece, go right and pound on the pillar platform to make another platform appear that is just to its right. Jump on the orange crab and then jump up on the wooden structure where the barrel is, and pick it up (keep the B button held in). Carry it back to the wall on the left and throw the barrel into the wall, then walk inside and collect the first puzzle piece.

Continue to the right, and over the hill you will find a few more crabs and a round container that launches out small squid. You can jump on these squid to get rid of them, but if one runs into you, you lose a heart. Pound on the three-pillar platform to your right to sink it into the ground and raise another, revealing a heart, the second puzzle piece, and a banana bunch as it appears. Collect them, and then pound in front of the cannon below you to shoot a mast in the distance. It will fall forward with a treasure chest. If the crab happens to be beneath the mast as it falls, the crab will be defeated. The chest breaks open in four banana coins.

More Squid And Sand

Level 2-2

Now you will encounter more squid launching containers. Some containers will fire squid left or right, and if you watch when the plate on the front raises, you can tell which way they will fire from the direction the eyes inside the container are facing. You can jump off of most of the squid to reach safety, but beware of squid surrounded by electricity, because you cannot touch or jump on one without taking damage. Between the first two containers is a small plant that you can blow on to reveal the third puzzle piece. Avoid the squid heading towards you from the left and above you from the right. Between the last two containers is a treasure chest containing an extra life, but the container to the right will always fire electric squid to the left and normal squid to the right.

Beyond this area is a wooden platform with the fourth puzzle piece high above it, to reach it you have to wait for squid to launch from the containers to your right, and jump off of the top squid while it’s beneath the puzzle piece. Pound the three-pillar platform to your right into the ground to raise another platform, and climb over the squid launchers. Now you’ve reached this level’s first checkpoint.

The Path To The Secret Tower

Level 2-2

There is a DK barrel next to the first level checkpoint. The treasure chest on the platform to the right contains a banana bunch. Now, there are a few breaks in the walkway where sharks will jump up from the water. Jump across until you reach the second long wooden box, and break it open to reveal a treasure chest, and open the chest to make a blast barrel appear. The barrel will shoot you onto the island in the background. Roll into the tall pillar to make it collapse and the letter K will drop down for you to collect. Open the chest on the left for another barrel cannon to take you back. The next wooden box you see will have a heart inside.

After going across a long wooden platform, you’ll see a cannon lying on the ground below you. Go down and pound in front of the cannon to lower the platforms, and jump across to collect the fifth puzzle piece. When you go back to the right, the grass at the top of the cliff will give you a heart if you blow on it. When you find an area with the letter O surrounded by bananas, slip between the squid to collect the letter and reach the platform above by jumping off the squid. You’ll soon see the letter N up in the air after the platform ends, jump off a squid or roll off the platform and jump to collect it. Roll into the wall to your left under the platform to find a bonus area. Collect all the bananas and coins here before time runs out by bouncing up from the moving platform in the center of the room, and you win the sixth puzzle piece.

Entering And Climbing The Tower

Level 2-2

After leaving the bonus area and continuing the level, you’ll see the level’s second checkpoint, a DK barrel, and a DK plate. Pound the DK plate all the way down to unearth a tower in the background, and use the blast barrel above you to enter the tower. The treasure chest to your right contains a banana bunch. Jump up the platforms. As you climb this tower, you will see buckets being transported back and forth between openings in the wall. Wait for one of these buckets to appear, jump up to it and collect the heart as you travel to the left. Jump up and grab the grassy wall when you reach the left side. Climb up and cross over to the wall on your right. Wait for a break in the squid below, and quickly climb down and collect the letter G.

Go back up, avoiding more squid, and collect the heart. The treasure chest on the platform up here contains a banana coin. Wait for a bucket to come from the right, and jump on it as it goes to the left. As it reaches the wall on the left, another bucket will come out and go to the right. Jump up to it and reach the platform on the right. A few more platforms up, you will see another chest on the right, it contains another banana bunch. Climb up the grassy wall to your left and wait for the grass on the wheel to turn towards you, and use it to reach the grass on the right wall. Climb up and drop down onto the moving platform. Climb up the grassy wall on the left. The treasure chest on this platform contains a heart. Walk into the wall to the right of the chest to find the seventh puzzle piece. A few more jumps up some platforms and another bucket, and you’ll find a blast barrel. Jump inside it and wait for a chance to fire between the squid above you. Now you’ve reached the top of the tower! The only thing left to do is to finish the level by jumping into the barrel and claiming your bonus.

Levels 3 and 4 of world two are on the next page…

Level 2-3: Peaceful Pier

Level 2-3

This is the first level in which you will encounter the Rocket Barrel. After you begin the level, blow on the grass directly to your right, and the first puzzle piece will pop out. You will soon see a flaming Tiki walking down the pier towards you. If you want to defeat it, blow on it first to put out the flames, and then roll through it or jump it. On the next segment of the broken pier is a DK barrel. Jump into the barrel cannon to go to another lone platform. Jump into the next barrel cannon and you’ll be launched into the Rocket Barrel. Press the jump button (for your controller setup) repeatedly until the engine starts and the barrel starts flying to the right.

You will need to press the jump button in different ways depending on how you want to maneuver during your flight. Quick button presses can keep your barrel at a steady height, or keep you from descending too quickly. Holding in the jump button will lift the barrel higher in the air. You will always go forward at the same speed, and you can’t go faster or slower. In this level, one of your main obstacles will be the ocean beneath you, if you drop too low and run into it you will instantly lose a life.

Letters And Sharks

Level 2-3

Fly near the middle of the screen to collect an extra life balloon. Beyond it, in a straight line also along the middle, are bananas. After these bananas, you’ll fly through a large square of bananas. Travel along the path containing the banana bunches to get the most bananas. Next is a line of single bananas through the center of the screen, collect them all to reveal the second puzzle piece at the end of the banana line. Now follow the wavy line of bananas and you’ll collect the letter K along it. Then drop down near the ocean’s surface to collect another straight line of bananas.

Now you’ll see a shark poke his head above the water and jump into the air. You will not be able to run into it unless it’s falling back into the water, so be ready to fly towards the top of the screen after it jumps. There are also a few bananas at the top of the screen. As the shark is falling back into the water, drop down to the middle of the screen to start collecting a wavy line of bananas. You will fly over another shark, and as the shark falls back in the water you have a chance to drop down behind it and grab the letter O.

The Crab Pirate Ship

Level 2-3

Now, in the bottom section of the screen you’ll see a diamond shape of four bananas with a banana coin in the center. There are a few more of these ahead. In the background, you will see a pirate ship with crabs onboard. They will spot you and start heading your way. In the meantime, you will pass over the level checkpoint. Don’t worry about trying to land the rocket barrel on the island, because you’ll just lose a life. If you lose a life past this point, there will be a new rocket barrel next to the checkpoint for you to use.

The pirate ship will now pull alongside you and the crabs will start firing cannons at you. The explosions will always occur at the right side of the screen, but they will remain in the air for a while as you fly around them. Running into an explosion will cost you a life. The first explosion will be in the middle, followed by four alternating between the top and bottom of the screen. Then two will fire at nearly the same time at both the top and the bottom. Follow the long, wavy line of bananas and you’ll collect the letter N along the way. While you’re collecting the bananas and the letter N, the crabs won’t launch cannonballs at you, but there will be some rocks sticking out of the water making it necessary to stay higher than usual above the water. Watch out for more of those rocks later.

The End Of The Flight

Level 2-3

Now the crabs will launch a string of five cannonballs along the top of the screen, followed by five more along the bottom. There is a puzzle piece at the end of each set of five explosions. You’ll have to fly up quickly to grab the first and drop down quickly (without touching the water) to grab the second. Finally, the crabs launch one more salvo that can be avoided by flying through the center of the screen. Then the crabs go below deck and one returns with a large cannon. The crab will start aiming the cannon at you, and a red X on the screen will show you where the cannon is currently pointing. Stay near the bottom of the screen and wait until the X locks in place. After the X is locked, fly up and out of the way as an anchor is shot out of the cannon.

The ship will run aground, and you’ll soon see the letter G in the middle of the screen after a line of bananas. Then the rocket barrel’s engine will sputter and drop you safely on the ground next to the level end barrel. Before you finish the level, go over to the right and pound through the ground to find a bonus area. In this area, the barrel at the bottom will slide back and forth, locking in place whenever you launch up to collect some of the items. You can move back and forth a little while midair, but if you go too far you risk missing the barrel when you fall back down. Collect all of the items in the air to be awarded the fifth and final puzzle piece for this level. When you get back outside, jump into the level end barrel and you’re done.

Level 2-4: Cannon Cluster

Level 2-4

In this level, a fleet of ships fire a barrage of cannonballs at the shore. The puzzle pieces and KONG letters in some places are under heavy fire, and you’ll need to wait for your chance to jump in and grab them. When you reach the first pillar, pound it down to raise a pillar to its right with a banana bunch on top. Pound down the second pillar to raise the first and reveal the first puzzle piece, now sitting atop the first pillar. There are three crabs on the raised ground to your right, jump on all three to get a banana coin.

Once you reach the stretch of cracked ground, you will encounter your first cannon barrage on this level. The main threat is, of course, when the cannonballs hit the ground and explode, but you can only take damage if you are in the area of the explosion as it happens. If you jump before a cannonball hits the ground, you will usually be safe even if some flames remain when you land. Also, avoid jumping directly under a cannonball or it can hit you midair. There is a point at the highest part of your jump where cannonballs are still “in the background” and can’t hit you, however. Reach the end of the cracked area to find a DK barrel.

Electric Jellyfish

Level 2-4

There are electric jellyfish floating up and down in some of the gaps between the walkways. Avoid them completely and jump over them. After the first one is a red propeller plant that will give you the second puzzle piece if you blow on it. Jump over the next jellyfish. Now you will be standing on a low platform with a long gap to its right. A platform stretches over the gap, another platform is across the gap, and a flying Tiki floats back and forth under the letter K. Wait until the Tiki is directly under the letter K and jump high off of it to go through the letter K and land safely on the platform above.

Now you’ll encounter another barrage of cannonballs. Keep an eye on the incoming cannonballs and jump if you reach a spot where one will hit soon. The explosions can’t reach you mid air. At the end of the planks, blow on the patch of grass on the right for a heart, and the patch on the left for a coin. Jump up to the next wooden platform, and then jump down to the sand. Pound down the first pillar and one will rise on the wooden platform to your left. Climb onto the new pillar, and hover over to the right to get the third puzzle piece. If you don’t have Diddy Kong, roll off the pillar and jump midair to grab the puzzle piece. Pound the next pillar to raise another pillar next to a fan. This new pillar will have a red crab on it. Stand on the new pillar and blow on the fan to raise a platform out of the ground. Raise it all the way, and wait for it to sink down just enough for you to jump up to it and into the bonus barrel above it. Collect all of the items in this room before the time runs out, and you’ll get the fourth puzzle piece.

More Cannonball Troubles

Level 2-4

When you leave the bonus area, jump across the gap over another jellyfish. You’ll see more cannonballs pounding into the ground ahead. There is a wooden box on the sand, break it open to get the fifth puzzle piece. Since you have to pound the box multiple times, you may have to slip in and out more than once to avoid the cannonballs. On a shelf to the right you can see the letter O. Wait beneath the shelf (and pound the treasure chest there for a banana coin) for one of the cannonballs to hit the shelf, jump up and collect the letter O using the raised ground to the right, then quickly run to the right, jumping on the large wooden structure. The ground to the right has the level checkpoint. Grab the barrel to the right of the checkpoint and carry it back to the left, and throw it at the door on the wooden structure with the target marked on it. Jump inside to collect the sixth puzzle piece, and start heading right again.

Now you’ll have to jump across a few broken ship pieces, with electric jellyfish floating up between the gaps. Don’t pound the box on the second ship piece, there isn’t anything for you to collect inside it, and you have to use it to reach the letter N above and to its right. Wait for the ship piece to move up, and jump up to it, landing on the next ship piece. It’s also a good idea to wait for the jellyfish to be down and out of the way.

The Big Challenge

Level 2-4

When you jump off the last floating piece of debris and are on land again, you will have two more cannonball barrages to go through. There are no DK barrels along the way, but the first crate you find before the first barrage has a heart inside. Run carefully through the falling cannonballs ahead, and remember to jump over them as they hit the ground. Soon you’ll reach two crates stacked on each other. Jump off of them to reach the letter G in the air to the left, and then start pounding through the two crates. If you see a cannonball coming towards you, step to the side of it and jump up before it hits the ground, then continue pounding. Once the crates are broken, go right. You are safe from cannonballs for a short time.

When you see the barrel sitting at the top of a hill, don’t pick it up yet, this next part will be a little easier if you get the three red crabs to the right out of the way first. Jump on each of them and then roll through them. Now, go back and pick up the barrel. This next part will be tricky, and you will only be able collect the last puzzle piece if you successful. Walk to the right, while still holding the barrel, and dodge every cannonball until you reach the wall with the target marked on it. If you get hit by a cannonball or an explosion, the barrel will burst and you will have to restart from the level checkpoint if you want the barrel to appear again. Remember to jump up between the cannonballs as they reach the ground, and don’t go too fast or it’ll be harder to judge what to do next. If you make it safely to the end, throw the barrel into the wall with the target painted on it and go inside to find a bonus area. This bonus area is one of the easiest ones, just jump off the springy platform in the center to collect the randomly moving items above you. Do it before the time runs out, and you get the last puzzle piece. When you exit the bonus area, jump up on the structure you came out of, and jump into the level end barrel.

The walkthrough continues…

Level 2-5: Stormy Shore

Level 2-5

As the level begins, the sun shines brightly, with only slight winds hinting at bad weather ahead. Going right, there are a few crabs, pillars and a chest. When you reach the barrel, it seems that its only purpose might be to take out one of the two electric jellyfish ahead. When you reach the grassy wall on the right, jump and grab on. Climb up to where the letter K is and cross over by jumping while keeping the “hold” button held in. Jump over to the ledge on the right to break open the DK barrel if you need Diddy Kong, then continue your climb up the grass wall to your left. At the top are a few bananas and the first puzzle piece. Walk down the wall to the left to find three banana coins, but remember to hold on to the grass as you go down. Climb back up and continue to the right.

You’ll see a red crab walking over a trapdoor next to the spot you found the DK barrel. Avoid the crab and pound through the trap door to fall down next to the entrance of a bonus area. Go in. This area has many collectible scattered around many fixed platforms. Try to collect every one before time runs out to find the second puzzle piece. When you leave the bonus area, you can go to the left up over the hill if you want to collect a few bananas, but other than that there are no important items in that direction. There are a few electric jellyfish jumping up between gaps in the floor to the left. Once you’re ready to continue the level and go to the right, you’ll soon see the first level checkpoint.

The Octopus Appears

Level 2-5

The weather has gotten worse since you went inside this cavern, the sky is now overcast and the waves seem stronger than before. When you jump over the gap after the checkpoint, you can reach the letter O by hover-jumping or roll-jumping to the left. You’ll see a gigantic octopus in the background tearing a ship apart with its tentacles. It spots you and slides through the water to the right. You’ll have to jump across some more ship wreckage here. Be more careful jumping across these gaps, the waves move these makeshift platforms around quite a bit. When you reach the island, try to jump across the three small squid that fly towards you. If you jump across all three, you’ll get a banana coin and pass through a few bananas, and if you’re quick you can catch a life balloon before it flies off the screen. Diddy Kong’s jetpack can help make your jumps more precise.

Cross another piece of wreckage and jump into the blast barrel floating in the water. The waves also affect this barrel, so it will tilt back and forth, rising and falling with the waves. Wait until it is at the top of a wave, pointing straight up, and shoot out of the barrel to collect the third puzzle piece above. After landing back in the barrel, shoot when the barrel is tilted to the right, the height doesn’t matter as much here. At the top of the next platform you’ll find a DK barrel.

The winds and waves have gotten worse, and rain has started falling. The island here has three orange crabs on it, jump on all three of them in a row for another banana coin. Pound down the pillar to find the fourth puzzle piece. Now you’ll have to jump across more ship wreckage. After jumping on the second broken ship part, a huge tentacle will rise out of the water and crash down into the wreckage, destroying it. Make sure you have moved on, although it’s tempting to try and collect the bananas above you. On the next ship part, there are two platforms, one above the other. The letter N is on the top platform, you can reach it by jumping off the red crab or by jumping as everything drops down after a wave.

Slimy Tentacles

Level 2-5

The next piece of wreckage is also in danger of being crushed by a tentacle, followed by a safe piece, and finally another piece where a tentacle will hit if you stand too long. If you hurry, you can collect another extra life balloon before it goes too far up. Now you are on dry land again, with three more crabs that you can jump on for another coin. The patch of grass on the far left will give you a heart if you blow on it. Now you’re at the second level checkpoint.

Nearby is the entrance to a cave, but the octopus is still able to ambush you as you press on. You’ll have to cross a few gaps here with tentacles reaching up, wait until they are down before jumping and you’ll be fine. Climb slowly up the grassy wall to the right, and expect a tentacle to slide around and block your path. Jump to the other wall and climb slowly up again, waiting for another tentacle to do the same thing on that side. When it does, jump across again, climb above the tentacle on the opposite wall, cross over one last time, climb to the top of the wall and drop down next to the treasure chest. Ground pound in front of the treasure chest to find the fifth puzzle piece.

Jump across a few more gaps with tentacles in them and climb down the grassy walls slowly. Tentacles will slide around like they did before, so once again you’ll have to switch which wall you are climbing on several times. The area below has a few treasure chests with collectible items, but the main thing you’ll want to do here (after getting rid of two orange crabs and one red one) will be to grab the barrel to your left and hit the hanging bag with it. The bag will drop a chest, pound in front of it and a collection of bananas and coins will fly out.

The Chase Ends

Level 2-5

The octopus has become more determined than ever to catch you, and now you have one more gauntlet of tentacles to maneuver through. First, jump up and grab the grassy ceiling, and wait for the two tentacles to lower. Climb to the right and drop down to go under a tentacle that has slid around the ceiling. Another will slide around the floor just beyond the one on the ceiling, so jump up between them and grab the ceiling again. A tentacle will be reaching up through the gap in the floor, and afterwards the last tentacle will reach around the ceiling. There are a few gaps to jump across that have no tentacles reaching up, and then you’ll find a bobbing ship mast with grass along a beam above you. Grab onto the grass, and wait for the mast to be high above the tentacles before you cross. Now you’ll be at the third level checkpoint, and a red crab patrols in front of it.

We are almost done. Donkey Kong is now outside the cavern, and must jump across more ship wreckage, while small squid fly to the left. If you have Diddy with you, try to use his hovering ability to jump across all three squid to get a banana coin while collecting the letter G after the third squid, but if you don’t, it’s safer to avoid the first two and jump off the third to collect the letter. If you miss, you can go to the left and start over. If you jump off the third squid and miss the letter, going left until you reach the last tentacle area should make all three squid appear again. When you continue going right, jump over the electric jellyfish, and jump into the blast barrel. The octopus will now surface under the level end barrel, and start reaching his tentacles towards the blast barrel you are in. Shoot to go flying over the tentacles and into the level end barrel before the octopus grabs you.

Level 2-6: Blowhole Bound

Level 2-6

This is another level that requires a key to unlock. You can buy the key from Cranky Kong’s house in this world for 15 banana coins. Most of this level features a whale that will transport you across the water, but you’ll have to reach him first. Remember, if you fall in the water, you’ll instantly lose a life. After you start the level, you’ll see a DK barrel on the first small hill you reach. Ahead you’ll come across a few orange and red crabs and the letter K on a platform above. Further ahead you’ll see a heart. When you see half of a ship wedged between two rocks in the background, pound through the ground in front of it to drop through a trapdoor into a blast barrel. The barrel will launch you inside the ship piece in the distance, which happens to be a bonus area. This room has several moving platforms with bananas and coins above them. Collect all of the bananas and coins to receive this level’s first puzzle piece.

After you leave the bonus area, keep going right. At the top of a gentle slope, you’ll see one of those wooden containers that launch squid out the side. This one will only launch squid to the left. Jump over it and slide down the hill behind it. You’ll now be on a dock with two crates side by side in the center, and a Tiki on each end. Jump off the dock and land on the whale. There is an anchor stuck in the whale’s blowhole that is keeping it from moving. If you ground pound in front of the anchor, it will come loose and the whale will start swimming forward.

Whale Ride

Level 2-6

As the whale carries you across the water, you can shoot yourself into the air by pounding on the whale’s blowhole, which will shoot out a fountain of water. Soon you will see squid start to move across the screen from the right, you can jump consecutively along the first five to get three banana coins, but avoid the sixth squid because it’s surrounded by electricity. Two more squid will come from the left side of the screen and go right. At this point you can pound the whale’s blowhole when you are under the column of banana bunches to collect all three of them. If you climb up on the wooden platforms, you will find a heart on the third platform. The platform in the center has a crate that gives you a banana coin if you pound it open, but if the whale is getting too far ahead it might be better to skip the crate. A squid surrounded by electricity will enter the screen from the right and go across just above the whale while you’re on the platforms.

Jump down onto the whale’s back. An orange crab will jump out of the water and onto the whale’s back. Soon, a few more wooden platforms will be above you, jump up and follow them and you’ll find the letter O in the open air at the end. Collect it and land on the whale’s back. Two more orange crabs will jump onto the whale, get rid of them both while trying to collect as many bananas as you can from the floating banana rectangle. Next, you’ll need to jump over more electric squid that enter the screen from the right. Two will travel along the bottom of the screen one at a time, and afterwards a pair of stacked electric squid will appear.

Island of Extras

Level 2-6

Now you’ll see a few boards floating in the water. The whale is going to submerge soon, so jump off and follow the floating planks to an island. The last two gaps have electric jellyfish that jump up out of the water. You can stay on this island as long as you want, there’s no need to rush, the whale will wait for you at the other side. There are three groups of bowling-pin-shaped birds sitting on the island, if you’re able to roll through a full group without stopping in the middle, the birds will be knocked away and reveal a coin or banana bunch. It is a lot easier to roll through them if you have Diddy Kong with you. There are four treasure chests in this area with various collectible as well, and the chest on the far right contains an extra life balloon. In the middle of the island is a level checkpoint. Stand to the left of the level checkpoint, in front of the slightly faded palm tree, and pound the ground until it releases the second puzzle piece.

Continue going to the right. You’ll see a few Tikis patrolling a pier that extends from the island. At the end of the pier is a DK barrel. When you’re ready to press on, jump off the pier and back onto the whale. Now you’ll encounter a group of squid, most of them are surrounded by electricity, but two of them aren’t. Jump high off of these two to reach the third puzzle piece above you. Next, another orange crab will jump onto the whale’s back. Remember to pound on the blowhole to collect columns of bananas above you. The whale is going to submerge again, jump into the blast barrel before he does.

More Floating Junk

Level 2-6

You will have landed on another piece of ship wreckage. You’ll definitely need to move fast here, the whale will be (most likely unknowingly) scraping along the bottom of each piece of wreckage and making it sink. When you reach the end of the platforms, the whale will surface and you can jump back on. Run over to the blowhole and pound when you see the letter N directly above you, and you’ll be shot up to collect it.

The whale is submerging a third time. Jump into the blast barrel and you’ll land on more floating ship pieces. You’ll go through a combination of blast barrels and wreckage ahead, there is also a heart and the fourth puzzle piece above the platforms, but be careful not to get too far behind. Once you are back on the whale, you’ll encounter one last large rectangular area with all kinds of items above you. Crabs will periodically jump out of the water to try to interfere. Focus on collecting the fifth puzzle piece and the letter G when you see them, pounding on the whale’s blowhole will help you reach them quicker. Soon the whale will swim under the platform where the end level barrel is located. Jump up, hit the barrel and you’re done.

Keep reading to find out how to complete the final level and the second boss in the game…

Level 2-7: Tidal Terror

Level 2-7

Most of this level is extremely dangerous. The beach is being assaulted by huge waves, and if you’re out in the open when one passes, you’ll be washed away and lose a life. Any bananas, coins, or enemies that are out in the open when a wave passes will also be swept off the beach. Fortunately, there are plenty of rocks along the beach, and most are sturdy enough to provide shelter when a wave hits. As you start the level, pound in front of the treasure chest to receive the first puzzle piece. Wait for a wave to pass by you before leaving the safety of the rock behind you. When you reach the next rock, you’ll see a short and wide container in front of it. Pound continually and it’ll release bananas. Watch out for the red crab coming from the right, and avoid it while still staying behind the rock.

Next, you’ll see two rock pillars with a few bananas between them, and an orange crab near the left pillar. Even though you can reach the next rock if you hurry, it’s a good idea to stay behind the pillar on the right until the wave passes to have more time to get the letter K, which appears soon. The next rock will have a red and orange crab nearby. Between this rock and the next one, near the top of the screen, you’ll see the letter K. An orange crab will burrow up through the ground beneath it, jump high off of the crab to grab the letter and hurry to the next rock. This rock is weak, and will crumble when the wave passes it, but you will be safe. After a rock crumbles, you can no longer use it for shelter from the waves.

Searching For Shelter

Level 2-7

The next rock has a barrel in front of it, pick it up and throw it along the ground to the right to get rid of the red crab. Run over to the red button and pound it continuously to keep a rock raised behind you. After the wave passes, run to the right. Roll through the three orange crabs on the way, it will slow you down to jump on all three. When you reach the next large rock, jump over the hole and wait on the right side, where there’s more room. Wait again. Run to the next red button and pound it down continuously, jump over the two red crabs on the way.

Next you’ll enter a small cave. Jump up and grab the grass on the ceiling. Wait for the shark to drop back into the water and cross overhead. Drop down unto the small platform where the letter O is to collect it, and wait behind the wall for a wave to go by before venturing out. You’ll encounter a gap and an orange crab before reaching a large piece of wooden wreckage that you can take shelter behind. It will move as water hits it, but it won’t be swept away.

Run quickly to the right side of the wooden wall to grab an extra life balloon before it floats away. Now, go back and pound the wooden post on the left to bring up another post on the right, also revealing the second puzzle piece. Pound through the trap door between these two posts, and you’ll drop into a bonus area. In this area, collect all of the items before the timer runs out by shooting between four rotating barrels. Although time is limited, don’t rush, there is still plenty of time to be cautious. After you collect all the items, the third puzzle piece will appear in the center of the four barrels.

More Wave Dodging

Level 2-7

When you leave the bonus area, you’ll be back in front of the first wooden wall. An orange crab will be walking towards you. There’s a small gap between this wall and another. There’s a barrel at the second wall you can use on a crab to your right, and a treasure chest with a banana coin inside. When it’s safe to leave, go right and pass the level checkpoint. Now you’ll be in another cave, jump up and grab the grassy ceiling again, and pass over the first shark. There will be a banana coin below you if you want it. Climb across above another shark and drop down in front of a treasure chest. The fourth puzzle piece will be inside.

Climb over three sharks and drop down to where the banana bunch sits on a small platform, and you’ll see the letter N floating out over empty space to your right. Roll off your platform and jump mid-air when you reach the letter N and land on the platform to the right. There is a DK barrel here. Jump across two gaps and you’ll reach a very small overhang with grass above and a red crab below. Jump on the crab, pound next to it to flip it over and then jump it again instead of rolling through it, due to the smaller area of safety in this spot. Pound in front of the container here for more bananas and the fifth puzzle piece.

Dangerous Home Stretch

Level 2-7

Jump across two more gaps, and soon you’ll see two very short rocks with two orange crabs nearby. Make your first priority getting rid of the crabs as fast as you can, then sit squarely in front of the second short rock and duck. To the right you’ll see a red crab near a red button being swept off the shore by a wave. When the wave has passed, run or roll to the right as fast as you can. On the way you’ll pass an orange crab, a small gap, and another orange crab. Stop behind the medium-sized cracked rock. After a wave passes and crumbles the rock, run or roll to the right quickly again, past two more orange crabs. Now you’ll be behind a very large wooden wall.

Although this wall provides shelter from the waves, stay away from the open windows, if you’re in front of the open area of a window a wave can still wash you away. The area beneath windows is still safe. Climb over the first squid launching container and pick up the barrel behind it. Jump high off one of the squid heading your way and into the hanging bag above you, while still holding the barrel, to break the bag open and drop a few collectibles. Jump off another squid to reach the letter G, or reach it by jumping off the squid containers to the right of it. Climb over the three squid launching containers to the right, drop down, and pound in front of the large treasure chest to find the level end barrel.

Level 2-B Pinchin' Pirates

Level 2-B

This is the second boss fight level in the game. You must fight three crabs that are larger than the ones you’ve faced in this world. Most of the tactics you used on crabs before will work here. At the beginning of the level, you start on a pier. To your right is a DK barrel, don’t forget it, Diddy Kong’s jetpack hovering ability is always useful in boss fights.

Keep going right and you’ll eventually find a small island with three crab pirates laying in the sun and snacking on bananas. Three Tikis jump out from behind a tree and hypnotize the pirates. After being taken over by the Tikis, the crabs threaten to attack, and burrow underground.

The Crab Crew

Level 2-B

The layout of this battle arena is almost as simple as the previous one. The ground beneath you is flat, and on either side there is a platform sticking out from the wall. Stay down on the ground for now. The yellow crab will burrow up out of the ground and walk towards you, with its claws held at its sides. You can roll through it right now, so jump on it and bounce to the side. The crab will stop and raise its claws above its head. Pound next to the crab to flip it over, and jump on it again. The crab will burrow back underground after receiving a hit.

After you jump on a crab the first time, it’s safe to roll into it from the side, but most of the time the crab will land back on its feet instead of flipping over. Sometimes rolling into a boss crab while its pinchers are raised will give you an item like a banana or a heart.

The Battle Continues

Level 2-B

After dealing the first hit to the yellow crab, the blue one will surface. Fight this one the same way, jump, pound next to it, and jump again. Finally, the red crab will surface, and will be easily beatable in the same manner. Once all three crabs have been dealt one hit, they will rise out of the ground stacked on each other.

In this form, the crabs are almost too tall to jump on top of from the ground, but it’s not necessary to jump on them because it will only make the top crab raise its claws for a second. Wait for the crabs to raise their claws up by themselves, and then roll into the stack. If the crabs are closing in on you, jump up to one of the platforms and jump to the other side of the crabs. After you roll into them while their claws are raised, the crabs will separate and land upside down in the sand. Jump on all three quickly or they’ll burrow underground and you’ll have to start this part of the battle over again.

The Last Round

Level 2-B

Now you’ll have to go through the same fighting patterns as before, but the crabs will be moving faster. When you’re fighting the crabs one-on-one, they seem to take just as long as before to recover when you stun them. Once the crabs are stacked on each other again, watch the rhythm in which they raise and lower their claws for a while. Use the platforms to jump over them as they get close to you. When you know they are about to raise their claws, start moving towards them and prepare to roll.

The pirate crabs will once again land upside down in the sand. Quickly jump on all three before they recover. The dramatically fall into a pile, and the three Tikis will appear above them, stunned. Jump into them with Donkey Kong and start shaking the controllers when the screen prompts you to, and you’ll score extra hits on the Tikis that can unlock more extras in the gallery. Congratulations, you just finished World Two!

All screenshots and references from Donkey Kong Country Returns.