Level 5-3, Flutter Flyaway – Donkey Kong Country Wii Walkthrough

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This is the 32nd article in the new Donkey Kong Country Wii game walkthrough series.

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Level 5-3: Flutter Flyaway

Level 5-3

Go to the right, and jump on the hovering platform. It looks like a flying Tiki with a few logs tied over the top of it. There is a DK barrel on the platform, make sure you use it to ensure you have Diddy Kong with you throughout this level. Jump along a few of these platforms until you reach the spider hanging down. Do a high jump off the spider (and hover if necessary) to reach the letter K, then jump across a few more platforms until you reach two platforms moving around in a figure-eight pattern. When they get to the top of their movement pattern, jump up and to the left (once again, hovering can help if you have Diddy Kong) to grab the first puzzle piece.

Cross more platforms until you reach some blast barrels. They will fire you to an area where you will bounce down through curled vines and land in front of the first level checkpoint. There’s another DK barrel right after the first level checkpoint, with carnivorous plants jumping up on either side of it. You can see the letter O in the air above you to the right, stand under it and wait for a spider to reach you, and then jump high off of the spider to grab the letter. The small yellow plant here will give you a heart if you pound in front of it. Keep walking down this branch and you’ll see a few more spiders crawling towards you, and finally some more hovering platforms moving around in circles.

Time Your Jumps Carefully

Level 5-3

After jumping on the first platform, wait for your platform and the next to be near the bottom of their orbits, and jump to the next. Immediately duck to avoid hitting the spikes above you. After the second platform is down and clear of the spikes, jump across the mushroom ahead of you. Make a large jump off that first mushroom and grab onto the grassy circle above you. Climb to the top, and jump over to the second circle where the second puzzle piece is. Drop down to the right of the second grassy circle. Don’t worry about where you land, just stay to the right and you’ll land safely. You should find yourself in a low area with circling platforms above you. Go to the right, up against the wall, and pound the ground to find a trap door that takes you to a bonus area with the third puzzle piece.

When you leave the bonus area, you will be put back on top of the trap door. Walk back to the left and use the mushroom to reach a flying platform. From here you can make a big roll jump to the right to reach the high ground, or you can jump onto one of the moving platforms to your right. After you reach the high ground (for reference, there is a yellow plant on it with a banana coin inside), you’ll see a medium sized flying platform follow by three small platforms orbiting the fourth puzzle piece. You can drop down through the puzzle piece and land on a platform below, or you can jump up from below to collect it and then land back on the same platform or another platform that comes around beneath you. However you choose to collect it, Diddy Kong’s jetpack is a huge help here.

Look Before You Leap

Level 5-3

After collecting the fourth puzzle piece, you’ll use a mushroom to bounce over to another set of three circling platforms. This time, they are circling the letter N. Use your favorite method from before to collect it. Cross over another mushroom and another single floating platform and you’ll end up on another branch, with a Tiki watching towards you. Collect all of the bananas over the mushroom to your right (they are going in circles) and the fifth puzzle piece will appear above you.

Walk down the branch to the right and roll off the edge to go under the barrel, then jump up through the sixth puzzle piece to collect it and land in the second barrel. You will be shot into the distance and bounce off of a tree, knocking it down. You will land on another branch, and the second level checkpoint will be in front of you. There is a DK barrel just past the checkpoint. Jump on one of the four moving platforms and duck, there are a few spiders hanging down that you need to go under. They go in a slanted figure-eight pattern. When you get to the right, jump to the next set of platforms, this set also goes in a slanted figure-eight pattern. Duck to avoid hitting the spikes above you, and then jump to the mushroom when you are clear of them.

Bouncing and Hovering to the End

Level 5-3

You should be on the mushroom now. To your right are two medium-sized platforms, they are moving around in a vertical figure-eight pattern, and above them there’s a spider hanging down. Jump to one of the platforms and wait for it to reach the top, and jump high off the spider to reach the seventh and last puzzle piece before landing back on one of the hovering platforms. Go to the bottom and jump off onto the mushroom. Don’t jump straight up here or you’ll hit the spikes above you. Just let yourself bounce until the next platforms come by.

On the next set of platforms you’ll see the letter G. Try to reach that platform. If you land on another platform, you can still reach the letter G pretty easily because the platforms are close together. Jump up to the mushrooms and jump across them while avoiding the lone spider hanging down. Jump across the next hovering platforms (duck under the spikes above the second one) and you’ll reach one final mushroom. From here you can see the level end barrel. The barrel has three platforms orbiting it, use one to reach it and claim your prize for finishing the level.

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All screenshots and references from Donkey Kong Country Returns.