Nintendo Video Games Walkthrough for Donkey Kong Country Returns, Level 4-B The Mole Train

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Level 4-B: The Mole Train

Level 4-B

Break open the DK barrel if you don’t have Diddy Kong. Besides the fact that he effectively gives you more health, his hovering ability can save you from falling off the train during the fight. You’ll see this train in a little video after you go right; the moles are packing bananas into its carts when a Tiki suddenly hypnotizes the mole in charge. The moles jump in the carts and the train takes off down the track, leaving one cart behind. The Kongs jump in the cart and the boss battle begins.

This fight is in several stages. At first, you will be on the left side of the screen in a mine cart, while the mining train is pulling four carts at the ride side of the screen. Be very careful not to move too far left or right on your cart, you are not riding inside it. Since it is full of bananas, you are actually walking on top. A mole will pop up out of the last cart behind the train and will start throwing pickaxes at you. The pickaxes will only be thrown at two levels, above you or at you. Jump over the ones thrown at you just before they reach you (If you jump too soon you can hover until it’s safe) and duck under the ones thrown over you. If you need another heart, be on the lookout for hearts in cages over the track, and jump up to collect them.

Dangerous Carts

Level 4-B

The track will go down a slope and the pickaxes will keep coming. The strategy is still the same. Try to only jump and duck if you have to move, you might get into trouble moving left or right. A little while after the track levels out, the train will uncouple the carts and your cart will move up to make a five-cart platform you can walk on freely.

Now you’ll start seeing the bananas shifting around in some of the carts. If you see the bananas move in the cart you are on, move to another cart. A mole will pop its head out after shifting the bananas, and if you are above a mole as it pops out, you’ll lose a heart. The moles will stay up for a little while, jump on them and they’ll go back in the cart. Remember, avoid moles as they are popping out, but jump on them afterwards while they are out. Some will drop hearts after you jump on them. If you aren’t able to jump on enough moles in time, another mine train will come up behind you and start destroying the carts it runs into, one at a time. You can still get the rest of the moles at this point.

More Mole Fights

Level 4-B

After you’ve jumped on enough moles, the wheels on four of the carts will start flashing with blue electricity. Get over to the cart with normal wheels, and the other four will fall off the track. The mining train will appear on the right side of the screen again with four new carts, and a mole will start throwing pickaxes at you faster than before.

The strategy will be the same, jump over the pickaxes thrown at you, duck under the ones thrown above you. The one thing that will be different is that the mole will sometimes throw a bomb over to your cart, pick it up and throw it somewhere. You’ll go down another hill, then encounter another sequence where you’ll have to jump on the moles after they pop up out of the carts. Finally, go through the entire ordeal one last time, pickaxes will be thrown faster, moles will pop up and down even faster, and you’ll hit a few dark spots in the tunnel that make everything more challenging than before. You’re not done yet, though, you still have a showdown with Mole Miner Max.

The Miner Showdown

Level 4-B

After the carts fall off the track like they did both times before, the remaining cart will catch up to the mining train (and its four attached carts) and Mole Miner Max will jump off into the carts. The bananas will start shifting around in some of the carts, but Max will only come out of one of the carts. Stay clear of all of the moving bananas until Max pops up.

After he pops up, he will throw a pickaxe towards you. If you are really close, he may just swing it at you instead of throwing it. Jump to avoid the pickaxe and then jump on top of him to deal damage. After you jump on him four times, Max will be knocked out and the train will come to a screeching halt at the edge of the track. Since you defeated Max, the Tiki that was controlling him is now vulnerable – Run up and punch the Tiki to finish the job!

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