Donkey Kong for Wii Walkthrough - Level 5-2, Clingy Swingy

Donkey Kong for Wii Walkthrough - Level 5-2, Clingy Swingy
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This is the 31st article in the new Donkey Kong for Wii game walkthrough series.

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Level 5-2: Clingy Swingy

Walk down the small slope to your right and you’ll find a DK barrel at the end. Diddy Kong can be really helpful in reaching some places in this level. Jump to the little platform and then jump up and cling to the grass on the hanging object above you. This object, along with many others in this level, will tilt down on the side you are hanging from. There is a line of spiky Tikis beneath you, watch them for a few seconds to get a feel for how they move, and then climb over them as soon as they start rotating out of the way. Jump off the hanging grassy object and land on the hanging platform with the blue Toothberry on it. There are a few of these wooden platforms here, they are hanging from ropes and will tilt down if you stand on one end. If you need to stand still for a while on one, try making small jumps in place to prevent yourself from sliding off.

Above the second platform is a plant that shoots out little yellow balls. Watch for the safe zones (like the area just to the left or right of the ball that goes straight down) and stay there until the projectiles have passed, then keep going right. The third hanging platform has two Toothberries on it. Now you’ll find another hanging object with grass on it, it looks a little like a giant acorn. Grab on to the left side and climb down around to the right. Another grassy object to the right has a snake that crawls quickly around it counterclockwise. Since the bottom part of the object has no grass to cling to, wait until the snake passes and jump to the top part, and then quickly get to the next hanging object that looks like another acorn. From there, you’ll see a hanging object that looks like a quarter of a circle. As soon as you cling to it, one of the ropes holding it will break and you will go swinging with it. Climb down to the center of the grass and you’ll collect the letter K, as well as some bananas, as it swings.

Level 5-2

Now you’ll have to make your way across a few more hanging platforms that tilt when you stand on them. There is a DK barrel on a small ledge after the first hanging platform, if you need it. You’ll see a few bats here, they will fly slowly to the left, each at a different height. There is another plant above you that fires out yellow projectiles, again, try to stay in a safe spot until they are out of the way, and then keep going. When you reach the platform that has grass on the bottom, try to wait for a bat to reach the left side and jump high off the bat to reach the top of the platform. Pound in front of the yellow plant to find the first puzzle piece.

The next area is similar to the platform area you just went through, wait for the plant’s projectiles to disappear and avoid the bats. The yellow plant on the ledge contains a heart. Once you are past this area, you’ll be at the first level checkpoint. Soon you’ll see another plant firing off the yellow projectiles, but this one is below you, and you can jump on it to get rid of it when you see an opening. When you reach the little platform with the DK barrel, try to jump high off one of the bats to go up between the platforms above you and land on the one to the left. If you miss the platform, go back to the left a little ways and come back, the bats should be there for you to try again.

The Forest is full of Things to Swing on

Level 5-2

Wait for the rotating Tikis to move out of the way and roll past them. Jump into the blast barrel to be taken to a bonus area. Collect everything in this room in time, and you’ll get the second puzzle piece. After leaving the bonus area, keep going right, grabbing onto the bottoms of the grassy platforms and dodging the plants that fire their seeds. When you reach the huge grassy object, climb around and pound in front of the yellow plant on its right side to find the third puzzle piece.

Jump over to the circle-shaped object and wait as it swings to the right. When it reaches the height of its swing to the right, jump up to the circle-shaped object above you and finally to the hanging platform above that. There’s another grass covered object to cross to your right, but there is another line of rotating Tikis beneath it. Wait for them to move out of the way and cross over to the next platform, which has three Toothberries on it. Jump over to the next grassy object while the Tikis above you are out of the way. Jump to another acorn-shaped object, and watch for the letter O to go below you as you swing. Try to drop off onto the platform it’s on as you pass it, then grab the swinging object when it goes by again. On a platform to the right, you’ll find the second level checkpoint.

Getting Close

Level 5-2

Soon you’ll be in another area with hanging platforms, bats, and one of those plants that launch their seeds out at you. As you go through this area, make sure you get the DK barrel if you need it. It’s on a ledge above the second platform. Next you’ll see a huge object that looks like a bunch of logs tied together, grab onto the side and try to jump up to the top as it swings to the left. You’ll find the fourth puzzle piece up there, and the screen will zoom out. Jump off the swinging bundle of logs and land on the yellow ledge far below you, where you can reach the letter N. When the swinging logs come by again, try to grab on to the right side, and then jump off from there to the next hanging platform. The yellow plant on the second hanging platform has a heart.

Next, you’ll see a bunch of circle-shaped objects with grass on some of their surfaces. Snakes also slither around them. There’s nothing too important here, just make your way from circle to circle while avoiding the snakes. Cling to the bottom of the next hanging platform, and drop down to the ledge to get the letter G. Finally, the fifth and last puzzle piece is on the bottom of a grassy circle just ahead, but there are two snakes going around the circle clockwise. Follow them around and you should get it safely, or you can jump on them when they reach the top of the circle. After another hanging platform with some Toothberries, jump and cling to the triangle-shaped log and it will swing you to the level end barrel.

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All screenshots and references from Donkey Kong Country Returns.