Nintendo Wii Games Published Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough – Level 4-5 Crowded Cavern

Welcome to Part 28!

This is the 28th article in the Donkey Kong Country Returns walkthrough series. This is one of the latest Nintendo Wii games published, and it’s been a lot of fun to go through and find all the collectibles so far.

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Level 4-5: Crowded Cavern

Level 4-5

There’s nothing important to the left after you start, so make your way to the right. You’ll see a long wooden platform over a large hole. This platform is pretty unstable, and as soon as you get near the center of it, it will tremble and fall apart. Instead of falling down with the collapsing platform, jump back to the left as soon as you see the planks shaking and the first puzzle piece will fall down between the two wooden structures. Now you can jump down the hole to the right.

After a long fall, you’ll land at the bottom of the pit. If you were fast enough, you’ll probably see a few bananas scattered around at the bottom. If you take too long to collect the puzzle piece and jump down, they will probably disappear. Next, go into the wall on the left to find a bonus area. Bounce up off the moving platform to collect all of the items rotating around the center of the screen and you’ll get the second puzzle piece.

The Bats Attack!

Level 4-5

After leaving the bonus area, go right and you’ll find an area where many bats are sleeping in the background and foreground. Walk a little further and you’ll find a rocket barrel sitting in front of a massive bat. Jump in the barrel and press the jump button a few times quickly to start its engine. The bats will wake up and start chasing you for disturbing their sleep.

As you travel forward, a few smaller purple bats will fly to the right side of the screen and fly straight across. Fly low for the first one and high for the next two. After that, you’ll see a group of two bats near the top of the screen, dive below them then pull up as another pair of bats goes across the bottom of the screen. Finally, a lone bat will go along the top of the screen, followed by a single bat going along the bottom. Weave in and out of them again and soon you’ll reach an area with a waterfall in the background.

Giant Bat Chase

Level 4-5

As you fly in front of the waterfall, try to follow the wavy line of bananas to get closer to an extra life. At the end of the waterfall area, the monstrous bat will start flying behind you. It can’t reach you, though, so just collect the letter K and then pull up so you don’t hit the stone spikes that are sticking up beyond it. Next, you’ll fly through a cavern with a waterfall in the background and many more bananas in a long group. Try to collect as many as you can, but watch for the third puzzle piece that will be at the top of the group of bananas, and the letter O that will be near the very end at the bottom. Right after this area, you’ll pass by this level’s first level checkpoint.

After passing the checkpoint, fly above the stone spike and watch the blue bat near the bottom of the screen. Every time you see one of these blue bats, plan on flying through the space it occupies when you first see it, because it will start flying to the top or bottom of the screen after a second. This will leave a safe path for you to follow. As you fly through the blue bats, some more purple bats will fly across the screen from the right now and then. Weave up and down through them until you reach an area with wooden planks along the ground.

One Determined Bat

Level 4-5

The planks ahead of you will start denting outwards from the large bat pushing on them from below. Fly near the ceiling and you’ll be able to avoid it as it breaks through and reaches up. Drop down immediately after and you can collect the fourth puzzle piece. Now there are planks along the ceiling above you, and the same thing will happen, stay near the floor and the bat will burst out from the ceiling, without reaching you. After you pass the bat, fly up quickly to grab the letter N. Weave in and out of some stone spikes, and the giant bat will start chasing you from behind again. Once again, the bat can’t reach you, so don’t worry about it just yet, focus on avoiding the rocks you’ll fly through to exit this area. Once you are in the next area, there are lots of bananas to collect! Fly through as many as you can and then pass the second level checkpoint.

Almost done. First, fly over a stone spike sticking up from the ground, and stay high to avoid a crane arm that will stick out into the middle of the screen. Then drop down a little to go under a stone spike hanging from the ceiling. The giant bat will then start chasing you one final time. It can’t reach you physically, but in an amazing twist of nature it will start launching things that look like lasers (maybe they are sound waves) at you from its mouth. It will fly up and down to track your movements, but it will launch one of these projectiles every second or so, regardless of whether or not you are actually in front of it. The fifth puzzle piece and the letter G are ahead of you, so a trick to making this part easier is to stay near the middle at first until the bat launches its first projectile, then fly up, second projectile is fired, then drop down for the puzzle piece. Continue to fly up and down through the gaps in the projectiles and try to grab the letter G when it passes below you. Finally, the bat will launch one large beam in the middle of the screen, stay above it and the bat will soon crash land, knocking itself out. The level end barrel is right there, jump in and claim your reward!

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