Nintendo Wii Game Walkthrough for Donkey Kong Country Returns - Level 5-1, Vine Valley

Nintendo Wii Game Walkthrough for Donkey Kong Country Returns - Level 5-1, Vine Valley
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Welcome to Part 30!

This is the 30th article in the Donkey Kong Country for Nintendo Wii game walkthrough series.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii: World Four Overview

You will now leave the cave area you’ve been in for a while, and enter a world of thick forests and vines. You’ll be doing a lot of climbing and swinging in these levels. Some common enemies you’ll encounter will be spiders and carnivourous plants.

Level 5-1: Vine Valley

At the start of the level, you can find the first puzzle piece just to your left. Go in the wall to your left and jump up to collect it. Next, go to the right and jump up the three mushrooms to reach a blast barrel, and jump in. You’ll be shot up through a series of barrels, timing your shots each time. There are flying Tikis between the barrels, wait until they are out of your way and then launch up to the next barrel. At the top, you’ll see a forest around you, and the path ahead of you is made up of branches. After jumping over a carnivorous plant, jump up to the ledge and break open the DK barrel to get Diddy Kong (if you need him). Jump over two more plants as they try to reach up and grab you.

When you reach the vines, jump to the first one and press and hold the Z or B button to grab on, just like you would do to grab onto a grassy surface. After the vine swings all the way to the right, jump to the next vine, but keep the Z or B button held in. After the second vine, you’ll probably be up on a ledge, but before moving on, drop down to the area below you and go in the wall on the right to find a bonus area. Collect all the items in the time limit and you’ll get the second puzzle piece. When you leave the bonus area, swing across this area again using the vines to reach the ledge you were at before you dropped down. The first level checkpoint is right in front of you.

Swinging Practice

Level 5-1

Drop down to a slightly lower area to the right, and wait near the edge for the vine to get close. Jump out and grab it. Climb near the top, and you have a good chance to get an extra life by jumping to a small vine near the top of the screen. The next vine you have to jump to is long, and it takes about twice as long to swing as the small vine does, so you may have to wait on the small vine until the longer vine is within reach. The next vine is medium sized, but still swings twice as fast as the long vine. Finally, there is one last long vine. You may have to wait on the medium vine for the long vine to reach you. As you jump off the last vine to reach the ledge, you’ll collect the letter K.

There is a DK barrel here on this ledge if you need it. There are two small Tikis and a large Tiki here, jump on all of them consecutively and you can get three more banana coins. Pound in front of the large yellow plant to get a heart. To the right, you’ll see a long, fast swinging vine with a trail of bananas beneath it. Instead of grabbing the vine, jump into the patch of foliage (it’s directly beneath the third banana from the left) to reveal a blast barrel that takes you back to the ledge you were on, and giving you the third puzzle piece on the way. Go back to the edge and wait for the vine to return. When you grab onto it, press down and slide all the way to bottom of the vine to collect the bananas as you swing. Don’t worry, you can’t drop off a vine by going down too far.

Beware of Plants

Level 5-1

Ahead of you, you’ll see a vine swinging over a low area where two Tikis are patrolling. There is a small yellow plant to their right you can pound to get the fourth puzzle piece. If you grab onto this vine, the branches above you will part and reveal a plant with a large mouth. This plant (and others like it during this level) will start drawing the vine up into its mouth slowly as long as you are clinging to the vine. After you jump off, the plant will lower the vine again. Now, use that vine to reach the ledge above you. There is a Tiki on that ledge, and another Tiki on a slightly lower ledge to the right. Jump off and grab onto the large grass covered oval structure and go around it counterclockwise until you reach the top. There are some spiky spinning creatures going around this object counterclockwise as well, and going the same direction will be safer. Once at the top, roll-jump or hover jump to a slightly hidden vine at the top of the screen to the left, climb up it and you’ll enter a bonus area. Collect everything in the time limit, and you’ll be awarded the fifth puzzle piece.

When you leave the bonus area, you’ll be back on the ledge to the left of the grassy oval structure. Jump back to the oval, and go counterclockwise around it to the other side. There is a vine here with a giant plant at the top, use the vine to quickly jump across to another grassy oval. There are spiky spinning creatures on this oval too, but they’re going clockwise, so follow them to the other side. Repeat this one more time, there is another vine, jump to it and quickly jump to the next grassy oval before the plant pulls you up. The spinning things are going around this oval counterclockwise, follow them around and get the letter O at the top, then jump to the right and pass the second level checkpoint.

Almost Done

Level 5-1

After the second checkpoint, grab onto the next vine and slide all the way to the bottom. Make sure you collect every banana below the vine as you swing. Jump to the next vine and slide down, once again making sure to collect every banana. After you collect the last banana on the second vine, the sixth puzzle piece will appear near the middle of the second vine, climb up and you’ll swing through it. There are a few more vines to grab before you get back to a ledge, but make sure you climb a little high on the third vine so you can collect the letter N as you jump. The plants below you won’t bother you too much. On the next ledge is a DK barrel. Now you’ll have more vines to jump across, and each of them will have a large-mouthed plant at the top pulling the vine up while you are below them, so try to move quickly. When you reach the fourth vine, climb a little high (but avoid the plant) and you can jump out to the next vine while collecting the letter G.

Now, jump off the last vine to a slanted ledge with Tikis walking down it. Try to jump on all five of them (the ability to hove is a big help) and you’ll get three shiny banana coins if you succeed. Now for a really big vine, it may take a while to swing back your way if you miss it, but wait for it to come back and then jump and grab it. Slide to the bottom and collect as many bananas as you can. When it reaches the height of its swing to the right, jump to the next vine and collect even more bananas. Then jump off onto the ledge. Blow on all three propeller plants and collect their bananas to make the seventh and last puzzle piece appear. You’re done here, so jump into the level end barrel and claim your bonus!

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