Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii: Game Guide, Walkthrough, Collectibles & Hints

Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii: Game Guide, Walkthrough, Collectibles & Hints
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Donkey Kong Country Returns is a side scrolling platform game for the Ninendo Wii system that continues the popular Donkey Kong Country series, with improved graphics and over 70 new levels (including the mirror challenge mode) to challenge both veterans of the series and newcomers alike. New features such as a more cooperative multiplayer mode, ground reshaping DK plates and a “blowing” action help open further options when progressing through levels. 3D character models and background/foreground interaction also add more dimension to the game.

New Controls

Some of the control features are:

  • Continuous ground pounding as long as the remote is being shaken
  • A blowing action activated by pressing down and shaking the remote
  • Rolling by shaking the remote while running
  • Hovering for a few seconds with Diddy Kong (second player only) by holding in the jump button after a jump
  • A two player multiplayer mode where one player controls Donkey Kong and the other controls Diddy Kong.
  • Diddy can ride Donkey’s back to share his jetpack ability, and to allow a fast-rolling move when the controller is shaken.

The Plot

Instead of the usual crocodile antagonists of the Donkey Kong Country series, this time small wooden Tikis have stolen Donkey’s banana hoard and are convincing the islands animals to help slow you down as you give pursuit.

Game Progression


The game is separated into worlds, which each contain a series of levels grouped according to a certain theme of that part of the island. At the end of each world, you must fight the boss of that area to gain access to the next area of the island. Some levels contain a hectic mine cart or rocket barrel ride through hostile environments, and a few levels are silhouettes of the level against a setting sun or foggy background.

Here are the in-depth walkthroughs for each world:

World One: In the Jungle

World Two: Sea Shore

World Three: Ruins

World Four: Going Underground

In-Level Collectibles

There are many kinds of items that will be of use to you during your adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Life Balloon - Whenever Donkey Kong falls off the screen or takes too much damage from enemies, a life balloon is used up bringing him back up and on the screen. If you run out of life balloons, you must start the current level from the beginning,


    losing any save checkpoints you have encountered so far.

  • Bananas - These are the most prized possession of Donkey Kong. Every time 100 of them are collected, you receive a free life balloon.

  • Banana Coins - Collecting these will let you buy helpful items from Cranky Kong’s shops, spread around the island.

  • K-O-N-G Letters - If you collect all of them and finish a level, you receive a free life balloon and a K-O-N-G medal for that level.

  • Puzzle Pieces - Unlock more extras and medals by finding all the puzzle pieces in a level.

  • Heart - This refills one of Donkey Kong’s heart slots, making him harder to be stopped by enemies.

  • Blast Barrels - Jump into a floating barrel to shoot yourself in a new direction at high speed. Most barrels require you to time your shots, so be careful!

  • Save Checkpoints - At various safe spots during a level, a pig will be waiting for you to pass by. Afterwards, if you lose a life, the pig will let you continue at the last checkpoint you have reached.

Cranky Kong’s Shop Items

After collecting banana coins, head to Cranky Kong’s shop somewhere in your current world to buy helpful items for your adventure.

  • Squawks the Parrot - Alerts you to puzzle pieces hidden nearby.
  • Heart Boost - Increases your maximum available hearts in a level by one until you exit the level.
  • Banana Juice - Donkey Kong will gain temporary invulnerability.
  • Map Key - This key unlocks a new level in the current area of the island.

General Level Hints

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While playing the game, here are a few helpful hints to remember:

  • Some walls can be walked into, revealing small alcoves containing collectibles.
  • Circular rings on a wall indicate that the wall can be broken open… Throw a barrel at the target!
  • Secret areas are hidden all over the island. If you can complete a challenge game by collecting all the bananas, coins and balloons, you win a puzzle piece.
  • Be on the lookout for Rambi, Donkey Kong’s rhino friend. While riding him, you can easily mow down enemies, crush spikes, and break open blocks.
  • Always check the beginning of levels for secret areas. It’s a common place for hidden passages.
  • If you come across a gold circular plate with the letters “DK” inscribed on it during a level, keep ground pounding on it until something happens. The scenery could change, providing a new way to progress.
  • In this game, Donkey Kong can’t swim! Be careful not to fall off a platform into any water below or you will lose a life.
  • Watch the objects behind the path you are walking along. Some can be jolted by a ground pound, releasing bananas, coins or even puzzle pieces. Others are fragile dandelions or propellers that will only release items when blown on. If you see a suspicious object during the level, try to interact with it!