DKC Returns Road Journal - Part 2

DKC Returns Road Journal - Part 2
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Continuing the Banana Hoard Chase

Playing Donkey Kong Country Returns has been enjoyable for me. In the last entry of my Road Journal for the game, I mentioned the game’s satisfying difficulty, which never got tedious, but certainly provided me with a good deal of challenge. As I continued on to the next area in the game, I found myself even more challenged than before.

Searching the Ruins

Beach World Map

After getting through the Beach area, my next stop in Donkey Kong Country Returns was the Ruins world. The level design transitioned nicely from the Beach stages, with the first few levels featuring tropical designs. I explored numerous pirate ships before finally getting to the dilapidated confines that were the Ruins. Once I got to the seemingly abandoned area, I found that even more challenge awaited. This world has easily been the toughest to get through so far, and I found myself steering DK and Diddy straight into pitfalls and small bodies of water (our monkey friends can’t swim in this title). Admittedly, I felt a bit of frustration from time to time, but it was a welcome frustration. It was a frustration I don’t feel very often anymore due to the insane ease of today’s games.

I encountered Rambi the Rhino once more, and I had the most fun in this level. DK and Diddy rode the massive beast as if he was a faithful steed, and it was my job to get them all across expansive chasms. As I guided Rambi across rocky paths, I noticed that the road behind him crumbled almost immediately, which prompted me to go as fast as possible. The stage was incredibly fun, it kept me engaged, and it was satisfyingly tough. Sadly, this level was over rather quickly, and I reached the goal before I knew it.

Aside from the increased challenge, one thing I truly appreciated about the Ruins was the interactivity of the levels. There are puzzle pieces and K-O-N-G letters (remember these from DKC?) strewn throughout the entire game. And while these collectibles were easy to find in the first two worlds, a watchful eye was necessary for uncovering them in the Ruins. Hidden objects rested behind patches of grass; massive walls hid collectible puzzle pieces; and the game’s backgrounds were littered with important items. Everything in the Ruins was designed quite cleverly, and I found myself enjoying every bit of the adventure.

Moving Forward in the Latest DKC Game

I’ve had a blast with DK’s latest Nintendo Wii endeavor thus far, and I look forward to the challenges that await me. The Ruins world has been the most fun by far, although the levels felt short for some reason. Join me next time as I play through the dark and treacherous Cave world in Donkey Kong Country Returns.