Walkthrough, World 1, Levels 1-6 of Donkey Kong Country Returns

Walkthrough, World 1, Levels 1-6 of Donkey Kong Country Returns
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World One Overview

Donkey Kong’s adventure starts in the thick jungles near his home. In this area you will become familiar with the game controls as the levels increase in difficulty. The enemies you will meet here are mostly ground-crawling birds that do not pose much of a threat, large carnivorous plants that must be passed with careful timing, and your basic foe throughout this game, the Tikis.

Level 1-1: Jungle Hijinxs

DK and DK

The level starts with Donkey Kong kicking an invading Tiki out of his house. Shake the controllers until the fight is over and Donkey Kong will jump outside, starting the level. Go to the left and enter the cave to find a puzzle piece. Collecting all the puzzle pieces in a level will unlock a picture in the extras gallery. Also, blow on the propeller (press down and shake the remote) to reveal a banana coin. When you leave the cave, use the tire over the cave to bounce up to DK’s house and go back in (using the up button) to find an extra life balloon.

You will encounter three birds crawling along the ground towards you. Jump on them consecutively to get a banana coin as a reward. Remember, any time you jump on three or more enemies in a row, you will get a banana coin for the third and subsequent bounces.

Tree Jumping And Statue Dodging

As you make your way to the right, you’ll see a letter K block floating above the tree tops. This is part of a set of four letters that spell “Kong” hidden in each level. Collecting all of them will unlock hard challenge levels later on. To reach this letter, jump on the stone block and up into the trees. Jump back across the trees to find a dandelion you must blow on to get the level’s second puzzle piece.

Moving forward, you’ll encounter statues that topple over when you get near. Wait for them to fall, then jump over them. When you see two statues fall on each other, ground pound through them (shake the remotes) to find the third puzzle piece.

When you find three round, yellow plants along the path, ground pound in front of them to find collectibles. The second holds the fourth puzzle piece, and the third holds a coin… And will drop you down into a secret area with more bananas, a coin and a heart.

Level 1-1: Jungle Hijinxs Walkthrough Continued

1-1 A

Carefully time your movements around the hopping green frogs. A simple jump will defeat them, but you don’t want to jump as they jump or you’ll take a hit. When you reach a large springy flower, the statues on either side of you will start spouting bananas. Collect as many as you can, any you miss will shoot back out again in a moment. Once you collect them all, the fifth puzzle piece will appear.

You will find the letter O hovering over a pit. To collect it, first make sure there are no enemies nearby to interfere with your maneuvers, and then roll out over the pit (run, and shake the remote), and then jump when you reach the O. As long as you roll, you do not have to be over ground in order to jump out of danger. A save checkpoint is directly beyond this pit.

You’re Halfway There

A golden DK plate will be on the path. Keep gound pounding it to shift some ruins into the background, and use the new blast barrel to reach them. There is another puzzle piece (this level’s sixth) in a dandelion to the left, but to reach the platform you will need to roll-jump or use Diddy to hover. The letter N is located on one of the ruin’s platforms. Climb to the top to reach the barrel cannon back to the foreground, and the rest of the level.


After you find a few Tikis patrolling back and forth, jump on them to get rid of them and ground pound the area until you drop into a bonus area. This area has many bananas, a couple banana coins and an extra life balloon, with a barrel cannon underneath. As the barrel slides back and forth, time your shots to go up and collect items before falling back into the barrel. Once everything has been collected, you are awarded the seventh puzzle piece.

You will now be back in the main level. You will start seeing some platforms above you soon, and to reach them you will have to stand on a small hill and jump up to the tilted platform. Going to the left will lead you to the eighth puzzle piece, and going right will lead you to the letter G, hovering in the air.

The Level’s End

You are at the end of the level now. Walk under the springy flowers and into the wall on the right to reveal the ninth (and final) puzzle piece.

Now, use the flowers to bounce up into the barrel to finish the level. You can get a banana bunch, banana coin, an extra life or a DK logo that lets you get as many bananas, coins or lives as you can shake your remotes in a few seconds.

Level 1-2: King of Cling

Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Image 1

In this level, you are introduced to grassy surfaces that you can cling on to climb through levels. Practice your climbing skills while avoiding the carnivorous plants that pop out of the walls to impede your progress. Almost all of this level’s puzzle pieces are hidden in secret walls.

As you start the level, you will soon find a ceiling covered in grass. Jump up and hold the Z button (the bottom button on the back of the nunchuk) to grab ahold of the grass. Move right to pass over the spikes along the floor, and release the Z button to let go of the grass when you reach the end.

Jump up to the platform by using the square block on the ground as a stepping stone. Get Diddy Kong from the barrel if you do not already have him, and roll-jump over to the right, hovering to get that extra distance. Keep hovering to the right, into the wall, and a recess will be revealed, containing the first puzzle piece.

Grassy Wheels And Hungry Plants

1-2 C

After climbing over a carnivorous plant you’ll find a slowly turning wheel covered in grass. You can cling and climb anywhere on wheels like this one, but remember to hold in the Z button when you jump on one or Donkey Kong will fall off as it spins. There is a plant biting at you from below this wheel, but you are safe, it can’t reach you. Collect the heart on this wheel if you need it, and follow the platforms to the left to find another secret wall you can jump into to find the second puzzle piece. Going right again, jump on the platform to the right of the wheel and use it to reach a third secret wall, where the third puzzle piece hides.

Climb over the first chomping plant, making sure it is not about to reach up as you cross. You will now be in a sort of walled vertical area, clinging on the left side. Hold in the Z button and jump across to grab onto the other wall and continue, again waiting to avoid the next chomping plant. Now you’ll encounter a huge version that is a little tougher to pass because of its size, but there is a heart directly beyond it in case you get hit.

Spinning Wheels and The Secret Area

When you get to the two bridges, pound the yellow container plant between them to reveal a blast barrel. This barrel has a skull on it,

Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough Image 2

letting you know that it will disappear as soon as you use it. You will shoot into the background, where two wheels rotate side by side, with the letter O above them. Go around each wheel to collect bananas and then jump up to grab the O, and hold on to the grass above it. Follow the grass up to find a bonus barrel that takes you to a secret area.

In this bonus zone, a platform will shift back and forth while you bounce up to collect all of the spinning banana and banana coins. Collecting all of the items in the time limit will reward you with the fourth puzzle piece!

Now you will climb over another giant carnivorous plant, but there is an item plant in its danger zone. Try to rush in and pound it (you can still pound while clinging onto grass) to find the fifth puzzle piece, and rush out of the way. Now you are at the level’s checkpoint.

Climbing Up

Soon after the checkpoint, you will need to climb up the walls while avoiding plants coming from your right and left periodically. There are grassy wheels to help you cross over to the other wall, but take notice, they are not completely covered in grass. Make sure you jump on a wheel part that has grass or you will drop right off. When you find another yellow gourd, head into the wall to its right to reveal the sixth puzzle piece, then continue climbing upwards.

Puzzle Piece

Now you will find two partially grass-covered wheels that shift up and down. Use them to get over to the wall on the right, and climb down the grass to find the letter N.

Climb to the top and wait for the moving platform to be beneath you, drop onto it and duck under the chomping plant. Climb up the shaft when you reach it on the left and blow on the dandelion to find a heart. The level’s last puzzle piece is hidden in the wall to your right.

Bounce up to the wheel and continue on. You’ll find another place where you must drop down onto a moving platform, but this time you have to jump to another platform to reach the left wall. Climb up further, and pass the carnivorous plants on the walls around you by jumping back and forth between the walls.

Now you are in a more open area with more giant springy flowers. The letter G is over one of these flowers on the right. A few flying Tikis are patrolling back and forth. They are covered with spikes so avoid them completely as you bounce up. When you reach the blast barrel, all that’s left is to fire into the level end barrel for your bonus.

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Level 1-3: Tree Top Bop

Level 1-3

At the beginning of this level, there aren’t any immediate challenges. Make your way to the right. When you reach the small enemy group of two birds and a giant Tiki, jump along all three, and remember to bounce three times on the giant Tiki (it is a tougher foe). You will get three banana coins from doing this. You can find a few more coins and bananas by jumping up to the tilting tree platforms.

When you see the barrel cannon floating in the air, break free Diddy Kong from the barrel on the ground below (if you don’t already have him) and hover over to the right. There is a ledge just off the screen that you can reach. You can also roll-jump to it. Collect the first puzzle piece there and jump back.

Reaching the Trees

Jump up to the barrel cannon above you using the tilting trees. The cannon will slide back and forth, passing under the letter K and another barrel cannon. Time your shot to fly up and collect the letter K. The barrel will stop while you are fired, letting you fall back in after you collect the letter. Then wait until the barrel slides to its furthest right limit and fire into the next barrel cannon.

Level 1-3

Fire again from this stationary barrel cannon and you will be automatically shot through a small series of cannons, collecting many bananas as you are transported to the tree tops. Walk to the right and collect the heart if you need it. When you reach the heart, wait for the frogs to hop out of the way above you or jump up between them. Now you’ve reached two trees that tilt towards and away from each other. Wait for them to tilt completely towards each other to make your jump easier. Jump up into the barrel cannon and blast over to the ground on the right.

There are a few ledges with birds to avoid on them. Just beyond are three dandelions, one of which hides a heart. Now, you’ll find two medium sized pillars with frogs hopping on them and one block between them. Wait for the first frog to jump and slip underneath to reach the block, and use this block to jump onto the frogs. Another heart is in a plant right next to the pillar on the right. Now you are at the level’s halfway point.

A Helpful Friend

1-3 A

Pound the trapdoor to the right of the checkpoint to drop down onto Rambi the Rhino’s box. Pound the box to open it and ride him. Take note: Rambi will crush spikes he walks on without taking damage, and can break a few different kinds of blocks. You can still pound while on Rambi, too. Running into most enemies while on Rambi will defeat them. Still, if you are hit by an enemy, you will dismount Rambi and will have to climb back on. You can dismount at any time by pressing Z or B.

Back to the game. Walk to the right and you will break apart the Rambi blocks, and jump up into the cannon. Now you will need to backtrack to find a few more items. Walk back to the left. When you find the platforms with birds walking across them, and spikes beneath, walk Rambi across the spikes to get rid of them, and pound in the center of the pit to fall into a secret area. Jump about on the platforms to collect all the bananas and win the second puzzle piece.

When you exit the bonus area, keep going right until you reach another stretch of spikes. Walk across with Rambi right into the walls beneath the Tiki and crawling birds to reveal the third puzzle piece. If you need it, there is a Kong Barrel above that you can reach via the tilting platform to your left. Walk to the left side of the tilting platform to raise its right side, and quickly use the right side’s height to reach the Kong Barrel.

Amost Done

Now there are more tilting platforms. As you cross them, you’ll see two frogs floating up and down over the letter N. Wait until they are at the bottom of their pattern and use them to jump across while collecting the letter N. If you jump on both of them without being able to collect the letter, wait on the platform on the left until the platform on the right has tilted all the way in your direction, and jump to it passing through the letter N. There is a heart on this platform.


Watch out! The flaming Tiki flying at this point can hurt Rambi if you jump into it. Jump beneath it instead. There is nothing in this dandelion, but remember that you can’t blow on things while on Rambi’s back. You’ll have to jump off first. Walk across the spikes, through the wall and into another secret area.

Jump up into the barrels and wait for them to rotate towards bonus items and other barrels. Be very careful with your timing, and don’t rush. If you succeed you will be awarded the fourth puzzle piece.

When you leave the bonus area, you are at the very end of the level. Jump off the frogs to your left to reach the letter G. If you fail, you can still climb the platforms further left to reach it. Run into the wall at the far right of the level to reveal many banana bunches and the final puzzle piece. Jump up into the barrel goal to claim your prize and finish the level!

Welcome to Level 1-4: Sunset Shore

This level is one of the special “silhouette levels” in Donkey Kong Country Wii. On the map, the path to it is locked, meaning that you will have to buy this world’s map key for 20 banana coins from Cranky Kong to access it. The level layout features a brilliantly red sunset over the ocean, with the entire level outlined in shadows. You will have to recognize object shapes rather than colors in this level, but the enemies here are mostly basic, so for now it does not cause much of a problem. This level introduces one new and rare enemy, the Tiki bush. It tries to assume the shape

Secret Level Key

of one of the levels harmless background bushes and runs towards you when you approach. They are still rather weak, and any attack will get rid of them. 

As soon as you start, go left, and into the wall to find the first puzzle piece. Walk to the right and you’ll quickly spot the letter K beneath a weak rock floor. Pound through the ground to reach it. A Diddy Kong barrel is just beyond this point if you need him. Here is a good spot to practice combined rolling. Normally, Donkey Kong can roll a few feet by himself before stopping, but when Diddy Kong is tagging along, you can roll as long as you are shaking the remotes, and mow down enemies you hit. If you make a mistake here and take a hit from an enemy, after a few hills you can find a heart under the ground that you can pound through to reach.

Tiki Bushes

Level 1-4

Now, jump up to the higher ground with three identical looking bushes along it. The third is a Tiki bush in disguise. Approach it slowly to find how close you need to be for it to run towards you, and jump it or roll through it. As you go down a few ledges, you’ll see a rotating circle of bananas. The bush below them is a Tiki bush. Collecting all of these circling bananas here and in other places in this level will give some kind of reward. Here, it is a banana bunch.

Now, roll until you find the bridge walkway with the almost vertically tilted platforms. To use these platforms, pound beneath them to flatten them out, and use them to reach whatever collectible is above them before they tilt back the way they were. Above the second one of these platforms is the letter O, and the third platform has a heart floating above it.

Secret Banana Treasures

Level 1-4

Now, pay attention to the background. For a little while, a few oddly shaped rocks have been slowly lining up in the ocean behind you. When you reach the raised area, you’ll notice they are in the shape of a giant banana! Wait a few second on the platform for the banana statue to light up and explode into many bananas and coins for you to collect.

When you see another patch of ground to pound through, the area below may seem empty, but walk left or right into the wall to find a few more bananas and coins, then climb out and roll up the slope to find the level checkpoint.

Jump up on the raised platform and let it sink into the ground. The sky will brighten and the ground will give way, dropping you into an area with even more bananas and the second puzzle piece. Hop in the barrel cannon to exit the area and continue in the level.

Almost Complete

Backtrack until you see the letter N floating above you. Use one of the Tikis on the ledge to your left to bounce up to it or use Diddy Kong’s help to hover over to it, and then keep going right. Collecting all of the circling bananas will award you with a heart. Instead of jumping up on the ledge, walk into the wall to the right to find the third puzzle piece.

Level 1-4

When you jump up to the ledge above you, roll across to defeat any hidden Tiki bushes until you reach a few more severely tilted platforms. Pound at their base and both will be leveled at once. Quickly jump up and collect the fourth puzzle piece before they tilt back.

Soon you’ll reach a few bananas and a heart arced over a patch of weak ground that you can pound through to get the letter G. Now, roll until you find a pillar in front of a dragon head-shaped rock formation, and use the pillar to jump over the head. When you reach the far right wall, jump up and into the indention to find the final puzzle piece. Go back and pound down the pillar to open the mouth of the rock formation, and the follow the new path to the level end barrel.

Welcome to Level 1-5: Canopy Cannons

This level is mostly barrel cannon based. A few shots will require precise timing to avoid obstacles midair. Watch out for giant bouncing blocks and huge falling statues while going from barrel to barrel.

Level 1-5

After starting this level, there are no important collectibles for you to find just yet. Just walk down the path avoiding a few enemies and collect a few bananas and coins until you find the first barrel cannon. It will rotate into a fixed position with no obstacles in your way to the next barrel cannon, so fire into the next. Now, a statue with a weak base is between you and the next barrel, and you can fire straight though the base, crumbling the statue. Wait for the barrel to reach the top of its climb, and fire through the letter K.

There are a few more moving barrels to fire through, leading to a bouncing, spike covered block that you must once again wait for the right timing to pass, then fire back onto solid ground for a very short break. There are only two items of importance here, pound the yellow plant to get the first puzzle piece, and release Diddy Kong from the barrel on the right if you need him.

The Next Set of Barrels

Level 1-5

As soon as you jump into the next barrel cannon, it will start rotating into three positions. Wait until it faces straight up and fire to get the letter O, then fall back in and fire up and right. In the next cannon, fire straight down to fall into an off-screen cannon that shoots you through the second puzzle piece and returns you to the first cannon. When you reach the last cannon, firing up and right will get you that banana coin and bounce you safely back into the cannon. Now fire straight up to the ledge.

Walk right until you see the thin panel bridging a gap between two sections of the ground. Pound through it to drop into a bonus area. This room requires you to fire back and forth between two non-moving cannons to collect moving bananas and coins, but firing into the moving cannon in the center will shoot you off-screen, and make you miss the third puzzle piece awarded for collecting all the items in here.

The Level Checkpoint

Level 1-5

After leaving the bonus area, backtrack just a little to find a yellow plant to pound for the fourth puzzle piece. There are a few birds patrolling in front of it, roll through them to reach it safely, and then keep going right. Now you’ll find the level checkpoint with a DK barrel right next to it. Bounce across the flowers and into the barrel cannon. As you fire from cannon to cannon, you’ll see some rotating rings of bananas around the cannons with different rewards for timing your shots correctly into the next cannon. The first is a coin, the second is an extra life balloon, and the third is the letter N.

After shooting under another bouncing block, wait for the next cannon to go all the way up before firing through the statue to reach it. The statue does not slow you down as you fire through it. Now travel through a few diagonally moving barrels. When you see a banana just off the top of the screen at the upper left part of one of the cannon’s movements, fire into it to find the fifth and last puzzle piece.

Fire further into the background through the two statues, and then wait for the moving cannon above you to be out of the way. Fire straight up to get the lever G, then fall back. Aim for the moving barrel this time to progress.

A Few More Barrels

Level 1-5

Now you are in a forward facing barrel in front of half a dozen statues. When you pass in front of each statue, it will awaken and start to fall towards you. Fire from barrel to barrel quickly the first four times, and when you reach the last two, wait a second or two. The last two barrels rotate up before rotating left, and will shoot you up into the falling statues if you fire through them quickly. The last barrel shoots you into a pillar that falls over. Climb up on the pillar, bounce across the flowers and into the next barrel cannon.

You are now very close to the end. Wait for the next cannon to slide out into the open mouth of the statue, then fire into it. After it goes back in, fire down a few times until you are launched out of the statue and into the final barrel cannon. Now wait for the bouncing block to be out of the way before firing across the screen into the level end barrel.

Levels 1-6 and 1-B are covered on the next page…

1-6: Crazy Cart!

This is the first mine cart level of the game.

Level 1-6

As you start the level, go left. The wall won’t move out of the way like other hidden areas, and you’ll be inside some kind of ruined structure. You should be able to see the first puzzle piece through a crack in the wall, jump up to collect it, then keep going right. There is a Diddy Kong barrel just outside the level starting area. When you find the three frogs along the path, wait until they land and immediately roll through all three, or jump across on them.

Pound on the DK plate to make platforms fall down into place above you. Climb up them and go into the wall on the left to find a bonus area. Inside the bonus area, two platforms, one in the top section and one in the bottom, will be moving left and right. Collect all the bananas in the bottom section and then use the block in the center to reach the top platform. You will probably have to climb up more than once, since the easiest way to get the coins on the left and right means dropping back into the lower section. Collecting everything within the time limit will award you with the second puzzle piece.

The Mine Ride Starts

Level 1-6

Jump across the platforms to the right and enter the mine. Pound through the wood floor, slide down the slope, and jump into the barrel when you reach the bottom. Now you are in the mine cart. This mine cart will jump the tracks whenever you jump, and will always travel forward automatically. You can jump on top of most normal enemies to defeat them, except for the flaming Tikis. If you run into spikes, a wall, an enemy or fall off the track, you will instantly lose a life and have to start over from the level’s beginning or the level checkpoint.

Continuing the level, in this relatively open stretch of track, practice jumping to collect the arc of bananas above you, and jumping on the moles in their carts. Take note of the two heights you jump when you hit an enemy. If you press the jump button as soon as you hit an enemy, you will jump higher. Some places will have two routes than can be chosen by how high you jump off an enemy, and some places will require multiple jump heights to make it through in one piece. At the second mole, jump high to grab the letter K, and then jump across a few simple gaps.

The Mine Ride Continues

Level 1-6

After jumping on or over a few Tikis, you’ll see another track come down above you. Don’t jump up to it yet, jump just over the mole and continue on the lower track to jump up just as you collect the third puzzle piece at the end. Jump up to collect the letter O as the track slopes down. You can collect the wavy line of bananas without jumping, so stay down or you’ll hit the spikes. As the spiky area offers you more space with a gap in the tracks ahead, jump up through the third puzzle piece aiming for the track ahead. When the screen zooms in, there are no enemies or obstacle to worry about for a while, but be ready to jump up for the fourth puzzle piece when you see it.

Now you are at the level checkpoint, and a flaming Tiki is floating right next to it. Jump over it, you can’t hurt it. When you see an upper and a lower path in front of you, jump at the last second to reach the top path, jump again over the flaming Tiki and jump one final time to grab an extra life balloon. Soon after passing under the spiky ceiling, you’ll soon see the letter N out in the open space after the track ends. Wait until the very last second to jump up through it to the track above you.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Level 1-6

When you go outside, three flaming Tikis will be waiting. Jump over the first one, land under the second one and jump over the third. After jumping over a few moles, you’ll see three more flaming Tikis, but these ones are moving up and down. Go under the first two and jump over the third. Now there are a few long jumps to make between platforms. At the last one, the track will slope down slightly with the letter G at the very end. Wait until you reach the G and then jump over to solid ground. This is not a mine cart track but you will still keep rolling. Enjoy the view and the drop, and jump over the huge gap at the bottom to land back on a short stretch of track. Soon you’ll reach a rough patch that throws you out of the cart and lands you right under the end level barrel. Claim your prize and you’re done!

Level 1-B: Mugly’s Mound

Level 1-B

As in other Donkey Kong games, in order to progress to new worlds you must fight and defeat a boss. Although the animals on Donkey Kong’s island are usually friendly, the Tikis have brainwashed a few to help with their banana stealing scheme, and the tougher creatures will be barring your path to the next area of the island. This fight will be the first major blow against the Tikis during your adventure! In this installment you will learn all of Mugly’s attacks, how to avoid them, and your best chances to hit his weak point.

Level 1-B

You start the level outside of an ancient arena made of stone. There is a DK barrel outside, if you don’t have Diddy Kong on your back make sure you pick him up here. Then go inside the arena’s gates.

As you enter, you see Mugly, a large creature with a big appetite, eating a pile of bananas at the far end. He notices you and does not seem hostile, but a nearby Tiki hypnotizes the animal and directs it to fight Donkey Kong. The fight begins, with many Tikis watching and cheering their champion on.

The first thing Mugly will do will be to charge at you. As he reaches you, jump up and bounce off his back. He will slow down as you jump over him, unknowingly making it easier for you to land a hit. When he ends his run by the wall on the left, he’ll turn around and run at you the same way he did before, jump on his back again as you jump over him.

Now, after he turns around, he will make a series of high jumps, progressing a little further each time. Roll under him when he jumps, wait for him to land, and jump on his back from behind. If you are having trouble landing hits on Mugly’s back, remember that he will keep doing this same attack pattern until you have jumped on his back three times, and attack when it’s easiest for you. It’s possible to hit him multiple times during his jumping phase.

The Fight Continues

Level 1-B

Mugly will run to the nearest side of the arena, and in his excitement will change color to orange. Several bright flashes will come out of Mugly as he changes, but they can’t hurt you. Still, stay away from him to anticipate his next attack.

Now his tactics will be a little more random, and faster than before. Watch his movements to determine his next attack. If he laughs at you, he will do a simple running attack just like before. If he bounces around with all four feet still touching the ground, he will do his multiple jumping attacks again. If he pops his back feet up and down a few times, he will do a new attack, a long range jump to wherever you are. When he makes this huge jump, roll under him to get out of his way and jump to avoid the shockwave he creates when he lands. As he runs to the side of the arena, he will have spikes on his back to prevent you from jumping on him, so don’t attack him yet.

Finally, if he starts pawing the ground with his front feet, he will charge at you faster than his first running attack, without slowing down if you jump over him. His speed will make him run into the wall, stunning him for a short time, making this a great chance to get in another hit. Sometimes during the fight, you will get a free heart for landing a hit on Mugly. Make sure it is in a safe place before grabbing it or it won’t be much help.

The Final Battle

Level 1-B

After three more hits on Mugly’s back, he turns red with another few flashes of light, and increases his speed again. You only need to hit Mugly three more times to win the fight. He will use all his same attacks from before, but now they will be at their highest speeds. By now you probably have an idea of which attacks are easiest for you to counter and hit him, so watch his movements for when he will do those attacks to be prepared.

After you have landed three more hits on Mugly, he will fall knocked out on the ground, leaving the Tiki that was controlling him dazed. Run over and jump into the Tiki, and a screen similar to the end level bonus barrel event will appear. Wait until the “shake” instruction appears and start shaking the remotes as fast as you can to score more than one hit on the Tiki. If you get enough hits at the end of boss fights, you can unlock more extras in the gallery.

You’ve completed level one! Now on to the next…

All screenshots and references from Donkey Kong Country Returns.