Best Free Online Dragonball Z Games

Best Free Online Dragonball Z Games
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Manga (Japanese comics and cartoons) are unique when it comes to artwork and storytelling. The cutesy eyes, awesome expressions, and emotional outbursts of manga characters are a treat to view. Manga heavily influenced Japanese animated series (anime) and is read by teenagers and adults in Japan, American and European countries.

One of the most popular manga series is Dragonball, which drew inspiration from a Chinese fictional story Journey to the West. This Japanese comic series revolves around the adventures of Goku, who explores the world to search for seven mysterious objects called Dragon Balls. The comic book series was later adapted into three animated series: Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. The popularity of both manga and anime led to various types of merchandising including collectible card games and several console, PC and free online Dragonball Z games.

Dragonball Z (DBZ) video games are pure fighting games filled with loads of action and plenty of pyronics. The first Dragonball video game, Dragonball: Dragon Daihikyo was released on September 27, 1986 the Epoch Super Cassette Vision console in Japan. In North America, a Dragonball Z game called Dragon Power was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in March 1988. Since then, there were several titles released for consoles, mainly PlayStation and PlayStation Portable platforms. Games like Dragonball Z: Burst Limit and Dragonball Z: Raging Blast have always been the best amongst fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series.

Free online Dragonball Z games have universal appeal when it comes to action-packed fights and acrobatic stuff. Here are some of the best 2D Flash online Dragonball Z games:

Dragonball Z Action: Flash Dimension

With cute 2D sprites that resemble old-school Chrono Trigger games, Dragonball Z Action is a pure fighting title with a two-player fight mode. You can challenge your friend for an online fight with your favorite Dragonball Z characters such as Gohan, Piccolo and Goku. Player 2 controls DBZ villains like Vegeta, Frieza and Cell, which makes the fight too interesting.

Player 1 uses the standard WASD keys to move, punch, kick and unleash powers whereas Player 2 uses arrow and num keys to move and perform special actions. The fights get very engaging when either player uses his “ki shot” and “Powerup” button to inflict maximum damage on its opponents. The 2D graphics look similar to old school RPG games like Zelda and Chrono Trigger, but the action is pure DBZ. A must for all fans of free online Dragonball Z games.

Play Dragonball Z Flash Dimension Online

Dragonball Z Pong

Dragonball Z Pong-Free Online Dragonball Z Games

Pong with a DBZ twist! Yes, that’s what this game is all about. The same exciting classic Pong game, but played with extra modifications. Dragonball Pong allows you to shoot your opponent Raditz with attack balls while keeping the main ball in play. If you or your AI opponent gets hit by the attack balls, the points get reduced. Of course, you can score more if the ball hits onto those ‘hotzones’ (yellow sliders). But, make sure you don’t miss the balls 3 times. The first player to score 10,000 points wins the game.

Play Dragonball Z Pong Online

Dragonball Z: Earth Defender

Dragonball Z Earth Defender

This DBZ game is suitable for those who are looking for free online Dragonball Z games with numerous power-ups and upgrade options. A plain action game with simple mouse controls, Earth Defender boasts popular DBZ characters such as Vegeta, Cell, Goku and Frieza. As Goku, you will have to defend earth by aiming and clicking the left mouse button on approaching enemies.

You can upgrade Goku to increase your firepower, but this requires a set number of EXP to unlock upgrades. You can increase your EXP by eliminating more enemies with fireballs. After you have enough experience, you can then unlock upgrades to increase your HP (high pressure), elevate your fireball power, unleash more fireballs etc. Dragonball Z: Earth Defender sports graphics and artwork borrowed from Namco Bandai Games—well-known for mainstream DBZ and Naruto console games.

Play Dragonball Z: Earth Defender Online