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Facebook RPG Game: Kogamu Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Kogamu is a Facebook RPG style game from Playdom. The game is still in the early stages but is playable right now on Facebook.

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    Kogamu Game Basics

    Kogamu Kogamu is a side scrolling RPG game. Players move their character sideways across the screen as they battle enemies. The game features many different areas you can visit including towns where you can get new skills, armor, weapons, and take quests from NPCs. Quests can also be played at different difficulties from normal to epic. As quests are done more will unlock for the player to complete. As players take part in quests they can pick up loot items for their character. Players can use various weapons including flamethrowers, pistols, grenades and many others.

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    Kogamu The game features a town where you can talk to various NPCs much like you would in a normal RPG game. You can talk to an NPC in the town and duel other Facebook players if you like or buy new weapons, armor, or train skills with the skills trainer. Other areas of the game can be access through a number of different portals with some areas inaccessible until you reach the required level in the game. The map features various areas you can access once you reach the required levels in the game. On the map there are some nice search functions such as the ability to find any NPC, search through quests and find different areas on the map.

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    Interface and Game Play

    Movement in Kogamu is done with the arrow keys and attacking with the x key. The side scrolling can sometimes make it difficult to see enemies but overall it works well for this game. Players can also join with other Facebook players and form parties to make it through the harder areas of the game. The interface is easy to follow with icons along the bottom and you can move your skills into a toolbar area for easy use. Like many other Facebook RPGs you can add skills to your character as you level up so you perform better in battles. New classes will also be introduced later on and currently you can play as a gunner.

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    Graphics and Sound

    Facebook RPGS are evolving from the standard text and graphics and Kogamu is an example of that evolution. The soundtrack for the game is nice and the graphics are good for a Facebook game. Battles are animated and there’s even some blood too. While Kogamu can’t compete with many RPGs online the graphics are a step in the right direction for Facebook games. It’s nice to be able to move your character around and explore different areas and not just click text mission buttons all day long.

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    Kogamu is a step in the right direction for Facebook RPGs with more animations, graphics and interactive game play. Hopefully Playdom will add more content to this game as it develops and make it even more fun to play. Kogamu is worth playing if you’re getting tired of standard Facebook RPGs and want something different with more interaction for the player.