Legacy of a Thousand Suns Review: Space RPG games on Facebook

Legacy of a Thousand Suns Review: Space RPG games on Facebook
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Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is one of the few space RPG games you can play on Facebook but has a lot to offer the player. The game follows the same basic concept as other RPGs on Facebook but has some extras to keep it interesting. Players take the same familiar missions, and battle other game users but are able to outfit their characters with different weapons, armor, and other attachments. Ships are also available in the game for the player to travel the galaxy, along with a crew. Players can also build facilities such as shipyards, communications, and an academy. These facilities will produce random equipment that the player can use. Users can form alliances and conduct raids against powerful NPC characters. Regions of space have several areas that can be explored before the player moves onto the next one.

Missions (4 out of 5)

Legacy of a Thousand Suns

The game features the same type of missions as regular RPGs on Facebook. Players use energy to complete missions and must wait until their reserves restore before taking new missions. As the player levels up the missions take more energy to complete. The players energy can be increased as they play so more missions can be accomplished Missions also have a boss at the end that the player must defeat before moving onto he next major mission grouping. Missions grant the player experience, coins, and sometimes special loot.

Profile (5 out of 5)

One great aspect of the game is the fact that you can outfit your character with more than the standard statistics such as increased energy or health. In this game you can give your character different, weapons, armor and attachments so they perform better in battle. Later on achievements will be added to the game and you can view them via the profile screen.

Facilities (5 out of 5)

Special buildings can be constructed in the game such as communications, munitions factory, and shipyard. These structures will produce random items that the player can use during game play. So for example, having a munitions factory will produce random different weapons or armor pieces.

Ships (4 out of 5)

The game also features ships that can have their own crews. Players start with one ship, the Sian fighter that they receive after completing a few missions in the game. Ships allow the player to travel to other sections of space and take part in new missions.

Lab (4 out of 5)

Legacy of a Thousand Suns

In the lab players can collect specific game items and make special items or increase their statistics by a percentage such as health or energy. Some special items include weapons and different ships. This section currently doesn’t have too many items but should change as the game gets more updates.

Game Shop (4 out of 5)

The game has a game shop where you can buy different items or sell ones you don’t want any more. “Golden Suns” are the games real life Facebook currency that you can use to purchase special items such as energy refills, blocks of credits or special items. You’ll get a few golden suns when you level up but like most Facebook games the bulk of your game cash must be bought. You can still play this game without having to spend a dime however.

Alliances (5 out of 5)

Legacy of a Thousand Suns

Anyone can create an alliance in the game or join one already in existence. You can also click on individual alliance members from the alliance screen and see their characters complete with armor and weapons. This gives each player some individuality in the game since everyone doesn’t look the same. New players should consider joining an alliance to get the most out of the game and learn from the more experienced players.

Raids (5 out of 5)

The game features raids which are large battles against a powerful NPC character. While a single player can attempt this it is advisable to have several people in an alliance try for this. Raid NPC characters have huge health and you only have a certain amount of time to take them down.

Graphics and General Game Play (4 out of 5)

Overall Legacy of a Thousand Suns looks great for a Facebook RPG and you geta real nice science fiction vibe to the game. The game play has a lot to offer and it’s quite fun too. The only complaint is that the menu at the top of the game is a bit small and should be bigger. Also when you do missions you can miss te other zones in the area you are in because it’s not clear until you mouse over the main image at the top and it highlights that there’s in fact several zones to one area.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is a good Facebook RPG and shows enormous potential. If the game is updated with fresh content periodically we could have a very nice sci-fi themed RPG to play on Facebook.