Age of Heroes Facebook RPG Review

Age of Heroes Facebook RPG Review
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Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Age of Heroes is your basic Facebook RPG game with a fantasy setting. Players complete quests to earn experience and coins. Coins can be used to purchase military units and items such as weapons and armor. As you complete quests new ones will unlock but it will take more energy to complete the quest. Players ca upgrade their statistics to acquire more energy ad have better offensive and defensive abilities for battles with other Facebook users. Some quests will offer up pieces of loot for the player to use.

Quests/Battles (4 out of 5)

The game has two basic modes the quests section and battles. Quests are performed to earn money and experience while the battles take part against other Facebook users. As you add Facebook users to your army you become more [powerful in battle and will win more games. The game doesn’t do a good job in matching you against players at your level and you’ll easily win matches against those that are lower than you. This needs to be fixed since it offers an unfair advantage in the game to higher level players who can simply pick on the weaker ones and win battles.

Town (4 out of 5)

Age of Heroes

The town section of the game allows you to purchase units such as archers footmen, swordsmen, and wizards which are needed to complete the wide assortment of quests in the game. Weapons, armor and land can be purchased in the town. Owning land will allow you to gather additional coins you can use.

Monsters (4 out of 5)

The game allows you to join with other players and battle monsters in the game. You can do this by teams, which uses your Facebook allies. Another mode uses the world players and allows you to battle monsters with other Facebook users who might not be on your team. Battling world monsters can be a great way to earn additional coins and experience without the need for allies since you can do this battles with anyone. Monsters will drop rare loot at times too. Attacking monsters will use up most of your stamina so you won’t be able to do this a whole lot until you have a very high stamina rating.

Pets (4 out of 5)

Age of Heroes

After level ten pets are available which can aid you in battle. Some pets include gargoyle, phoenix, centaur, unicorn, and dragon. You need to feed pets, train them and level them up just like you would your own avatar in the game. Only one pet can be actively trained at one time. Pets have enhanced health making them ideal for tough combat situations. Once your pet is fully trained they can be used by your army. Pets that aren’t fed each day will lose health, defense, and attack points.

Favor Points (4 out of 5)

Age of Heroes

In the game you can use favor points to buy items. These points are the games real life currency and a few points can be earned by leveling up but the vast majority must be purchased in the game. You can quickly refill your statistics to keep playing by using favor points or buy special offers and exclusive items.

Profile (4 out of 5)

Like most Facebook RPGs you can upgrade you player statistics so your character performs better in the game. You have energy, stamina, health, attack and defense points to upgrade in the game. Energy points are used to allow completion of more quests while the other statistics are beneficial when you want to battle other Facebook users.

Graphics and General Game Play (3 out of 5)

Age of Heroes is a basic text based RPG but is still fun to play. The inclusion of pets and the ability to battle monsters for large coin prizes are welcome additions to the game. You’ll also find a good section of quests to do and items to acquire such as soldiers, weapons, and armor pieces. On the downside there’s no sound and the fights against other Facebook users don’t match your level making for uneven matches. You can easily gain coins and experience by grinding through players below your level.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Age of Heroes offers some good text and basic graphic game play. The game can’t compete with more robust Facebook titles such as Mafia Wars but for what if offers it does a good job. For game players who like a good fantasy RPG game in the Facebook style then Age of Heroes is worth checking out.