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Facebook Games: School Of Wizardry Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Play free wizard games on Facebook with School of Wizardry a great RPG style game. Take lessons and duel other Facebook users as you work to become the ultimate wizard.

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    Game Basics

    School of Wizardry School of Wizardry follows the same basic RPG style of game play made famous by Facebook game such as Mafia Wars. In this game you play a wizard and need to take lessons to get better at your craft. You’ll gain experience and levels as you complete lessons. The game features the same “energy” system where you use energy points every time you take a lesson. You can add to your energy reserves on your skill screen or buy additional energy with credits if you so desire. You can also battle other wizards in the game and buy things from the game store to that you need to do certain lessons in the game. As you level up you’ll unlock new lessons in the game and fresh items to use. Players can also own properties to increase their income.

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    School of Wizardry As you play School of Wizardry you’ll complete lessons. These lessons will help you to level up and advance in your game. There’s nothing new here it’s the same standard fare from other Facebook games. You’ll need equipment for some lessons such as a wand, hat, and robe which can be bought in the game store from the cash you make doing missions. Lessons require energy which will replenish over time, if you level during a mission your energy will automatically refill for you. Lessons are all done in a text format so there’s nothing exciting about them. As you finish levels you’ll get more lessons to do and unlock other areas of the game.

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    Game Store

    In the game store you can buy items for your wizard. As you level you’ll also earn “hall passes” these can be exchanged for exclusive items or you can buy passes with Facebook credits. Game items feature the standard wizard fare such as hats, wands, books, robes and so on. More items become available the longer you play and the higher your level becomes.

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    You can also duel other players in the game and establish your own “order” which is your Facebook friends playing the game. This is the same basic type of combat you’ll find in other Facebook RPGs, so don’t expect anything groundbreaking here. The game will match you with players at your level for some fairness to your match.

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    Wizard Profile

    You can add points accumulated from leveling up to your profile. Your attack, health and defense will help you win more duels. Increasing your energy statistic will give you more energy to complete lessons. Having more stamina will allow you to go dueling more often.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    School of Wizardry is your basic Facebook RPG. It doesn’t offer anything new in terms of game play. People who like the whole Harry Potter vibe will enjoy School of Wizardry and for that reason it gets a recommendation. The game needs some work before it can match the level of game play found in titles such as mafia Wars on Facebook.