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Facebook Games: Crime City Review - mafia games online
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Crime City Basics (5 out of 5)

Mafia games online have been popular for some time and games such as Mafia Wars have done quite well on Facebook. Crime City follows in the footsteps of Mafia Wars but this RPG is entirely different. The game requires much more interaction and your actually in the game not just clicking text. You have your own hood where you can place various buildings to make money and you can visit various areas of the city to take missions and climb your way to the top of the Mafia ladder. As you play you will use energy to complete missions in the game which will recharge slowly over time. Harder missions in Crime City will naturally take more energy. You can also visit the hood of any player in the game and steal from them or fight. As you level up new areas of the city will open up and you can visit them and take missions there.

Game Play (5 out of 5)

Crime City

Crime City is one of the best mafia style games to come around since Mafia Wars due to its great interactivity. Gone are the text menus and clicking on jobs and replaced by actually going to a city to do your mission. Here if you want to rob a bank you simple click on the back and do the job and if you win you’ll be rewarded with cash, diamonds, and sometimes extra energy bolts. Cash and diamonds are used to buy weapons armor, and cars in which help to protect you when doing missions. When you fight against other Facebook users or try to steal from them you earn respect which can also be used in the game store to buy items for your avatar. As you do jobs in a city you’ll eventually get to the end and have to fight a harder boss opponent. The game looks great and the game play is quite different from the text and basic graphics of the traditional Facebook rpgs we have seen in the past.

Your Hood (5 out of 5)

n the game you can own a hood or your own city area that you control. In your hood you can construct buildings much like the sim city style games already on Facebook . You can have Laundromats, apartments, basketball courts, and special buildings such as the coffee shop or parking garage. These specialized building require parts such as paint to be sent to you from your Facebook friends or you can use Facebook credits to purchase the items. Other players can visit your hood and try to steal from you or fight your character. When you log in again after a session you can read the news and see who attacked you while being offline. All buildings can be upgraded to increase the cash flow for your mafia. You’ll find a great selection of buildings to place in your city and with more mafia members, you can expand your hood to higher levels.

Equipment (4 out of 5)

Crime City allows you to equip your avatar with weapons, armor and special items that you can buy with Facebook credits which are more powerful. When you use equipment you’ll increase the offensive and defensive characteristics of your avatar. Different weapons are available such as knives, shotguns, handguns and machine guns. You can buy decorations for your hood too such as benches, shrubs and other items.

Conclusion (5 out of 5)

Crime City is an outstanding Facebook game and well worth playing. Be warned however it’s not for young children. The game does have violence although there is no blood but you do rob, mug, bribe, and shoot other people in the game. Having your own hood to decorate and the ability to visit other Facebook users hoods gives the game some great replay value. There are many places in the city to visit and more will be added soon. Crime City is a real winner when it comes to Facebook games with great game play.

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