Crime City Game Hints and Tips - Easy Tricks for Ruling the Mafia Boss Game

Crime City Game Hints and Tips - Easy Tricks for Ruling the Mafia Boss Game
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Crime City

Crime City is a 2D mafia themed RPG with city building elements by Funzio. Players join a notorious mob family seeking revenge and control over rivals. Attack other mobsters to earn respect. Steal, perform a hit, bribe locals, and even start a racketeering business. Conquer dozens of neighborhoods to expand your turf. Visit friends and protect their buildings from robberies or cop shakedowns. In this article you’ll learn the best game tips for leveling up faster, mastering cities, earning more resources, energy, coins, and respect. Find out hints and tricks for completing collections and constructing your own hood. Become top mob boss in Crime City.

Game Tips and Hints for Leveling Up Faster

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In this virtual world filled with hardened criminals its hard work moving up the ranks. Completing quests, performing jobs, and mastering cities are the best way to level up quickly. On the left side of the screen several quests appear. Accomplishing these tasks usually yield a good amount of XP. Missions often involve finishing all the jobs in a particular city or building a structure in your hood. Most of these objectives are necessary in order to compete with rivals. It’s easy to get side tracked with all the other cool elements in the game. Taking the initiative and getting them done can be beneficial. There are over 40 different cities that players can unlock to perform various jobs. Mastering a city or reaching a certain level will unlock more advanced neighborhoods. Work your way from Canal Street to Chinatown and beyond.

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Every time an area is mastered rank goes up. A reward of diamonds, money, experience, and skill point is earned. Skill or attribute points can be added to attack, defense, or energy stats. Distribute your attribute points according to your playing style. If you plan on attacking rivals and prefer roaming the gunfight arenas then focusing on attack is ideal. More balanced mobsters who like to make their rounds should contribute accordingly. Players that may go a few days without playing might want to make defense stats a priority since other mobsters can attack or rob your hood while offline.

Earning Respect Mafia Style

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Respect is a status symbol and useful when purchasing specialty items or vehicles. Attacking rivals is the most effective method to accumulate respect points. Scroll across the neighborhood to find your target rival. Mousing over a large structure can help determine if a character is hiding somewhere nearby. Sometimes rival’s buildings are unprotected. Robbing all of their shops is a quick trick for boosting respect and annihilating the competition. Players can also enter the Mobsters or Gunfight arena for a direct face-off. Both areas function the same simply click on a player to fight. The strongest stats, mafia, and most equipped wins. In the Gunfight arena users have an opportunity to confiscate their weapon.

Tips & Tricks for Increasing Income

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There are multiple ways to increase income in Crime City. Each player’s main source of cash is their neighborhood. Constructing buildings like the Laundromat, mini-mart, parking garage, and gas station will automatically generate money every couple of hours. Structures like houses, warehouses, chop shops, adult movie theaters, and basketball courts can triple income through racketeering. Once built clicking on these buildings will prompt racket options. Set up a 3-Card Monte for 5 minute duration or a 2 day rent fraud scheme. Upgrading these buildings will increase profits. An important game tip to follow is utilizing your bank. Users can build a bank and deposit some of their money to prevent rivals from stealing cash while they’re away.

Hood Etiquette = Energy

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Neighbors also referred to as mafia members or friends are essential in Crime City. They are the key to gaining additional energy, cash, and resources. Each day mobsters are allowed to visit up to 24 friends for energy refills. If a player visits the max amount of neighbors they’ll receive 480 energy points per day. Users can have more than 24 members. Similar to other mob games try to add as many neighbors as possible to increase your overall strength during attacks. Protecting allies’ buildings during visits often reward additional energy along with cash or collectibles. Always send buddies gifts and be generous when it comes to building material requests. Supplies like the circular saw, drill, paint, cinder block, and cement mixer are free to give. Helping out friends make them more likely to return the favor. Another great game tip is to join forums on Facebook or mafia train pages like the one on They have lots of active players who are willing to exchange gifts and help out.

Crime City Resources & Collections


Trading in collections is another helpful game tip for players who want to advance quickly. To make the most of this feature it’s important to have a variety of buildings in your hood. Different structures yield certain collectibles. Houses, apartments, pizza parlors, mini-marts, pawn shops, and flower shops collections reward steel. Various area collections like Packer Heights and Waterfront Promenade earn resources. Collecting all of the Casino items earns 2,800 respect points. Office buildings feature large cash amounts and church collections have diamond payouts.

Following these simple game tips and hints will help your mafia grow. Become a force to be reckoned with. There are always alternative methods to getting cash, respect, diamonds, and resources in this gangster paradise. These tips are only a handful of possible ways to quickly level up and conquer territory.


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