Crime City Game Guides: Your Mafia Hood

Crime City Game Guides: Your Mafia Hood
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Crime City Hood Guide - Basics

In Crime City, you own and operate your own “hood.” In your hood, you can construct various buildings and get money from those structures. So for example, your hood may have a coffee shop, basketball court, pawnshop, pizza parlor, gas station, and apartments. All these structures provide you with revenues slowly over time and help your Mafia grow. You can use the cash in the game store to buy weapons, armor, or new buildings for your hood. Decorations are also available in your hood and it’s like a mini city building game. Decorations include trashcans, benches, statutes, shrubs, flags, newsstands, bus stop and other items.

Crime City Hood Guide – Money and Rackets

Crime City

Most of your city buildings will produce income for you over time. Some buildings will allow for ‘rackets” which will allow you to make additional income quickly. For example, with a basketball court you could sell bootlegs, fake ID, or fix sports teams. Rackets that take more time to complete will provide you with more income. Bootlegs would provide $120.00 cash every thirty minutes while a ponzi scheme would yield you $1,575 every two days. These rackets will expire so you need to be online to collect your cash. Starting a racket is also a nice way to make additional money because it won’t cost you any coins to start it. When you level up you’ll gain access to higher money producing building but more Mafia members will be required before you can add the structure into your hood. As the highest level, you can even own hotels, condominiums and casinos.

Crime City Hood Guide – Steel and Energy Structures

In addition to moneymaking structures, you have a few specialization structures that produce either steel or energy. For example, the steel mill will provide you with small amounts of steel each day that is used in the construction of your other structures for your city. Each structure in the game store will tell you how much money and steel is required to build it. The coffee shop provides fifty energy every eight hours while the fitness gym provides two hundred and fifty energy every ten hours. These special structures require game items to complete before you can use them. You do start with the steel mill however. At level eighteen, you can buy the steel foundry for even more steel output.

Crime City Hood Guide Boost Buildings

Other structures in your hood provide boosts for your Mafia when your hood is under attack or you are attacking yourself. For example, the gun shop provides a 20% boost, while the guard dog-training center provides a 20% defense boost. Other structures like the loan shark office provide income boost too. These structures require special game items before you can complete them.

Crime City Hood Guide – Rivals

In Crime City, you can also visit your rivals and attempt to steal from their hood or battle the hood owner. You’ll need to be sure you have the best weapons, armor and a good size mafia before you attempt this but you can pick through the list and find someone below your level. When you win, you’ll get respect chips, which are used in the game store to purchase items. You can view the newspaper, see who has attacked you, and retaliate if you want to.


Crime City is a great game and there’s always new content to play with. Keep building your hood and buy some expansion when you have enough Mafia members to buy them Make use of the racket buildings and get a coffee shop as soon as you can so you’ll have extra energy. To buy vehicles get a parking garage constructed too.

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