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Facebook Games: Crime City Guide

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Crime City is a Mafia style Facebook game. Interact with different city areas as you work your way up the crime ladder. Place buildings in your own “hood” such as a parking garage or coffee shop and collect money from them. Visit other Facebook players and steal from them.

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    Getting Started With Crime City

    Crime City Crime City is quite different from the normal Facebook RPG such as Mafia Wars. In Crime City you can actually move around various city locations and do crime related jobs. Your character can perform missions for coins and items. The game also allows you to design your own “hood which is your own city area. In your hood you can construct buildings that can pay you money. You also have the ability to visit the hood of any Facebook player and attempt to steal from them. This can earn you respect which can be used along with coins in the game store to buy items for your character. Players can recruit their friends to be a part of their mafia and together harder missions can be completed.

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    The Hood

    In your hood you can place different structures such as apartment buildings, a parking garage, a steel factory, sports court and so on. These structures will generate money for you. Some of them will allow you to run a “racket” and generate money slowly over time. Facebook users can visit your hood and attempt to steal from you or even fight you for coins and what is called respect. When you earn respect you can sue this in the game store to buy different items to make your character more powerful. You can build up your hood and have a nice income coming in for your mafia.

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    Game Map

    On the game map you can select various city areas to visit and do crimes. You can randomly do crimes or you can do the missions or Quests located on the left menu. Some quests will be quite difficult and you’ll need Facebook friends or a very powerful character to complete them. As you play you’ll spend energy points each time you do a crime. Your character will earn money, energy points, and diamonds which are all used in the game store to purchase items. As you play you’ll unlock new areas to visit and do crimes but these will require more mafia members and skills to complete successfully. You can also go back and play lower level areas of the city if you need some quick cash. Each area will also feature a boss characters and some mission will ask you to defeat these characters.

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    Game Store

    Crime City In the game store you can buy buildings for your hood, new weapons, armor pieces, and cars. Weapons and armor will raise your attack and defense statistics allowing you to complete harder missions. Some items will only cost coins and diamonds while others will take respect. Remember you can get respect by fighting other Facebook game players and earning it. Diamonds can be earned by doing regular missions in any city area. In the game store you can also buy boosts for your character which can help you to missions. There are numerous attack and defense boosts you can purchase with game coins and some with game gold. Other boosts include experience boosts which are gold only purchases.

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    The Mafia

    Crime City While you can play this game as a single player and have fun with it you’ll be better off with a decent sized mafia. It just isn’t possible to defeat many players can earn enough respect to buy game items without a good mafia. Click on the rivals tab to attack other players and pick someone around your mafia size to fight. You can rob their buildings for respect but sometimes this will fail if their mafia is more powerful.

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    When you view your profile it will tell you how big your mafia is, the number of weapons and the number of armor pieces you currently own. Each of these items will contribute to your overall defense and offense capabilities. Other statistics include your current money supplies and how much your hood is taking in. As you level up you can increase your energy, attack and defense statistics. The recommended statistic to increase as much as possible is energy since you need this to do missions or fight your rivals.

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    Crime City is always changing and adding more material. This is one of the best alternative mafia style games to Mafia Wars and well worth playing. Try to get yourself a decent sized mafia which will just add to an already great game. With gold you can buy mafia members if you don't have enough friends to play the game with you.