Facebook Game Review: Band of Heroes World War II Action RPG

Facebook Game Review: Band of Heroes World War II Action RPG
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Band of Heroes Basics (4 out of 5)

The basics of Band of Heroes is to complete missions for experience and to level up. The missions start easy but get progressively harder requiring you to purchase more gear to complete the mission. Each mission has several parts the make up a campaign and once you finish that campaign you will move onto the next one. You can do each mission as many times as you like as long as you have the required gear. There are many mission you can do by yourself but if you recruit your Facebook friends you can level up quite quickly using them to help you. Once you complete a mission you can go back and redo it as many times as you like. You also have the option to battle other players for money and if you don’t have any Facebook friends you won’t win many battles although you can battle other players that don’t have buddies too.

Missions (3 out of 5)

You will start the game during the D-Day invasion and there will be several missions and campaigns for you to do. You don’t need to complete all the mission or “tasks” to finish a campaign but some of them will allow you to complete it faster and this is where Facebook friends can help. The “missions” screen will display all the missions you can currently do and the pieces of equipment you must own to finish the mission. You will start with the “Into the Fray” campaign and as you level up they will get harder and you will need to buy more gear. As you do misisons your stamina bar will decrease so and once this is depleted you need to wait before attempting another mission.

Battles (3 out of 5)

Battle Screen

You can face-off against other Band Of heroes players and battle them via the battle screen. You should pick an opponent near your level and the size of your squad if you are using Facebook friends to help you. As you do these battles you will receive cash and experience. Your stamina will decrease as you fight so be sure this is at maximum level before you attempt to fight again because it will increase your chances of winning. Purchasing high level gear may also help you win too.

Band of Heroes Gear (3 out of 5)

In the depot you can purchase gear for completing missions. Gear is divided into several sections including weapons, general gear, vehicles, and sidearms. In the weapons section you have access to rifles and other high-powered weapons. More weapons will become available to you as you complete the missions and campaigns in the game. The general gear section gives you access to things such as canteens, wire cutters, and helmets. The vehicles section gives you boats, trucks, jeeps and other vehicles. The sidearms section has pistols and assorted knives. You will need to save up your cash to purchase the required materials for your missions and some missions and require you to have multiples of one or more items.

Player Profile (3 out of 5)

Band Of Heroes

Your player profile allows you to use your skill points to improve your character after you complete a level. Your character has five main skill areas. You can assign skill points or take them away at anytime and it is up to you to decide how to level your character. You might choose all offensive or be more of a defensive player.

Attack - Your offensive power to complete missions, campaigns and to battle other players. You should improve this as soon as possible.

Defense - Your ability to absorb attacks from other players.

Max Energy - These points will allow you to complete more missions and battles before getting tired.

Stamina - These points are required to compete against other players and will recharge once depleted.

Health - Your health points and ability to take damage. These will recharge over time or you can use the nurse to get back to health quickly.

Also at your player profile is the war chest where you can bank your money so no one claims it in a battle if your offline. In the game you can also win service awards for your character such as stripes.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Band of Heroes is fun to play and one of the better Rpgs on Facebook. The World War II theme might be appealing to older as well as younger players and of course with the male crowd. There are many different missions you can do in the game and the gear is varied enough to keep it interested. Like many Facebook games you can also send gifts to your friends and you can use them to complete missions in the game. Then graphics are good for a Facebook game but not outstanding by any means. Band of Heroes should bring enjoyment for anyone who likes World War II games and wants to use Facebook as the platform to play them on.