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Facebook Game Reviews: Pirates Saga

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Pirates Saga is a Facebook game where you are in command of your own pirate ship. Sail the high seas battle other pirates, take quests and collect bounty for your ship.

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    Pirates Saga Basics

    Pirates Saga With Pirates Sage you get to control your own pirate ship on the high seas. Each player can explore the game map and move from island to island. Along the way you can complete quests for rewards. There are three main island areas to explore right now lagoon, Caribbean, and Greenland. You can collect treasure, coins and experience doing various tasks in these waters.

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    Ship Customization

    Pirates Saga Your ship can have customization with different cannon types, hull reinforcements, and other weapons such as a motor. On your ship you can also have crew members such as a gunner or fisherman. The gunner for example will improve the ships line of fire with every ship sunk while the fisherman will increase the amount of fish that you catch. Other customization options include increasing the size of your hold for more item capacity. Your sip hull can be upgraded but these cost game cash which are called gleemmers.

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    Making Money

    You can make money in the game by fighting and destroying other ships or you can collect items such as fish or fruit and sell those items at ports. You an even take jobs offered by your Facebook friends and share the money with them. Other items such as barrels can be harvested for some coins. Energy is required to do most tasks such as opening crates, fishing or fruit farming. Doing quests in the game is also a great way to make money. In the beginning areas this can be difficult since other players are doing the same quest and you need to wait for enemy ships to respawn. Often you can move to the area where the ship is supposed to be and it’s already destroyed but you can attack a ship even if another player is hitting it for quest credit.

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    Game Shop

    In the game shop you can buy cannonball upgrades such as double or triple damage shots. There are potions available to upgrade your ships health for short periods. You’ll find speed enhancers for your cannon shots and energy refills when you’re running low. The game is quite new so expect to see more items in the game store shortly.

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    Overall Game Play and Conclusion

    Pirates Saga is a decent Facebook game and it can be lots of fun. The main problem is the map areas can get quite crowded with other players making it difficult to destroy ships since they are being attacked by other players and gone before you get there. There’s a nice feature where you can have your ship move automatically to different areas of the map such as the port or fishing areas which saves you time looking for the area. You can do this by clicking the plus sign on the game map and picking the area you want to go to. Your tasks will highlight on the map and be easy to spot. Pirates Saga looks great and could become a very nice game on Facebook. This is one game to keep an eye on and see what it does in the near future.