Miscrits World of Adventure Review

Miscrits World of Adventure Review
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Miscrits World of Adventure Game Basics (4 out of 5)

In Miscrits you start in a forested area. In the forest you can uncover rocks, flowers, shrubs and tress to look for creatures called Miscrits. These monsters can be captured through battles and become a part of your monster army. You can capture as many of these creatures as you like and then train them to become more powerful back in the town. There are several different types of Miscrits including fire and nature Miscrits. Battles may require the use of one type of Miscrit for greater success. A lore book is available that lists all the Miscrits you currently own and their statistics. If you don’t want a Miscrit you can release it back into the wild. The whole idea of the game is to capture as many Miscrits as possible and train them to become better fighters back at the town.

The Town (3 out of 5)


Miscrits World of Adventure also features a town called Sunfall Village where you can do several different things. The first important task you can do in the town is to train your Miscrits to become better fighters. You must have enough training points tot rain your Miscrit. You can get these having the Miscrit take part in battles in the forest area outside the town. In the middle of the town you’ll find the town greeter who will give you basic information about the town and show you where to find your house. The house is pretty basic and you can change your appearance with the mirror in the house. The option to decorate the house may come later since the game is new. You can also go into your backyard. In this area you can view any additional Miscrits you have acquired in the game besides the ones in your inventory.

The Town part Two (3 out of 5)

The town has an item shop where you can buy potions to make your Miscrits stronger. You can get strength, fortify, defiance, enchantment, heal, and strength potions from the shopkeeper as well as sell anything you don’t want. The town also features a magic shop but buying from this store isn’t implemented yet. In the gift shop you can buy Miscrits currently butt this will be expanded to include furniture and other items for your house.

Overall Game Play (3 out of 5)

Miscrits is a nice looking game and it has some potential but as it stands right now there really isn’t much to do. You can go to the forest and collect Miscrits but this gets tiring after you do it for a while. The game needs some more content to keep the player entertained. The town look nice but it also needs more content and many of the features should have been implemented before the game was released.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Miscrits is a nice Facebook game but is a little incomplete as it stands right now. Hopefully the developers will add some more content soon and really get this game moving along. Miscrits is worth playing right now but you might find yourself bored in short order. With more content Miscrits could become a very good Facebook game.