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Facebook Games: Squadron Commander Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Squadron Commander is a Facebook RPG game where you command your own squadron of warplanes into battle. Take missions for experience and help your character level up.

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    Squadron Commander Basics

    Squadron Commander Squadron Commander puts you in the pilot’s seat and gives you your own warplane squadron. Choose fighters, bombers, or heavy aircraft to specialize in before you begin te game. This RPG features the same type of mission-based combat as other Facebook RPGs such as Mafia Wars. Players use “fuel” to complete missions in the game. This fuel works the same as energy does in other social RPG games. The player can purchase extra fuel to complete more missions at the cost of game coins. Loot obtained from missions is used to create various items in the game. Join with other Facebook players and fight in PVP battles.

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    Squadron Commander Like many Facebook RPGs Squadron Commander features mission based combat. Players can use different planes to complete missions but will start with one basic aircraft. More planes will become available as they player levels up in the game. More missions and campaigns unlock as the player progresses so there’s always something to do. Loot, coins, and experience is obtained during missions and when the player levels they can assign points to their character to improve the characters statistics such as aiming, armor, first aid, lock on, alpha strike and more. As the player levels in the game more skills will become unlocked to help the advancement of the character. At high levels the player can also take part in raids on the game map.

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    Game Customization

    The game features some nice customization options such as the different skills that can be bought with level up points. These skills go beyond the basic skills of other social RPGs with more options to choose from as the player progresses through the game. Each character uses equipment bought in the game store. There’s different helmets, aircraft, weapons, and accessories such as a watch. This equipment can improve health statistics or the chance of getting a critical hit on an enemy. As the player levels new equipment becomes available to purchase in the game store. The items viewer gives a description of all the different items that the player is able to purchase in the game.

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    Overall Game Play and Conclusion

    Squadron Commander is a well-rounded Facebook RPG but not a standout. It offers a change of pace from the typical fantasy or Mafia based RPG on Facebook but the game could use some sound or animations. It’s a little annoying to have to spend most of your game cash on fuel to keep playing the game and its easy to run out of fuel. Players can also join with Facebook friends and complete in skirmishes so this can enhance the basic game. Squadron Commander is worth playing just expect the same basic mission based RPG game you’ll find in abundance on Facebook only with an aircraft style skin.