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Facebook games: Mini Kings Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Mini Kings is a city building game with farming and combat all rolled into one. Build a medieval kingdom, grow crops, and battle your Facebook friends with your troops.

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    Mini Kings Basics

    Mini Kings Mini Kings has a bunch of different features that make it more than the basic farming or city game you’ll find on Facebook. You can farm; build homes, and other structures to bring your kingdom money. In the game, you can buy soldiers to attack Facebook friends. Learning skills will help your armies succeed in battles. Decorative items such as shrubs and fences help your kingdom look nice. Get better soldiers by training skills so perform well in combat situations.

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    Mini Kings Crops, Animals and Trees

    Mini Kings Mini Kings Features a bunch of crops you can plant to raise cash. Corn, strawberries, peas, wheat, and pumpkins are a few of the crops currently available in the game. In the crops screen you can sort by grains, vegetables, fruits, and flowers to find what you’re looking for. Trees such as apple, olives, cherry, and oranges can be planted to increase the coin yield for your growing kingdom. Chickens, sheep, cows and other animals are available for your farm too. As you level up more crops, animals, and trees are available toad to your game play area.

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    Buildings and Villagers

    Mini Kings features a bunch of different structures in the game. The first structure you’ll want are cottages which will grant you one villager to work in economic buildings. You’ll find lumber huts, markets, bakery, chicken coop, stables, windmill and other structures for your kingdom. These structures will take some villagers to operate and help provide your kingdom will extra coins. Buildings will produce these coins slowly over time.

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    Combat Units and Defenses

    In addition to growing crops and building structures, you can also produce military units to attack your Facebook friends. You’ll find swordsmen, mace men, knights, archers, pikes, and other units to use for attacks. Kingdom defense includes towers, walls, traps, and other structures. Your kingdom can only hold so many units at one time but if you buy expansions more units can be stationed at your walls.

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    Another part of the game that is unique is skills. You can buy basic skills for your solders and with different buildings, other skills become available such as arms, armor, and technology skills which all help improve your ability to fight and defend your kingdom. With a church, for example you can have better mail armor for your army soldiers. As you level up you'll gain access to better skills that you can use.

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    Game Play and Conclusion

    Mini Kings has plenty of features to keep players interested and goes beyond basic city building and growing crops. Mini Kings is an example of Facebook games that are merging genres such as city building into a well-rounded game with the addition of combat and skills training Mini Kings offers a more in depth game that is nice to see on Facebook. Hopefully at some point players will get the chance to battle other players besides just Facebook friends. The game also appears to be adding more content on an ongoing basis and this title should improve even more over time.