Facebook Games: Wildlife Refuge Review - Tend to animals on Facebook

Facebook Games: Wildlife Refuge Review - Tend to animals on Facebook
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Wildlife Refuge Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Wildlife Refuge has two main parts to it. The first part of the game focuses on exploring terrain, uncovering rocks, and tracking animals. To accomplish these tasks you’ll use a jeep and take it out into the wilderness. It’s like a treasure hunting game where you look for animal tracks, which lead you to new animals you can take back to your refuge. You’ll gain experience, coins, and loot collection items as you explore the wilderness. Once you are done with exploring you can return to your refuge and tend to your animals and crops. In your refuge, you’ll complete tasks such as watering plants, tending to animals, growing crops, or adding tress and shrubs to your refuge. Structures can be added too such as huts, stables, or a supply tent.

Building Your Refuge (4 out of 5)

Wildlife Refuge

In the game, you’ll find quests to complete which will teach you about the game. It’s a good idea for new players to do the beginning quests to learn how to play. Building your refuge is very easy. Go exploring to pick up new animals and use the game store to add items to your refuge such as crops, trees, and structures. As you decorate, you’ll improve your refuge ecosystem rating. This rating allows you to add more animals to your refuge and you can release rehabilitated animals if you like. More animals, structures, and other items will become available as you level up in the game. On your refuge you’ll use energy to complete tasks such as watering plants.

Exploring the Wilderness (4 out of 5)

To find exotic animals you’ll go on a hunt using your jeep. Along the way you’ll uncover tracks, explore rocks, trees, shrubs, and animals dens. If you find an animal and you’re at the proper game level you’ll capture the animal to bring back to your refuge for rehabilitation. Occasionally you’ll encounter poachers that can be removed from the game area.

Buying Items (4 out of 5)

Wildlife Refuge has several different items you can buy for your new refuge. There are animals, plants, trees, crops, and decorative items such as rocks or topiaries available. Plants and crops will provide coins for your refuge so there’s a bit of a farming game involved too. Buildings can provide different items for you. For example, the stable provides fuel that you can use when going on a safari. Other structures provide collection items over time. The greenhouse as another example provides a greenhouse collection items every twenty-four hours. Components and goods can be purchased that will help you complete buildings or help you track animals. Other items include crates of baby animals for your refuge.

Overall Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Wildlife Refuge is a good Facebook game. There’s a nice mix of building, farming, and exploration in the game. While the title isn’t a ground breaking Facebook game it does a good job of blending some of the more popular genres on Facebook and making a new game. Keep an eye on Wildlife Refuge as it develops further and adds more content to the game. Click the new tab to see all the new items that have been added in the game.