My Shops on Facebook - Run your own retail shops

My Shops on Facebook - Run your own retail shops
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My Shops Basics (3 out of 5)

In My Shops, you develop stores to attract customers and make money. You’ll start with a basic bakery to sell baked goods in. You don’t actually enter the store you just decorate the outside and order goods to sell in the store. Customers will stop buy and order your goods. If you keep them satisfied more will show up to buy what you’re offering. After you reach level five new shops will unlock for you to use. Watch the icons above your customers to make sure you have the goods that they want to keep them satisfied. Use the delivery button to send goods to your shops and keep them stocked.

Overall Game Play (3 out of 5)

My Shops

My Shops is a simple game where you manage multiple shops. The whole concept is to keep your customers satisfied by providing them with the goods they are looking for. For example with a bakery you have customers looking for white bread, bagels or other baked goods. As your customers visit more often they will upgrade and by looking for different goods. You must watch their icons as they visit to see what goods you need to stock in your stores. You can earn trophies and collections as you play the game. After you play for a day, you’ll find statistics about how your shops are doing.

The Phone (4 out of 5)

Your shops come with a mobile phone that you can use to take missions in the game. As you complete missions, you’ll get rewards such as additional coins to spend on your shops. The phone is a unique way to offer missions in a Facebook game and a nice addition to My Shops. You can use your phone to take snapshots of your game or to send take Facebook friends missions such as visiting a friend.

Decorations (2 out of 5)

My Shops falls a little flat on the decorative side with only the ability to decorate the outside of your shop. With no interior available, it makes the customization of the game a bit weak. It would be nice if the game had interiors to develop which would improve the game play considerably. You can expand the size of your shops too, which allows you to add more decorations. Don’t expect the level of customization in this game that you find with other Facebook shop style games such as Market Street.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Overall, My Shops is a fun game but it lacks the customization options of other games in this genre. It is simple to play and it can be fun but there’s not enough to keep a player entertained with the game. You can make the outside of your shop look nice but without the ability to decorate the interior or interact with your guests, the game just feels a bit flat. The phone is a nice way of giving the player missions in the game. My Shops is worth playing just don’t expect any deep game play.