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Facebook Game Review: Market Street

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Own your own retail store on Facebook with Market Street. Use displays to sell your goods, order more from your distributors and decorate your store the way you like. Get extra cashiers to keep up with the steady steam of customers coming into your establishment.

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    Market Street Game Basics

    Market Street Market Street is very much like games such as Farmville or Café World but instead of selling food or harvesting crops you have your own retail store to sell products. You can pick from hardware, electronics, and clothing for your store. Each store features different display cases and clothing racks you can use for your goods with higher costing ones allowing you to store more goods. You will need to buy your stock and wait some game time until it is shipped to you. As you level up in the game more stock will become available so your store always has a nice selection of items for your customers. As your customers purchase items they will come up to your cash register and you can collect your money by clicking on the register. Funds can then be used to buy more stock or decorate your store. If you have a nicely decorated store with lots of stock you will keep your customers happy. Eventually you will need to buy another cash register to deal with the stream of customers buying goods in your store.

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    Making Sales

    Market Street Deciding what to sell is up to you but you should be sure to stock all your shelves so you have a better chance at making sales. A store with not much stock won’t make as many sales. You can sell whatever you wish and pick from electronics, clothes, or hardware items. A nice mix of merchandise will work best. Lower coast items will arrive quickly allowing you to start selling right away but your profit margins will be quite low. Be sure to sue your stock once it arrives since it can expire and you will have to liquidate it losing your profits. Click the delivery truck or the catalog icon to buy goods and then wait for them to arrive. Pick the item up with your cursor from your inventory and deposit them on a shelf or rack if you have clothing. As stock sells you can place any remaining stock you have on the shelf from your inventory and order more if you run out. Click the shelf to clean it and restock once it’s empty. You can make more money with items that have a larger delivery time.

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    Decorating Your Store

    The game features different decorations such as plants, floors, windows, and wall decorations you can add to your store. You can also add different colored display cases, clothing racks and different cash registers too. As you level you will get additional spots for more clothing racks and display cases. You can expand your store with Facebook friends or game cash for more floor space. You can view your achievements in the game by clicking on the trophy item.

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    Market Street is a decent game but this style of game has been done before on Facebook. You will find plenty of different goods to sell and it’s a nice change from farming, a zoo, or café. The game is easy to play and it looks nice too but don’t expect a ground breaking title here.