Gun Bros Review: Is This Facebook Shooter Game on Target?

Gun Bros Review: Is This Facebook Shooter Game on Target?
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Basics (3 out of 5)

In Gun Bros, you control a squad of men. Your squad will start small and you can hire Facebook friends to join you. As you play you’ll earn cash called ‘xplodium” that can be refined into coin. You’ll also get experience as you fight off waves of enemies in the game. Your Gun Bros can fire from multiple angles as you move them around the map. Watch for the arrows, which indicate which way the enemy is coming from, and move to intercept them. As you pass waves, you’ll earn more xplodium until your team is killed off. Harder waves will introduce tougher enemies for your team to fight off.

Game Store (3 out of 5)

Gun Bros

In the game store, you can buy different weapons, armor, and powerups for your Gun Bros. There are various classes of armor such as recon, assault, marine, techno, and stealth. Armor helps to improve your attack, defense and speed. You will find a wide assortment of weapons you can equip at different levels in the game. Powerups can improve your health points, speed, and defenses. Shields and health grenades are some of the powerups available. While the store offers some nice items most of them cost game credits and not coins to purchase so your options are limited if you’re just a casual player who doesn’t want to spend and cash playing the game.

Map (3 out of 5)

The game features several different planets you can visit with more unlocking as you play. Each planet has several tiers of play called revolutions. Each of the revolutions has several waves of enemies. As you defeat the waves, you’ll unlock harder revolutions and waves in the game and eventually move onto a new planet in the game. Each revolution provides you with a quick briefing to view before going into battle. Be sure to get new weapons and armor if you are having trouble making it through a wave or hire more Facebook friends to help you. Once you hire friends you can gift them items to help them in their own game such as powerups.

Game Play (3 out of 5)

Gun Bros is your typical shooter with waves on enemies coming at you. It can be fun to play along with your friends but overall the game play is simple. Each wave of enemies does produce different challenges and it can be tough in the early stages but this is made easier if you just have a few Facebook friends playing along with you. The maps are a little small but they are easy enough to move around in. You can use obstacles to your advantage in the game for cover to a certain degree. Gun Bros is an easy to pick up Facebook shooter style game but doesn’t offer a whole lot of options in terms of game play.

Interface/Graphics (3 out of 5)

Gun Bros

The interface of Gun Bros looks nice and it’s easy to use. There’s the map where you pick your planet to fight on assuming you have it unlocked, the game store, hire a Facebook friend and other tabs clearly marked at the top of the page. The interface loads quickly except for the battle screen, which takes a bit of time but nothing major. The game has a nice rock soundtrack and there are sounds while you are fighting too. The graphics are decent and average for a Facebook game.

Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

In Gun Bros, you can play the game solo but it’s more fun if you hire your Facebook friends to help you. You can send friends gifts of powerups too. A chat features would help here but there isn’t once currently in the game. If you could somehow form teams with other players and battle each other that would add a great deal of repeat game play to Gun Bros. it get a little boring just fighting off waves of enemies all the time.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Gun Bros is an average Facebook shooter but that isn’t a bad thing. The game is fun and it can kill time when you want something to do. Be sure to play with some friends for added game play. It would be nice if the game could add a chat feature in the future, which would improve Gun Bros. If you are a casual shooter fan, you’ll enjoy Gun Bros since it’s easy to pick up and play but don’t expect a whole bunch of options with the game.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Gun Bros on Facebook.