Social Gaming RPG Games: Sacred Seasons 2

Social Gaming RPG Games: Sacred Seasons 2
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Sacred Seasons 2 Basics (4 out of 5)

Facebook role playing games have mainly consisted of text-based RPGs, but that is changing with graphic based games such as Sacred Seasons 2. The game isn’t in 3 D but there s enough content to keep RPG players interested in the game. Over twenty classes exist in the game and players can use gold to change their class in the game when they feel like it. Players can join guilds to play with other people, train numerous skills for their character, and take part in literally dozen of quests for rewards. There is no need to take quests in order; players are free to move around the map. Some quests are required to access certain areas of the game. Use gold and game cash to buy different items such as powerful weapons or different armor.

Game Quests (5 out of 5)

Sacred Seasons 2 Game Screen

Like most RPGs Sacred Seasons 2 offers a whole host of different quests. Almost every NPC you encounter in the game will offer you something to do. Many areas of the map can’t aren’t accessible until you finish a certain quests. You’ll find yourself running around trying to complete them and they can add up in your quest log quickly The log will tick off the quests you have done so it is easy to see what you have left to complete. The game has a handy link at the bottom of the quests window, which will take you to a detailed Wiki page with all the quests and how to complete them. This is a handy resource to use given all the quests in the game.

Character Customization (5 out of 5)

With over twenty different classes, Sacred Seasons 2 offers a great selection for RPG players. You can be a ranger, soldier, clown, scout, bandit, sniper and more. Each class has different statistics so they are all different. Some of the classes need to be unlocked before you can use them but there’s a nice starting selection. Classes can also train various skills in the game and there are multiple levels of each skill available. For example with hamstring, you can decrease your targets agility with multiple levels offers more of a bonus for you. As you collect gold you will be able to buy new equipment for your charcter from the game store such as a different weapon.

Sound/Graphics (3 out of 5)

Sacred Seasons 2 Map Screen

Sacred Seasons has a nice catchy soundtrack, which adds to the game play. Sounds will change during combat which is animated but not that interesting. You basic select from your skills and spam until the enemy is dead. The game looks good for a Facebook RPG but it is in 2D so it is not anything that looks impressive. There are some good colors in the game but the map is quite small and can get crowded very quickly with other players. The map is nice with each section labeled and you’ll see more of it as you unlock other areas.

Multiplayer Guilds (3 out of 5)

Sacred Seasons 2 Guild Screen

All decent RPGs feature guilds and you can join or create your own guild through the guild screen in Sacred Seasons 2. Currently there isn’t a great selection of guilds to choose from but this should change as the game develops. There is no way to see what the guild is about you just have a join button. It would be nice if guilds had their own page or something so a player could get at least some basic information about the guild that they wanted to join. The best idea would be to ask guild members what the guild was about or talk to the leader to get a general idea before joining.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Sacred Seasons 2 has enough content to keep the Facebook player entertained. There are dozens of quests to do but expect to run around a lot looking for things. The game play area is quite small and it can get crowded with other players. Expect to see plenty of spam messages from people asking you to join a group. There are guilds in the game so you might want to join one of those. Use the game wiki page if you have trouble with quests, which you can find a link at at the bottom of the quests window in the game. Sacred Seasons 2 is worth playing on Facebook but don’t expect a great experience the game is average but better than the typical text-based RPG games such as Mafia Wars, which dominte the Facebook gaming landscape.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Sacred Seasons 2 on Facebook.