Facebook Monster Games: Monster Galaxy Review

Facebook Monster Games: Monster Galaxy Review
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Monster Galaxy Basics (3 out of 5)

Facebook monster games are now a popular genre on the site and if you like this style of game try Monster Galaxy by Gaia Online. In this his browser based mmorpg you wander around the game world and attempt to collect cute little monster through combat. Players can destroy the monster called Mogas or attempt to capture them. Mogas have special powers in healing, questing, or attacking and the Mogas that you do collect can help you in your game. Players will need to pick and choose which Mogas they want to collect for their team. The core of the game is monster training and collecting through combat and questing.

Game Play (3 out of 5)

Monster Galaxy

You start the game with just one Moga and you’ll need to collect more with it. During combat you can weaken and then click on the capture button to use the new Moga in your team. Monster will earn experience for capturing others and may pick up star seeds which can help you collect other monsters along your journey. The battles in the game feature full animation but you’ll quickly tire of the simple back and forth attacks that each side perform. The game features the familiar mmo grind as you fight your ay through monster after monster. You need something else to do in the game to make the game a bit more exciting during the grinding process as you explore the map.

Monster Collecting (4 out of 5)

There’s a wide variety of different monsters to collect in the game and it will take you a good amount of game play to find them all. Monsters are broken up into twelve zodiac groups. Each monster has different powers in the game in relation to the other monsters. For each of the twelve groups you have several different Mogas to collect. So for example, for Aries there’s five Mogas while Taurus has six Mogas to collect for basic Mogas. You can also collect advanced and premium Mogas in the game too. Clicking each Moga on the collection screen shows their strengths and weaknesses against the other Mogas and their specific Moga skill such as kick or armour. Each Moga has statistics in attack and defence. Use the team collection screen to decide which Mogas you want to go exploring the Galaxy with. It’s easy to add or remove a Moga from the screen.

Questing (4 out of 5)

Monster Galaxy

Click on the quest screen to send your Mogas on various quests in the game. Quests include going to various locations on the game map to attempt to find a Moga to fight. Some Mogas may be tired from fighting so before you send them on quests, you’ll need to give them a blue coffee to get them ready for battle again. You can buy blue coffee in the game store or earn it from questing and give it to them at the home screen. View the quest screen to see which quests you haven’t completed yet.

Graphics/Interface/Multiplayer (4 out of 5)

The game features a very colourful game world and each of the Mogas looks great and the soundtrack has a rock feel to it. The various locations on the map feature different backgrounds as you fight. The game is easy to move around in with the home button, Mogas, and item collection at the top of the screen. It’s easy to move your Mogas around on the map and each location gives you the level of play. The game deson’t feature a whole lot on the multiplayer side besides calling in a friend Moga during combat with the use of a whistle which you can collect and use. Travel home to collect one whistle per day or buy more in the game store.

A Good Monster Collecting Game (4 out of 5)

Monster Galaxy is a good monster collecting game. There are enough monsters to collect and quests to keep you busy playing. The combat is a bit repetitive and the cute nature of the game won’t appeal to all gamers. The game is worth playing for those that like this style of game.


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Article is author’s own experiences playing Monster Galaxy on Facebook.