Free Browser Civ Games: Genesis 2012 Review

Free Browser Civ Games: Genesis 2012 Review
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Genesis 2012 Basics (3 out of 5)

If you want to play free browser civ games give genesis 2012 a try. This game takes place after the “events” of 2012 and your goal is to rebuild civilization from ancient times straight through till modern times again. Each game “mission” is in fact a technology you need to research to rebuild your civilization. As you use technology, you can build cities and construct structures inside the cities. Your new cities produce gold to help you buy military units for conquests. As you level up your character and gain more technology, you’ll unlock additional military units for your civilization. Progress through technology levels and unlock new ages to rebuild human history. Take your new civilization and battle against other Facebook users.

Technology and Missions (5 out of 5)

Genesis 2012

In this text-based Facebook RPG game, you do the standard missions. Each mission is a technology and you’ll start in ancient times with technology such as hunting, fishing, agriculture, the wheel, mining, and mysticism. In fact, the technology is very much like what you would find in the civilization series of games. Each technology has three levels you can obtain which help you unlock more technology and higher ages in the game. Each technology also helps you build new cities, structures, and powerful military units. Missions require the use of knowledge points and you’ll gain more points for additional missions as you level up.

Cities (4 out of 5)

Cities in the game produce coins for your growing civilization. You can build additional cities as long as you have enough gold. Cites also help you grow your army with more soldiers. Each city has various structures, which increase your gold production. Each structure has certain technology requirements before you can construct it. So for example, a harbor requires level two compass technology available in the Bronze Age. Come back to the game each day to collect your tax income from each of your cities.

Military Units (5 out of 5)

The game features dozens of different military units from the simple archer to riflemen and beyond. As you research and level technology in the game you’ll gain access to land, sea, and eventually air units. Buy additional units with game gold or spend real life credits for special units. Each unit adds attack and defense points to your army.

Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

This game features average multiplayer features. You can click the war button and select a civilization to battle. Each player can also have allies so if the player attacking you has several allies and you have none you’ll lose the match. After the match, you get an overview of the match and the results. The text-based combat isn’t much fun and the game play is getting stale on Facebook. Some animation here would make wars worth playing. The game does feature guilds so join one if you want to play with a group. Access guilds from the guild tab and click apply to join.

Graphics/Interface (3 out of 5)

The game features average graphics but no sound. There are no animations since the game is text-based. Overall, the graphics are average for a Facebook RPG. The interface makes the game easy to play with tabs at the top of the game to access the various sections such as cities, army, war, and technology. View your profile to change your statistics in attack, defense, knowledge, and military strength.

An Average Facebook RPG (3 out of 5)

Genesis 2012 is your basic average Facebook text-based RPG. The civilization concept can be fun and you’ll enjoy researching technologies, but the lack of graphics and sound makes the game stale. Many Facebook RPG games are moving onto better graphics and game play leaving these text games in the dust. The game is worth playing if you must play another text style game but don’t expect much difference here from the average games on Facebook in this genre.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Genesis 2012 on Facebook.