Facebook Game Reviews: Space Empires - Conquer The Galaxy on Facebook

Facebook Game Reviews: Space Empires - Conquer The Galaxy on Facebook
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Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Space Empires

This browser based MMO space game gives you one planet to start with where you can set up resource mines, warehouses, build fleet bases, power, defenses and a research facility. You have the option of joining one of three races before you begin. Resources include crystal, gas, and metal as well as the ability to grow crops for sale and get Sigils back the games currency. Completing quests will give you some additional resources to work with in the early stages of the game. If you have Facebook friends playing the game you can recruit them as one of your fleet commanders. Having your friends as commanders will give you bonuses in the game. You have a galactic market where you can buy and sell goods such as resources for credits or Sigil currency. You can get more credits by using PayPal or your credit card. Once your base is up and running you can join an alliance and fight with other players as you attempt to dominate the map.

Resources and Technology (3 out of 5)

To get all your building running you will need power in the form of wind and later on, solar and fusion power. Resources are located at mining points on your planet and you will need mines at these locations to start producing resources. Once you have some production you can build warehouses to hold additional resources. You can also harvest crops to sell for Sigil currency but be sure to check your farms often as they can expire and you will lose your money.

Like many browser strategy games this one uses technology to help you advance in the game. Once you have a research center you can work on technologies such as colonization, defense, weapons, shields, energy, and more. Technologies will open up new building opportunities and allow you to build all the different ships in the game.

Ships (3 out of 5)

Space Empires

The game features many different ship types to build. You have corvettes, frigates, destroyers, battlecruisers, dreadnaughts, carriers, and the command ship. Once you have the technology you can also build the colony ship and colonize additional planets. Ships will take research such as hulls, weapons, shielding, drives, and building upgrades before they are all available for you to build in the game.

General Gameplay and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Space Empires is fun to play but it takes some time to get going in the game you will need some patience which is one of the only complaints. There’s a nice mix of buildings and ships you can build with a large expansive galaxy map. The interface looks great for a Facebook game and there’s also a nice background track. The game has a few loading issues at times and seems to run better with Firefox so you might want to use that browser during game play. Be sure to do the quests and get yourself into an alliance or build your own. Be sure to submit a bug report if you run into any since the game is still in a beta phase.