Facebook Game Review: The Agency: Covert Ops - Espionage on Facebook

Facebook Game Review: The Agency: Covert Ops - Espionage on Facebook
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Covert Ops Basics (4 out of 5)

The Agency Covert Ops plays like many other Facebook style Rpgs but has a few extras added to it to keep it interesting. You start by doing the regular routine missions to gain experience, cash and loot. Once you complete a few missions more will be assigned to you from your command center. You can see which missions are coming up by clicking on the command center tab at the top of the game screen. You will start out in Amsterdam and change locations once you play for awhile. As you play you may be given missions that require you to complete a small mini game in order to advance. These include such games as trying to figure out a code before time runs out and searching for items in a room in a set time period. These mini games add to the overall experience of Covert Ops and make you feel like you are an agent undercover. As you play you can also spend cash and build a sort of Sims like headquarters complete with furniture and decorations. If you have Facebook friends you can also go visit their headquarters and get bonus items on the first visit you make. The game also features battles where you can pit your agent against other Facebook players and use special moves like suppressing fire or a precise shot.

Your Character Avatar (4 out of 5)

Covert Ops

The game features avatar customization and you can pick a special role for your character such as a weapons specialist. Using the money you make in the game you can change the look of your character with different jackets, hats, pants, glasses, and weapons. You can also assign points to your character to improve the statistics of your operative such as health, dodge, damage, and critical. These stats really come into play as you battle other Facebook users and during general game play. You can also view your achievement sin game from the character screen.

Technology (3 out of 5)

The game also features technology that you may get from missions. You can also pick up apiece every twelve hours by visiting the technology lab. Here you can use any parts you have acquired to build weapons in the game. You can start with basic pistol and work your way up to larger rifles. You can also have defensive clothing made if you have the required components. Gadgets such as an explosives sniffer or safe cracker can be built too. All this gear adds to the game play and gives you something to strive for as you play. It an take time to acquire even the basic gear so be patient as you play through the game.

General Game Play and Conclusion (5 out of 5)

The Agency Covert Ops is a great RPG game and has all the elements you would expect from a Facebook RPG title. The game looks great and has a comic book style atmosphere with good visuals for a Facebook game. The mini games are a nice touch and are fun to play. For those who like building there’s the headquarters to play around with and the game has a nice assortment of gear for your operative too. The Agency: Covert Ops is well worth checking out and one of the better Facebook Rpgs out there.