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Verdonia Resource Guide

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

To be successful in Verdonia, a player needs lots of resources. Here is how to get them!

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    The past year has seen a drastic rise in popularity of social sims like Evony and Kingdoms of Camelot. Although a relative newcomer to the Verdonia social sims scene, Verdonia, has been named the best social sims game on Facebook! In Verdonia, players create kingdoms which include a town centre and a resources area called the fields. Apart from the building aspects of the game, players also create armies to attack and take over other lands as well as defend against rival players. Above all, the most important aspect of the game is the accumulation of resources. Resources allow players to build and expand their lands as well as train their armies.

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    Verdonia Resources

    In Verdonia there are four different resources: food, wood, stone and iron. These resources are used in just about everything in the game from building and upgrading buildings to creating defences to training soldiers. Each resource has a specific purpose. Players need food to keep the population growing, fed, and happy. Wood and stone are the primary components to building and weapon construction while iron is used to produce weapon, armour and tools. The faster a player acquires resources, the faster their power will grow. We will look at each manner a player can gain resources to help them grow their kingdoms.

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    Fields, Gifts and the Mentor's City

    There are some very simple ways to get resources in Verdonia. The simplest and most abundant way is by building farms, logging camps, Verdonia Fields quarries and mines in the fields. Each one creates a different resource. Farms produce food, logging camps produce, while quarries and mines produce stone and iron, respectively. Each building produces a certain amount of it's resource per hour but can be levelled up to produce more each hour. Each building can go up to level nine before it needs any special items to gain more.

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    Two more great ways to gain smaller amounts of bonus resources our through gifts, both from your friends who play the game and also from your chosen mentor. Each player can send a free gift to their friends every day, the gifts become more extravagant as the player levels through the game. Players can also receive bonuses for visiting their mentor's town. Every now and then a pop-up will occur asking if the player would like to visit their mentor's town and every time the player goes to that town they will asked to complete a task. That task will yield some bonus resources, every time.

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    The Academy, Conquering Lands and Stealing Resources

    There are some other ways to gain bonus resources. One for the best ways is to do research in the academy. The academy is a building that Verdonia Academy can be built in the players city. In the academy, players can research all kinds of technologies that will give them bonuses in the game. In respect to resources, researching agriculture, forestry, stone cutting and prospecting will give bonuses to resources that are harvested in the fields. Like buildings , researching has levels. With each level, there is a ten percent bonus added to the corresponding resource.

    Verdonia Lands Players can also gather extra resources by conquering lands outside of their kingdom. The amount of lands a player can control is dependant on the level of their town square. If a player has a level four town square then they can conquer up to four lands simply by attacking them. Each conquered will yield a bonus amount of one resource every hour. Players can check a plot of land to find out which resource it will yield by mousing over the land, the stats will pop up. After a player cannot conquer any more lands then any land that is attack will simply be plundered. The attacking party sent by the player will bring back all the resources they can carry.

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    The Marketplace and the Fortune Teller

    Bonuses can be picked up daily from the fortune teller. The fortune teller gives away all kinds of things, from medals to brigades to stacks of resources to magical bonuses allowing players to gain resource bonuses for a day. Even if you can't visit the fortune teller each day, the gems that allow you to gain a bonus from the teller compile so players can pick up a bunch of bonuses all at once.

    Of course, if a player can't get enough resources through all these different methods, they can simply buy them in the marketplace. Players can buy and sell off resources at any time through their marketplace but they can only do so many transactions at a time. Players can have one active transaction for each level of the market.