Kingdoms of Camelot Beginners Guide to City-Building and Defense Strategy

Kingdoms of Camelot Beginners Guide to City-Building and Defense Strategy
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Games on Facebook tend to be rather simple but new games like Warlords and Kingdoms of Camelot are pushing the boundaries of

what players can do, making the games more complex, and ultimately more fun! Kingdoms of Camelot is a strategy based game very similar to Evony.

The objective of the game is to build your city, defend your city, and conquer new lands. There are many different ways to go about building your city and mounting a proper defense. This guide explains how to build your city and what’s the best defense option to fend off enemy attacks. By taking advantage of the four-day grace period, you can build a formidable defense and get time to gear up for conquering new empires.

The Four-Day Grace Period

When a player first enters Kingdoms of Camelot, he is given a four day grace period. During this time battles do not take place in Camelot, which means players cannot attack each other. This time is meant to be used for one single use, to build, and players should do exactly that.

This grace period can be nullified if the player upgrades his castle to level five. If this is done, then it is considered a fair game, and other players can attack at any time. This is not a course of action, and should not be taken unless a player has properly fortified the city to protect it from invasion.

Kingdom of Camelot Resources

Kingdoms of Camelot field

One of the most important aspects of the game is the accumulation of resources. There are four types of resources: food, wood, stone and ore. Players have to build separate buildings to create each resource. Food is obtained from farms, wood is acquired from sawmills, stone from quarries, and ore from mines. One of these buildings can be built on a free plot of land on the field map.

Each resource has a particular purpose. For example, food as a resource is used to help create and upgrade almost everything in the game but it is also used by the population. If a player’s food creation is less than the population upkeep, the player may lose people once the food reaches zero.

Building as many resource buildings as possible should be very high on a player’s priority list, particularly on the first day. In this way, players will gain larger amounts of resources to build their forces over the next three days.

Troops and Walls

Kingdoms of Camelot town

Fortifying your city is another key objective of the game. You can defend your city by creating soldiers and setting up traps. Players can build traps by clicking on the wall. There are five different types of traps. In the beginning players can only create one type of the trap, the other four can be unlocked by upgrading the wall.

Each trap has a specific purpose. Once the trap has been sprung by invading forces it disappears. Players will have to rebuild traps after each attack. Please remember that upgrading the city walls takes massive amounts of resources.

Soldiers are trained and produced in the barracks. Like the wall, barracks must be upgraded to unlock new types of soldiers. Some soldiers like archers and cavalry require a player to study the appropriate technology in the alchemy lab.

Something to be careful of when creating soldiers is the amount of food used for upkeep. Players will have to constantly create more cottages to raise their population to create more soldiers. The food upkeep can overtake the amount being produced by the hour quite easily so players will need to build and upgrade farms often. Once soldiers have been killed the food upkeep decreases allowing food production to suddenly skyrocket.

Defense Options

Once the four-day grace period is over, other players can attack your city and so you’ll need to defend it. In Kingdoms of Camelot there

Kingdoms of Camelot Soldiers

are two basic styles of defense. The first is to increase the walls and the amount of soldiers ready to fight enemies. The other is to have your army hide in the castle. When this tactic is used the invader will plunder a city’s resources and gold but the soldiers will survive.

Personally I prefer the hunker down and get ready for a fight to defend my city but to prepare for that I use the second tactic. By default a player’s army will hide in the castle when the city is attacked by an opposing player. I keep that setting on and continue to build up my forces until they are strong enough to properly defend the city, and then I go into the castle and change the defense setting. Once my soldiers are defending the city, I work on creating traps to help reinforce the wall.

The second defense option, in my opinion, is only good if a player prefers to be on the offensive instead of being defensive. In that case a player can plunder resources from one city while their city is being looted.