Kingdoms of Camelot: Evony Without the Boobs, Building your City

Kingdoms of Camelot: Evony Without the Boobs, Building your City
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Kingdoms of Camelot and Evony

I am constantly checking out new Facebook games, I love that I can play games with my friends who live on the other side of the country easily over Facebook. New games being created for Facebook have been getting more involved and complex. Kingdoms of Camelot is a great example of this. Instead of just clicking on the same quests over and over, Kingdoms of Camelot has the player build a city piece by piece. The player must also get the city’s defences ready to stave off attack and ready an army to attack other lands. Basically the game is a browser based Civilization clone. Sound familiar? If you’re a gamer it should. It sounds a lot like the dreaded Evony, and with good reason. The games are almost identical. There are differences though, and they are important! Kingdoms of Camelot does not employ the same sketchy ad campaign that Evony still uses. Another important thing to note is that all the graphics and text seem to be original where Evony had to steal their graphics and text. I have said before that it was too bad that Evony went the way it did because it is a fun game, despite its pitfalls. Now I don’t need to worry about Evony’s shortcomings, I can just play Kingdoms of Camelot instead!

Evony Town

Building Your City

Your primary responsibility in Kingdoms of Camelot is to build and expand on your city. You have a host of things you can build, from a barracks where you will train troops, to a storehouse which allows you to store more supplies like ore, wood, food and stone. Supplies are gained by creating Mines, Farms, Quarries and Sawmills in the Field outside of the city walls. Players can tab back and forth from the City, the Field, the Court and the world map by using the tabs on the top left of the game screen. Players have four days of safety when they start playing the game, you can’t attack anyone, nor can you be attacked until your four days are up or until your Castle reaches level five. After four days the gloves come off and everyone is fair game.

Troops and Defences

Your population is the lifeblood of your city, players can increase the population by building cottages or upgrading existing cottages in the city. Population can be used to man the farms, mines, quarry or sawmills. They can be trained to serve in the city’s army which can be used to occupy other lands, defend the city, or attack lands occupied by other players. Each option has its own advantages. Occupying other lands gives the player a production bonus, defending your city against attackers will stop other players from stealing resources, and lastly a player can gain extra resources by pillaging other player’s cities. A list of different troops can be made if players build more than one Barracks. The more Barracks a player has, the longer the list can be.

City walls can also help with defence against other players. Depending on the level of your wall, different traps can be built to protect the city. Traps are destroyed once they have been used defending the city. Both troops and traps can be created at the same time.

Kingdoms of Camelot map

Evony Map

Capturing Territories and Building a Second City

To capture another territory in Kingdoms of Camelot you must invade. You need two things to conquer another land. First, your city must have a Knight’s Hall and have a Knight hired on. The other thing that is needed is an army of troops.

One major difference between Evony and Kingdoms of Camelot is the means in which players build their second city. In Evony, players must have the appropriate land secured with the right amount of troops and have copious amounts of gold and resources. In Kingdoms of Camelot, players must have all the same things as Evony, the land, troops and resources but players must also have at least ten people on their friends list playing the game in order to qualify for a deed to another city.